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Isabgol is the membranous covering of the seeds of Plantago Ovata. It is classified under the category of bulk-forming laxatives, Isabgol aids in curing problems such as constipation and other digestive issues that our body may face.

Benefit of Isabgol

The benefits of Isabgol are dual. On one side, it is used to treat constipation, and on the other, it cures diarrhea too. Not just that, it is also beneficial in losing weight and combating diabetes.

Isabgol helps you lose weight

Combine Isabgol with lemon to reduce your weight.

How to use Isabgol?

  • Take 10 ml or around 2 tablespoons of Isabgol. Mix it in 240 ml of lukewarm water. Then add 1 to 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in it. Drink the mixture before the meal or drink it in the morning.
  • If you have been prescribed Isabgol by your doctor, you must follow the dosage and frequency as prescribed.
  • The fiber in the Isabgol fills your stomach and makes you eat less.
  • It also helps in clearing out waste from your body and increases your metabolism.

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Treat constipation with Isabgol

Whether you are suffering from mild or moderate constipation, the fiber present in Isabgol helps you fight your constipation.

How does Isabgol work?

  • The fiber in the Isabgol increases the amount of bulk in your stools and helps the stool pass out of your body.
  • Isabgol makes your stool softer by increasing the amount of water in it, making it easier for the stool to pass.

How to use Isabgol?

Mix two spoons of Isabgol in warm milk and drink it before you go to bed.

Isabgol Helps to Treat Diabetes

As soon as Isabgol gets dissolved in your body, it forms a gel-like substance and covers the wall of your intestine. This coating not only helps in lowering down the absorption rate of glucose in your body, but also slows down the breakdown process. This helps in slow and even absorption of glucose, helping to regulate your blood sugar levels in your body.

How to use Isabgol?

Mix 1 to 2 tablespoons of Isabgol in 240 ml of milk or water and consume it after every meal.

What to Avoid?

People suffering from Diabetes must not take Isabgol with curd.

Cure Diarrhea with Isabgol

When you mix curd in Isabgol, the curd gives you the proper quantity of probiotics needed for your body. It heals the infection and helps to harden the stool and treat Diarrhea.

How to Use Isabgol?

Take 2 tablespoons of Isabgol and mix it with around 3 tablespoons of curd and stir well. Take this mixture after your meal. Repeat the same about two times a day. It is also advisable to consult your doctor before consuming curd with Isabgol to treat Diarrhea.

Treat Acid Reflux With Isabgol

If you are suffering from acid reflux you may use Isabgol to treat it. The husk present in Isabgol creates a layer on the wall of the stomach, lower esophagus, and intestines, thereby limiting the feeling of burns and controlling the impact caused by acidity. It lowers the creation of acid in the stomach; lesser acid means lower irritation in the stomach.

How Isabgol works?

Isabgol is a great remedy to cure anal fissures. Isabgol contains both soluble and insoluble components, thus, helping in clearing your bowels effectively. Isabgol absorbs water from parts surrounding the intestine and softens your stool. It thus makes your stool soft, helping it pass easily and conveniently. Hence, Isabgol helps in healing of fissures by protecting the anus from stretching too much when passing the motion. It prevents the rupture of the anus.

How to Use Isabgol for curing Acid Reflux?

Mix 2 tablespoons of Isabgol and mix it well with 120 to 240 ml of cold milk and have it after your meal. Isabgol helps you to regularize and soften your stool, making it easy for you to pass it.

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Isabgol Other Names

  • Hindi Name: Isabghul, Snigdhajirakah, Nigdhabijah
  • Marathi Name: Isabgol
  • Sanskrit Name: Ashvagola, Ashwakarna
  • Kannada Name: Issagolu
  • English Name: Ispaghula, Blond psyllium, Spogel seeds
  • Malayalam Name: Karkalasaringi
  • Oriya Name: Isapgol
  • Tamil Name: Ishappukol,Iskol
  • Gujrati Name: Isafaghol
  • Telugu Name: Isapagola

Isabgol Interesting Facts

  • Psyllium Husk or Isabgol has the capacity to absorb 14 times more water than its weight.
  • Isabgol seeds, on the other hand, can absorb as much as 3 times more water than its weight.
  • Isabgol Seeds contains mucilage substance which is made of polysaccharides or soluble fiber. Mucilage substance is about 30% of its total weight.
  • Isabgol seeds also contain Linoleic Acid (LA), about 40%. Linoleic Acid is a vital fatty acid.

More About Isabgol:

Plant TypeHerb
Used forConstipation
Plant Family Plantaginaceae
How does it work?Bulk-forming laxative
Dosage5 to 30 grams
How to consumeIt is best to mix it with 240ml to 500 ml of Milk or Water
Scientific NamePlantago Ovata

Isabgol FAQ:

1. How does Isabgol help our body?

Isabgol contains 70% fiber and thus, it acts as a bulk-forming laxative which softens our stool and makes it pass through our body easily, relieving us from constipation. It also aids in intestinal movement.

2. What is the botanical name of Isabgol?

Sat Isabgol is also known as Psyllium Husk & Ispaghula husk.

3. Where is the Isabgol plant found?

The herb Plantago Ovata is found in Asia, North Africa and the Mediterranean region.

4. What does Isabgol contain?

Isabgol Husk contains around 75% to 80% fiber, of which around 50 to 55% is soluble fiber, and about 25% is insoluble fiber. One teaspoon of Isabgol contains approximately 3 grams of fiber, of which 2 grams is soluble fiber and 1 gram is insoluble fiber.

5. How to take isabgol for acid reflux?

Take 1-2 tablespoons of Isabgol in add with curd, milk, or water, and take after meal.

So, if you are suffering from loose motion, constipation, or experiencing acid reflux, you may take Isabgol and get rid of all your problems. Just ensure you take the right dosage after proper consultation.

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