Murrah Buffalo

Murrah buffalo is one of the primary breeds of buffalo, which is also known to be water buffalo. This breed of buffalo is primarily used for milk production and is found in many parts of the country that includes Hisar, Bhiwani, Rohtak, Jind, Fatehabad, Jhajjar, Gurugram, and Delhi. Besides India, the Murrah breed of buffalo is also found in foreign countries like Bulgaria, Egypt, and Italy. These are mainly used to improve milk production. Moreover, in Brazil, it is also used for meat production.

In the year 2016, A Murrah buffalo produced 26.335 kg of milk in one of the farms of Punjab. Owing to its high demand and high production of the milk, it is one of the highest-priced buffalo across the globe. In general, it yields 1003 to 2057 kilograms of milk in the day.

Talking about its physical appearance, It has a large body, long neck, and head. It has coiled and short horns. This breed of buffalo is generally black, along with white markings on the tail. Read more to know about everything you want to know about Murrah buffalo.

Types of Murrah Buffalo- Pure and Graded Murrah

There are two types of Murrah, which are Pure Murrah and Graded Murrah. As the name suggests, Pure Murrah belongs to the pure genetically lineage. In other words, this type of buffalo is exceptionally pure; it is not crossed with any breed. On the other hand, Graded Murrah is a crossbreed. It is a combination of the local breed and pure Murrah. These types of buffalos can adjust to any kind of climate and do not catch any diseases. This is because Murrah Buffalo inherits such characteristics from the local breed. However, they do not provide a high amount of milk like the Pure breed of Murrah buffalo can provide. This is one of the reasons why Graded Murrah is priced low than Pure Murrah.

Physical Appearance of Murrah Buffalo

Murrah buffalo have a well-built body in wedge and heavy shape. This breed of buffalo has a small face. However, the neck is long, and their entire body is black in color. Moreover, it has a long tail that reaches up to the fetlock joint and measures up to 8 inches. Though the legs of Murrah bread are small but, have strong built. The breed has scanty hair with smooth and soft skin. The average body weight of male Murrah is 550 kgs, and female Murrah weights around 450 kg. The height of male Murrah is 1.42 meters, and the height of a female is 1.32 meters.

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One of the tallest Murrah Buffalo in India is named Yuvraj. The bull is one that is priced at whooping of Rs. 9.25 crores, and he weighs around 15 quintals and is 11.5 feet long and 5.8 feet tall.

Murrah Buffalo Price In India

Breed Weight Milk Capacity (ltr/day) Price
Murrah Buffalo
650 Kg 18 ltr Rs. 82,500
Black Women Original Murrah Buffalo 600kg 12-18 ltr Rs. 1 Lakh-1.25 Lakh
Murrah Bulbul Bull 250 – 300 kg 12-14 ltr Rs.80,000
Pure Murrah Buffalo Black 600 kg 20 ltr Rs. 95,000
Female Black Desi Murrah Buffalo 650 kg 13-18 Lt Rs.85,000

Top 5 Buffalo Breeds in India

Besides Murrah, there are more breeds of buffalo that are listed below:

1. Bhadawari – This breed is generally found in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Bhadawari has copper or light-colored body, and it produced 800 to 1,000 kg of milk.

2. Jaffarabadi – This Buffalo breed is found in Gujrat, and it hs a long but compact body. It is generally found in the black color and produces 1,000 to 1,200 kg milk per lactation.

3. Surti – Surti is native of Baroda and Kaira, Gujrat. It has a well-shaped body in black or brown color. It has two pairs of collars. Surti produces 900 and 1,300 milk kg per lactation.

4. Mehsana Found in many districts of Gujarat, Mehsana is a crossbreeding of Surti and Murrah. It is found black and grey color and produces 1,200 to 1,500 kg milk per lactation.

5. Nagpuri – This breed of buffalo is generally found in many parts of Maharashtra, including Nagpur, from where it has received its name. It is also known as Elitchpuri or Burari and produces 700-1,200 kg of milk per lactation.


There are many breeds of buffalo that include Murrah, Bhadawari, Jaffarabadi, Surti, Mehsana, and Nagpuri. Murrah is one of the top-selling breed of the buffalos in India and across the country. It yields a high amount of milk, and thus it is one of the highly prized buffalo. Owing to the milk produced by this breed, it is also called black gold. If you have an interest in different breeds of animals, then do read our latest blog about Indian dog breeds.


1. What should we feed to Murrah Buffalo?

You can feed green fodder, dry fodder, concentrate feed, and water to the Murrah buffalo.

2. How many years does Murrah Buffalo yield milk?

Murrah buffaloes have 12 years long life, and after their fourth lactation, the amount of milk is reduced.

3. What is the average pregnancy time of Murrah Buffalo?

The average pregnancy period of Murrah is 310 days.

4. How much is the fat content in Murrah Buffalo’s milk?

There is approximately 6.5% to 9% of fat. Also, Murrah buffaloes fat percent is higher than other buffalos and cows.

5. What is the cost of Murrah buffalo?

A pure Murrah costs around Rs. 90,000 to Rs 1, 20,000.

6. Which is the best breed of buffalo in India?

Murrah is one of the best breeds of buffalo.

7. Which buffalo is called black gold?

Murrah Buffalos are popularly known as ‘’Black Gold’’ and ‘’Kala Sona’’.

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