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The time for celebration has arrived, as Diwali is around the corner and like every year, you must be thinking about what gifts you should buy for your loved ones. We all know this job is quite tedious and even though it’s time to party hard, you have to spend your days buying a variety of gifts. We all know that this year of 2021, our maximum amount of time is spent on working from home and cooking simultaneously.

We all have a foodie within us somewhere. We love eating good food and spending some quality time with family and friends. And giving just a pack of Soan papdi that even you know will end up at your place somehow is not the right choice. Diwali is a festival to give and appreciate the love and care you have for your loved ones and hence giving something useful and essential should always be the top priority. Diwali Kitchen gifts are always the best surprises for family members and close friends. Along with being electronic kitchen appliances, they come with great discounts and offers!

The best part is that you don’t have to go out to buy them; just order them online while availing various discounts and offers! Everyone is aware of the huge discounts and deals that these online platforms showcase during Diwali. So why can’t we take some extra advantage of these offers and deals and try making our friends and family smile with sheer glee and excitement!

15 Amazing Diwali Kitchen Gifts

So, let’s start with our list and to grab the latest offers available for the best kitchen appliance and useful Diwali gifts:

1. Morphy Richards Sear and Stew Cooker:

For the home-makers, a modern cooking appliance can be a good choice and this cooker tops the list. For making it easier for the housewives to multitask, this cooker is the best choice. They can cook an extensive selection of meals and sear the meat at the same time. It adds richness and fuller flavor into the dishes and this is what the food lovers require. So, buying this would be a smart decision. Also, it makes one of the best corporate Diwali gifts.

Morphy Richards Sear and Stew Cooker

2. Coffee Machine:

For starting your day with energy and positivity, the coffee machine is one of the best Diwali kitchen appliances for the gift options. It would serve the purpose of gifting in an effective manner. This appliance would instantly make a cappuccino coffee, espresso, or even latte in just a few seconds. So, considering this as a Diwali gift would be a smart decision. You can find Philips Coffee Maker and many more on various online platforms!

Where to buy it from Amazon
Price Range: Rs.1999 – Rs. 11499

Coffee Machine

3. Hand Blender:

This one is the smartest and the most purposeful appliance which resolves many kitchen troubles. You can chop, mix, and blend any type of ingredients in no time with this amazing kitchen tool. It doesn’t use much power and makes smoothies, chutneys, lassis, and purees with no effort. You can even create spice mixes. All these features make this appliance a perfect addition to a smart kitchen. At Croma, you can find a variety of hand blenders of various brands like Morphy Richards, Boss, Philips, Vitek, Bajaj, and more. For discounts on your purchase, you can check out the Croma Exclusive Deals.

Where to buy it from Croma
Price Range: Rs.699 – Rs.13299

Hand Blender

4. Gas Grill:

Barbeque has now become a cool trend and Diwali is the best time to have some grilled dishes with the guests. A gas grill comes with a stainless steel burner and porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates. It even has a lid made up of cast aluminum that ensures that the food is cooked perfectly. So, this new addition to the Indian household would be a good choice for Diwali kitchen gifts.

Where to buy from
Price Range: Rs.20000 – Rs24599

Gas Grill

5. Air Fryer:

You all will agree to the fact that oily food is something that we want to avoid during the festivals, but it is generally not possible, as, in any ordinary Indian home, festivals are the perfect occasion to have the tastiest fried snacks. So, offering an Air Fryer would be similar to gifting health to your loved ones. You can check out the variety of Air Fryers of different brands.

Where to buy it from Amazon
Price Range: Rs.4700 – Rs. 9999

Air Fryer

6. Electric Rice Cooker

Rice has always been a staple food item in every Indian meal. We need to stop using the old pressure cooker and start accepting the change in the kitchen appliance world. Prestige brings this amazing Electric cooker, perfect for any occasion, just add your ingredients, plug in your electric cooker and make the best-cooked rice! It is that simple. Hence, it is a great option for kitchen appliances for wedding gift.

Where to buy from
Price Range: Rs.2500 – Rs.3500

Electric Rice Cooker

7. Toaster

Everyone deserves a crispy slice of butter with melted butter for their morning breakfast. Till when will your grill your pieces of bread over a pan, when you can have a crispy, fresh toast of bread every morning! Gift a Philips Pop up Toaster to your loved ones as the brand is widely appreciated for its appliances. From different browning settings and warming functions, it is the finest toaster available!

Where to buy from
Price Range: Rs.800 – Rs.3000


8. Juicer

We all have started living a diet-conscious life for the past few years. Our food intake and choice of food items have renovated with time. We all appreciate a jug of fresh fruit juice and vegetables for a refreshing start in the morning. So why not gift an efficient juicer to your family or friends. Wonderchef brings this amazing Digital Juicer for every modern kitchen. Now blend, juice, or puree your veggies and fruits and make your favorite smoothie whenever you want!

Where to buy from Vijay sales
Price Range: Rs.1999 – Rs.12,999


9. Roti Maker

We all have been through the struggle of making round rotis. Making round chapatis is the most dreadful task for us millennials. A roti maker is the ideal home appliance for any modern kitchen to make the best chapatis. Its automatic shut off feature keeps the heat constant and regular with LED indicators to alert when your roti is ready.

Where to buy from
Price Range: Rs.1500 – Rs.2500

Roti Maker

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10. A Mini-Refrigerator

Every household has a fridge full of leftovers and half-used packets of food. A mini-refrigerator can be used for many purposes. If your friend has a habit of drinking chilled drinks regularly, why not gift a mini-fridge to them. They can fix it next to their bed and comfortably drink their chilled beverages without having the trouble to go to the kitchen! Also, they can come handy for those extra leftovers that keep on overflowing from the common fridge. Mini fridges are the best creation for mankind!

Where to buy from
Price Range: Rs.7,000 – Rs.9,999


11. Electric Chimney

Every Indian household needs an electric kitchen to vent out all the tadka fumes to escape. Any electric chimney helps to suck out all the fumes and smoke within minutes. Hindware brings you this remarkable electric chimney of 60 cm 1000 m3/h with amazing high airflow and easy speed levels.

Where to buy from Amazon
Price Range: Rs.8,000 0 Rs.11,999

Electric Chimney

12. Hob Top Gas Stove

A fantastic gas stove can add another dimension to any kitchen space. Prestige brings you this amazing Hob top 3 burner kitchen gas stove that now only is the modern cooktop but looks classy and chic. Gift this to someone who wants to give their kitchen a clean and polished chic look.

Where to buy:
Price Range: Rs.11,999 – Rs.15,999

Hob Top Gas Stove

13. Mughal Art Design Set of Cups and Saucers

We all have friends or family members who love to collect antique cups and saucers for their regular tea parties. Mughal Art printed cups and saucers look delightfully tasteful and elegant. They can be the best Diwali Kitchen gift for your office colleagues or even gift your boss. They look classy enough for any occasion and can be a great gift!

Where to buy from Homeshop18
Price Range: Rs.1199 – Rs.2999

Mughal Art Design Set of Cups

14. Coffee Mugs

Just like tea, we have coffee lovers. Everyone loves huge coffee mugs that can be held from the rim to feel the warmth of your hot coffee during winters. Now give a classy set of coffee mugs to your friends and family who enjoys his or her daily coffee.

Coffee Mugs

15. Morphy Richards Tea Maker

Last but definitely not the list, Morphy Richards Tea Maker has made its 15th position in our list of best Diwali kitchen gifts. Its advanced heating mechanism and brewing technology help you brew your favorite tea with the right amount of darkness that you require. You can make many cups of hot tea, with a cup full of natural flavors and aroma.

Morphy Richards Tea Maker

Why go normal when you can be unique? Try going unique and different this Diwali by gifting some kitchen appliances to your dear ones. Festivities must be celebrated in conventional ways but, who says presents can’t be unconventional. Do let us know your Diwali gifting list.

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