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We all love our hair, because they make us look better and unique. However, we all agree to one point that hair requires the most of our attention. If we don’t take proper care of our hair, it results in hair fall and other related problems. Different people have different types of hair. Some have naturally straight, and some have curly. Some have dry hair, while the rest have silky hair! The ones who have curly hair, often try to get them straightened through various methods, including keratin hair treatment.

If you also have curly hair and want to get them straightened, or if you are thinking of getting keratin hair treatment done, you have reached the right place. It is because today, we shall be talking about everything you should know about this procedure, including its pros and cons. But before that, let us understand what keratin is, because it is the most important ingredient of this procedure.

What Is Keratin?

Keratin is a vital protein that is naturally present in our hair and other parts of the body. You can find it in your fingernails, and even skin. In fact, this is what your hair and fingernails are made up of. This layer of protein gives strength to your hair, and prevents them from breakage and hair fall.

It forms a protective coating around the length of your hair and makes it more elastic and look youthful. However, it gets depleted over time due to over-use of chemicals on hair, over-styling, exposure to heat, and other similar damaging processes.

There are four types of keratin, namely type 1, type 2, alpha-keratin, and beta keratin. While Type 1 keratin is smaller in size, and is more acidic in nature. However, type 2 keratin is a little larger in size, and has a more neutral value of pH as compared to the former.

Alpha-keratin are exclusively found in humans, and other hairy mammals. Both type 1 and type 2 keratin are forms of alpha-keratin. On the other hand, beta-keratin is usually found in birds, and can possess alpha-keratin, as well. They are integral to the development of beaks, feathers, scales, and claws of birds and reptiles.

You can also find keratin in most shampoos and hair conditioners today. However, they are not as effective as they are advertised to be. In order to get the real benefits, you might have to visit professional salons. When we talk about keratin treatment, here, keratin is sourced from either wool, horns, or feathers, which is why these hair straightening treatments are a little expensive.

What Is Keratin Treatment?

It is a chemical procedure that is performed on your hair to make them look straighter, visibly silky, smooth and shiny. It adds gloss to your hair and reduces frizz.

In this process, the salon professional will thoroughly wash your hair, followed by blow drying them. Next, they will apply the treatment thoroughly on to each strand of your hair from roots to tip, and you will have to wait for over 30 minutes. Once that is done, the salon specialist will flat iron your hair in small sections to finish the treatment.

Post that, your hair is washed again and the excess keratin is rinsed off well. Once this is done, the salon specialist will dry your hair and straighten them for that smooth and glossy look. This is a time-consuming process, and is suggested to get performed in salons only than doing it at home. It is because this requires expertise and you cannot do it on your own hair.

Some of the most popular brands offering keratin treatment include 4Hair Brazilian Keratin, which can be applied in one day, and can last up to three months. Apart from that, other brands like Bella, Brazilian Blowout, Cadiveu, etc., offer some of the best keratin treatment products in the market.

Keratin Treatment Pros and Cons

As one can expect, keratin treatment has its own set of pros and cons, just like any other process. Let us discuss them below:

Advantages of Keratin treatment

1. Lasts for long

If you take proper care of your hair and wash it only two to three times a week, the treatment lasts for four to six months, which means that you do not need to get it done again and again.

2. Gives you smooth and shiny hair

Keratin smoothens your hair, and gives them a shiny and glossy appearance. It also makes your hair look straighter, giving them a better look.

3. Promotes hair growth

Since keratin protein makes your hair stronger, it also results in faster growth of your hair and you will have strong hair overall.

Disadvantages of Keratin Treatment

1. Presence of formaldehyde

Keratin treatments often have formaldehyde as an integral part. While it strengthens your hair, it is very harmful if you inhale it. So, this could be one of the biggest disadvantages of this procedure.  

2. High cost of procedure

While there is no arguing that this is an effective process, it is expensive as compared to other processes. It costs in the excess of 6,000 INR.

3. Difficult to maintain

You cannot wash your hair for around three days after getting the treatment done, and it is suggested to wash in treated water only two to three times a week.

4. Can lead to allergies

This treatment is not for everyone, especially pregnant women. It can lead to itchy eyes, and some people can even have allergies because of this treatment. Thus, consult your dermatologist or salon expert before getting the treatment done.


It requires a lot of effort to maintain strong hair and a good scalp. In order to make their hair look good, most women turn to keratin hair treatment, which straightens hair and gives them strength. Apart from that, your hair also becomes visibly smoother and shiny in appearance.

While there are several benefits of keratin treatment, there are many side effects as well. Also, you have to take a lot of precautions after the treatment is done to protect your hair, and keep them away from dust, dirt, etc.

However, the hair treatment is highly popular, and can last for four to six months if maintained properly. Thus, it is a great way of getting good looking and beautiful hair for a long period of time.


1. Is keratin treatment good for your hair?

Yes, keratin treatment is certainly good for your hair, as it provides certain benefits to your hair. It straightens your hair, strengthens them, and provides them with most nutrients they need. However, it is advisable that you do not perform this treatment more than thrice in a year, as doing so more often may have its own side effects.

2. Does keratin kill your hair?

No, keratin does not kill your hair. In fact, it is an essential protein that gives strength to your hair to make it stronger. It also makes the hair shiny and straight, which lasts for a longer period of time. However, it is advisable not to over-use the keratin treatment, as excess of it can have its own side effects on your hair and scalp.

3. How long does a keratin treatment last?

It depends upon various factors, including the type of hair you have, your exposure and the environment around you, and how often you wash your hair. In ideal scenarios, it is believed that keratin smoothing treatment can last as long as four to six months. However, there is no proof backing this claim, and requires you to take extra care of your hair during this period.

4. Can I do keratin treatment at home?

Keratin treatment is a long process, and the whole process can sometimes take several hours to be completed. Also, it involves many steps which must be performed accurately. While you can certainly do this at home upon training, it is suggested to get it done by professionals for best results.

5. Will hair grow back after keratin treatment?

Yes, keratin treatment does not need your hair to be cut, and your hair will continue growing naturally even after you perform this keratin straightening treatment.

6. What are the side effects of keratin treatment?

Keratin treatment involves the use of formaldehyde, which can be harmful if you inhale it directly. Apart from that, it can sometimes be hard to maintain your hair, as you cannot wash your hair in chlorinated water (while swimming) or salt water. Sometimes, you can even have allergic reactions, apart from visibly increased hair breakage (in some cases).

7. Which keratin treatment is best?

‘Keratin Research Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment’ is the best keratin treatment overall, as it contains several coconut oils, Moroccan Argan oil, amino acid complexes and proteins that condition, repair, and strengthen your hair.

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