Most Delicious Ice Cream Brands

Although hot summer days are gone, winter is coming and our love for ice creams and desserts will grow even more during this time. Desserts like ice cream taste even better when it’s cold outside because no matter how sore your throat is an ice cream can definitely soothe it down. Actually, I have never met anyone who doesn’t like ice cream no matter what the season is.

You too must have tried most of the ice cream parlors around you. But, what about ordering online?? Did you think that online ordering of ice cream isn’t possible or you thought that the best ice cream places don’t take online orders?

You are wrong!! Being online you can order any flavor you want from Black Currant to Belgian chocolate through Swiggy. Also, there is a wide range of Swiggy coupons available online that will allow you to buy the ice cream you love at the price you want. Here are a few stores to consider:

Natural’s Ice Cream:

ice cream

This one is a popular Mumbai brand, which only serves handmade flavors while justifying with its name. Now, it has also got Delhiites hooked on its fruity and creamy flavors. These people have literally ruled over all the machine made ice creams available in the market. The way their creamy zests layers our palette is mesmerizing and when there are seasonal delights like chiku, Alphonso and musk-melon, you just can’t stop yourself. Order online now with Swiggy offers at TalkCharge.


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It all started more than 60 years ago with a small outlet in Fatehpuri (Chandni Chowk) with only three prime flavors including strawberry, butterscotch, and vanilla. The shop was namedGiani Di Hatti’ initially. With time, the number of customers and flavors both increased in a tremendous manner. I always order Belgian Chocolate with hot chocolate syrup; it’s perfect to make me happy no matter what the occasion is or how bad the day was. To order online at Swiggy, you have various Swiggy promo codes to choose from at TalkCharge.


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Although, many new ice cream brands have come in Delhi, Nirula’s is still one of the most common names for ice cream in Delhi households. There are many signature ice cream flavors here, which will tingle your taste buds like nothing else. The way Nirula’s desserts please our hearts no other brands can do. Whenever I order Hot Chocolate Fudge, it never fails to make me nostalgic and the latest addition Death By Chocolate Sundae is also there to make me go wow.

Baskin Robbins:

ice cream

This one is an American ice-cream brand, which has the largest chain of ice cream shops in the world. They initially had 31 flavors, different one for each day of the month, but now there are more than 1,300 flavors in their menu. There are ice cream cakes too which features many layers of ice cream and cake with candy piece in the center. They keep on evolving their cake designs on a regular basis. The best thing is that these ice-cream cakes could be ordered at Swiggy at the price you want with the use of Swiggy coupons.

Are you still here? Why? Aren’t you having cravings for an ice-cream? So, just go and check out the stores and flavors available at Swiggy. Don’t forget to avail Swiggy offers present at TalkCharge for discounts.

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