Liv.52 Tablet Uses & Dosage

Himalaya Liv 52 tablet is a natural remedy for many health problems, including liver ailments, loss of appetite, and discomfort during pregnancy. It is a blend of many herbs, including caper brush, chicory, Arjuna, Black Lightshade, Arjuna, and Tamarisk, which possess many medicinal properties. Read more to know Liv 52 tablet uses and side effects, benefits, dosage, and price.

Composition- Capparis spinosa 130mg, Cichorium intybus 130mg, Mandur bhasma 66mg, Solanum nigrum 64mg, Terminalia arjuna 64mg, Cassia occidentalis 32mg, Achillea millefolium 32mg, Tamarix gallica 32mg
Manufacturer- Himalaya Drug Company
Forms- Liv.52 Tablets, Liv.52 Syrup, Liv.52 HB, and Liv.52 Drops
Medicine Type- Herbal Medicine
Price- Pack of 2 ₹275 (100gm each)

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Liv 52 Tablet Uses and Benefits

Some of the Liv.52 tablet benefits are the following:

  1. Prevents Cirrhosis – Liver Cirrhosis is a fatal condition where the liver cells are damaged due to alcohol abuse. Liv.52 helps replace damaged cells with healthy cells and prevents further damage. It also prevents health problems like liver hepatitis and fatty liver.
  2. Improves Appetite – Liv.52 aids in regulating stomach abnormalities and builds hunger. It is an ideal pill for underweight people. In fact, Liv.52 can also be consumed by bodybuilders for a healthy body.
  3. Improves Digestion – It absorbs all the essential nutrients and releases digestive enzymes, which aids in a smooth digestive system.
  4.  Treats Hangover – Liv.52 tablet removes substances that are formed due to the alcohol oxidization in the liver, and soon it provides relief from a hangover.
  5. Eliminates Toxins from the Body – All the junk food we consume converts into toxins that can harm our health. Liv.52 is packed with healthy enzymes that remove toxins from the body. It also prevents further accumulation of toxins in the body.
  6. Treats Jaundice – Jaundice is a health condition that is caused due to excessive bilirubin in the body, which also leads to yellow tinge in the skin, eyes, and urine. Liv.52 tablet purifies the liver and helps regulate the digestive system, preventing excessive bilirubin formation in the body.
  7. Promotes Speedy Recovery – Some medical treatments may have side effects that could drain the body. Liv.52 eliminates the accumulation of heavy toxins and promotes speedy recovery.
  8. Helpful during Pregnancy – Liv 52 tablet aids morning sickness and other problems during pregnancy, which could lead to discomfort.

Liv.52 Tablet Benefits

Liv 52 advantages are listed below. You can be consumed to treat the following symptoms:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Anemia
  • Constipation
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Loss of weight
  • Hyperemesis gravidorum
  • pre-eclamptic toxemia

Medicinal Properties of Liv.52 Tablet

  • Appetizer
  • Potent Hepatoprotective
  • Anti-viral
  • Digestive Stimulant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Hepatocellular regeneration promoter
  • Haematinic (increases hemoglobin levels)
  • Antioxidant

Liv.52 Tablets Dosage

You can consume the tablet along with Luke warm water. The general Liv.52 tablet dosage is as follows:

  • Children (Above the age of 5 years) – 1 Tablet, three times a day
  • Adults – 2Tablets, three times a day
  • Pregnant Women – 2 Tablets, two times a day

Liv 52 Tablets Side Effects

Liv.52 is herbal; however, at times, it might interfere with some drugs or medicines, leading to minor problems. Some of the Liv 52 tablet side effects are listed below:

  • Constipation
  • Burning sensation in the stomach
  • Minor skin irritation.
  • Loose motion.

If you experience any of the above side effects, reduce the dosage of Liv.52. However, if the condition worsens, contact the doctor immediately.

Precautions and Warnings

It is always a wise idea to consult your doctor before starting any medicine. The doctor will prescribe you the right dosage according to your health conditions, allergy (if any), and current treatment. Also, do inform the doctor in case you are a pregnant or nursing mother. In addition to this, avoid alcohol consumption.

Liv.52 Tablet Substitutes

Some of the substitutes of Liv.52 are the following:

  1. Silymarin – It has anti-inflammatory and cell regenerative properties that help in treating health problems related to the liver.
  2. Acetylcysteine – This is a natural nutrient that can prevent damage to tissues.


Liv.52 tablet from Himalaya is a herbal remedy for liver diseases. It improves the functioning of the liver, promotes weight gain, and improves digestion. Do consult your doctor before starting this medicine.


1. How to take Liv.52 tablets?

You can take a Liv.52 tablet with water or as directed by your doctor.

2. When to take Liv.52 tablets?

People with the liver ailment can consume Liv.52 tablets after consulting their doctor.

3. Can a diabetic take Liv.52 tablets?

Yes. Before starting Liv.52, do consult your doctor.

4. Is Liv.52 good for health?

Yes, the Liv.52 tablet is good for health. It is herbal and promotes better function of the liver. It also improves appetite and helps in weight gain.

5. Should I take Liv.52 before or after meals?

You can take two tablets of Liv.52 daily before your meals.

6. How long Liv.52 can be taken?

You can consume two tablets of Liv.52 regularly.

7. Can Liv.52 cure fatty liver?

Yes, it has natural enzymes that help to treat fatty liver.

8. Is Liv 52 safe in pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe to take Liv 52 during pregnancy.

9. What are the side effects of Liv 52?

Liver 52 side effects are constipation, loose motion, and skin irritation.

10. What are the Liv 52 benefits?

The Liv.52 uses and benefits include the treatment of symptoms like anemia, loss of appetite, weight loss, imbalance in hormones, and constipation.

11. What is the Liv 52 tablet dosage for adults?

The Liv 52 dosage for adults is two Tablets, three times a day.

12. When to take Liv 52 syrup before or after food?

It is recommended to consume Liv.52 tablet before food however, follow your doctor if it is prescribed after the meal.

13. How many Liv 52 tablets a day?

The Liv 52 dosage differs for age groups; you can follow it from the above blog.

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