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Mouth Ulcers or Canker sores are painful, and small lesions develop in the mouth or around the gums. Mouth ulcers are not contagious, and if treated timely, they can fade away in a few days. However, consult your doctor if the canker sore is more significant or more painful than expected. Sometimes if you have not taken a mouth ulcer medicine at the right time, it results in difficulty in eating, drinking, or talking. While there are plenty of home remedies and treatments to cure canker sores, mouth ulcer gel works best. Below we have curated some best ointment for mouth ulcer which are readily available in India. But, before the mentioning the best mouth ulcer gel names, take a look at the causes and symptoms of mouth ulcers.

What Triggers Mouth Ulcers?

Children, Women, and people with a family history are most prone to building up mouth ulcer. Following are the causes of mouth ulcers:

Following are the causes of mouth ulcers:

  • Minor injury in the mouth
  • Mouth rinse or toothpaste with sodium lauryl sulfate.
  • Acidic food intake
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Allergy
  • Dental braces
  • Hormonal changes and stress
  • Emotional stress
  • Bacterial, Fungal and Viral infection
  • Vitamin deficiency like B-12, zinc, folate, and iron

Symptoms of Mouth Ulcers:

  • Minor mouth ulcers are small, round, or oval.
  • Severe canker sores are deep, large, and have irregular edges.
  • Herpetiform-These occurs in clusters and has pinpoint size.

How to Keep Away from Mouth Ulcer?

One can avoid suffering from mouth ulcers by taking preventive measures like-

  • Gently brushing teeth.
  • Drinking a lot of water.
  • Keeping away from stress.
  • Taking a proper sleep.
  • Avoid acidic and spicy food.
  • Following a healthy and balanced diet.

Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

One should avoid utilizing sodium lauryl sulfate-based toothpaste to avoid canker sores. Food having high sensitivity like citrus, pineapples, and strawberries are the key reasons for mouth ulcers. There are many home remedies and over-the-counter tablets that can be used to treat Mouth ulcers. However, ointment for mouth ulcers is effective and easy to use. Read the following section to learn about the best gel for mouth ulcer in India.

List of Best Mouth Ulcer Gel in India:

1. Smyle Mouth Ulcer Gel

Smyle Gel

Composition: Khadir, irimed, tagar, rasana, kushtha, lodhra, yashtimadhu, karpoor, and sharkara.
Manufactured By: Maneesh Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Price: Rs. 70 for 10 gm


Smyle is the best ointment for mouth ulcer. It has anti-inflammatory and astringent properties that provide relief from pain. It also has deodorant and analgesic properties. It can be used as a mouth ulcer ointment, for treating food burns or sores caused by dentures, dental braces, and tobacco.

2. Candid Mouth Ulcer Gel

Candid Gel

Composition: Choline Salicylate (8.7% w/w) &Lidocaine (2% w/w)
Manufactured By: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Price: Rs. 93 for 10 gm


It is a combination of medicines that helps in best mouth ulcer treatment. It reduces pain, redness, swelling, redness, and burning sensation. It blocks the release of the chemical messengers, which gives way to the pain and inflammation. It has an ingredient called Lidocaine that is anesthetic and blocks the signals of pain from nerves to the brain that further reduces the pain sensation. Hence, it acts as a prominent mouth ulcer antiseptic gel.

3. Orajel™ 3X

Orajel 3X Gel

Composition: Benzocaine
Manufactured By: Church and Dwight Co. Inc.
Price: Rs. 1021

Orajel Mouth Ulcer Gel Uses:

Orajel is a medicated ointment for mouth ulcers. It provides instant relief from all the symptoms, including cold sores, canker sores, gum irritation, etc. Not only this, but it can also be used to cure cheek bites and sores caused by braces and dentures.

4. Himalaya Hiora SG Gel

Himalaya Hiora SG Gel

Composition: Jasmine, licorice, spreading hogweed and triphala
Manufactured By: Himalaya Drug Company
Price: Rs. 55 for 10gm


Himalaya gel has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and wound healing properties that provide instant relief from canker sores. It also modulates the immune response of the body and prevents symptoms of mouth ulcers. It is proven as one of the best cream for mouth ulcer.

5. Orasore Mouth Ulcer Gel

Orasore Gel

Composition: Choline Salicylate, Lignocaine, Benzalkonium Chloride with Glycerine and Spearmint
Manufactured By: Wings Biotech Ltd
Price: Rs. 55 for 10 gm

Orasore Gel Uses:

Orasore gel provides quick relief from all the mouth ulcer symptoms, including inflammation, pain, and irritation It also treats the root cause of the canker sore. You can apply it directly to the affected area and leave it for some time. It has a fennel that provides a refreshing taste and is listed among one of the best ointment for oral ulcer.

6. Mucopain Gel for Mouth Ulcer

Mucopain Gel

Composition: Benzocaine (20% w/w)
Manufactured By: Icpa Health Products Ltd
Price: Rs. 58.3 for 10 gm

Mucopain Gel Uses for Mouth Ulcer:

Mucopain Gel is used as local anesthesia. It blocks the signals that transmit from nerves to the brain and reduces the sensation of pain. One should take the gel under their doctor’s supervision. Also, if you have any side effects due to the, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

7. Zytee Rb Gel for Mouth Ulcers

Zytee RB Gel for Mouth Ulcers

Composition: Choline Salicylate (9% w/v)
Manufactured By: Raptakos Brett & Co Ltd
Price: Rs. 104 for 10ml

Zytee Gel Uses:

It is one of the pain-relieving medicines that also helps treat inflammation, discomfort, and other symptoms of mouth ulcers. The gel should be used for topical use only. Stop using the gel if you find yourself allergic.

8. Tess Mouth Ulcer Gel

Tess Gel

Composition: Triamcinolone (0.1% w/w)
Manufactured By: Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Price: Rs. 75 for 5 gm

Tess Mouth Ulcer Gel Uses:

It is one of the steroids that is used for the treatment of mouth ulcers. It gives instant relief from redness and swelling. It should be applied directly to the affected area, and one should not swallow the gel. Or use it as directed by the doctor.

9. Kenalog Ulcer Gel for Mouth


Composition: Triamcinolone
Price: $12.95


Kenalog has triamcinolone- a corticosteroid that reduces the chemical’s action in the body, which leads to inflammation. It is available in the form of dental paste and is one of the best mouth ulcer ointments.

10. Olergel Gel for Mouth Ulcers

Composition: Choline Salicylate 8.7 %W/W+Lignocaine 2 %W/W
Manufactured By: Leeford Healthcare Ltd
Price: Rs. 71 for 10gm


Olergel Mouth Ulcer Gel is one of the most prescribed gels for mouth ulcer treatment. It works effectively when directly applied to the affected area. Make sure you consult your doctor before applying the gel. Moreover, if you witness any rashes or side effects, stop using the gel as soon as possible.

11. Ora-Fast Gel

Ora-Fast Gel

Composition: Lidocaine and Choline Salicylate
Manufactured By: Leeford Healthcare Ltd.
Price: Rs. 63.75


Ora-Fast Gel is one of India’s best creams for mouth ulcers. It helps curb burning sensation, swelling, redness, and pain caused due to ulcers. You can apply it on the sores and leave it for some. Make sure you do not swallow it. This mouth ulcer gel is readily available in all pharmacy shops.

12. Bonjela Gel for Cold Sores

Bonjela Gel for Cold Sores

Composition: Choline Salicylate and Cetalkonium Chloride
Manufactured By: Bonjela
Price: 1,399 for 15g


It is an ideal medicine for pain associated with canker sores, cold sores, and dentures. It also helps to treat inflammation caused due to mouth ulcers along with the infection. The gel is ideal to use for people above 18 years.

13. Rite Gel for Mouth Ulcer

Composition: 20% Benzocaine
Manufactured By: Mhs Pharmaceuticals
Price: Rs. 55


This gel is a fast relief mouth ulcer gel, gum sores, canker sores, brace pain, fever blister, denture irritation, and minor oral irritation. It provides immediate pain relief. Please wash your hands and directly apply them to the affected area. It is an anesthetic gel that works wonders for mouth ulcer treatment.

14. Anabel Liquid

Composition: Choline Salicylate and Lidocaine
Manufactured By: Group Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Price: Rs. 84 for 15 gm


Anabel Liquid Gel has two primary ingredients that are Choline Salicylate and Lidocaine. Choline Salicylate is an anti-inflammatory drug that blocks the release of the chemical messengers that causes pain and inflammation. On the other hand, Lidocaine is one of the local anesthetics that block the pain signals and helps curb the sensation of pain. Try this medicine as it is one of the most beneficial mouth ulcer healing gels available on the market today.

15. Curasil

Composition: Choline Salicylate (NA) and Lidocaine (NA)
Manufactured By: Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Price: Rs. 32 for 10 gm


Curasil Gel is an ideal ointment for mouth ulcer. It also blocks certain chemical messengers and reduces the sensation of pain. It should be used as directed by the doctor. Also, make sure that you follow the accurate dosage and way of application. If you find any side effects, do consult with your doctor as soon as possible.

16. Dentogel


Composition: Choline Salicylate (8.7% w/w) + Lidocaine (2% w/w)
Manufactured By: Indoco Remedies Ltd
Price: Rs. 87 for 15 gm


Dentogel helps treat mouth ulcers and all the symptoms, including redness, burning sensation, and swelling. It should be used under the supervision of the doctor. Apply it with clean hands on the canker sore or as prescribed by your doctor.

17. Fitgel

Composition: Choline Salicylate
Manufactured By: J B Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Price: Rs. 78 for 15 gm


Fitgel is one of the ideal pain relieving medicine. It reduces pain, inflammation, and discomfort caused due to the mouth ulcer. It can also be used to treat denture, cold sores, and sore spots. Consult your doctor if the canker sore symptoms do not subside in a few days.

18. Emergel

Composition: Choline Salicylate
Manufactured By: Ravenbhel Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Price: Rs. 48 for 15 ml


Emergel has Choline Salicylate, which is one of the leading anti-inflammatory drugs. It helps to cure the inflammation and redness caused due to the mouth ulcer and helps reduce the pain and swelling. Make sure that you use it under the supervision of doctors.

19. Ulciwok Gel

Composition: Choline Salicylate (NA)
Manufactured By: Wockhardt Ltd
Price: Rs. 41 for 10 gm


It is also a pain-relieving gel that helps to cure inflammation and discomfort caused due to canker sores. The gel can also be used to treat denture, sore spots, and cold sores. It should be used for the local application only.

20. Viloral Gel

Composition: Choline Salicylate + Lidocaine
Manufactured By: Vilco Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Price: 51 gm


It is also a combination of two medicines that helps treat swelling, pain, burning sensation, and redness. It should be used as prescribed by the doctor. Apply it with clean fingers on the affected area


Mouth ulcer, also known to be canker sore, is one of the common problems caused due to several reasons: chewing of tobacco, mouth infection, and specific other reasons. Above, we have mentioned the best mouth ulcer gel name list in India that would surely help you get rid of mouth ulcers and their symptoms. To prevent any oral problem, one should brush his teeth ideally two times with the best toothpaste. Also, one should consult his dentist at least once in a year.


1. What is the best treatment for mouth ulcers?

Above we have listed some of the best mouth ulcers medicine.

2. How do you apply gel mouth ulcers?

Apply gel for mouth ulcers with clean hands on the affected area. Leave it for a while. Follow the same 2-3 times a day until the symptoms of mouth ulcers completely subside.

3. Which is the best ointment for mouth ulcer?

Orajel is one of the best ointment and medicines for mouth ulcers. It provides quick relief from canker sores, gum irritation, cheek bites and irritations from braces and dentures.

4. How much time does it takes for the mouth ulcer medicine to take effect?

The recommended ointment for mouth ulcer provides an instant relief. However, it is highly advised to follow the proper prescribed treatment period so as to see maximum results.

5. Is it safe to apply Toothpaste for curing mouth ulcers?

Usually, toothpaste can act as a mouth ulcer medicine at home. But, for individuals who are very much affected by mouth ulcers, toothpaste with high Sodium Lauryl Sulfate may even provoke mouth ulcers. Therefore, it is suggested to take a professional dentist advice for mouth ulcer treatment.

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