Indian Coffee Brands

Do you know 64% of the Indian population likes to drink tea? However, coffee holds a special place. After tea, it is one of the most brewed beverages. While popular brands like Nescafe and Bru, and many others have made their names in the industry, there are many Indian coffee brands that have off lately impressed the Indian population. Most of these brands are located in South India as we all know that part of the country is known for coffee cultivation.

From finely grounded coffee to filter coffee, these brands hold forte in all kinds of coffees. And, not to forget, some of them also have a wide range of coffee equipment which lets you make your favorite coffee at home. Let’s have a look at best coffee brands in India that are no less than bliss for coffee lovers.

List of Top Indian Coffee Brands

1. Blue Tokai

First in the list of top-rated Indian brands of coffee is Blue Tokai. The brand uses roasted coffee that is grown in and around Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The USP of the brand is the fact that they provide both coffee forms that include ground and whole. Along with the coffee, the brand also consists of a grind guide that teaches you how you can grind the coffee at home. For regular deliveries, you can subscribe to their website. One of their best-selling variants is Kalledeverapura Pulp Sun-Dried.

2. Black Baza Coffee Company

Black Baza Coffee Company is one of the top-rated Indian coffee brands. The brand is known for its wide range of Arabicas and Robustas coffee beans, which are finely grounded. The company aims to provide a stable and secured livelihood to all the coffee producers and promote coffee marketing in the country while conserving the bio biodiversity. The brand was founded in the year 2015 by Arshiya Urveeja Bose. In mere five years, it has become one of the best black coffee brand in India.

3. Flying Squirrel

Inspired by the name of a mammal, Flying Squirrel is well known for its natural coffee. It is one of the famous artisanal coffee brands in India with a wide range of natural coffee that are easy to brew. In addition to coffee, the brand also has brewing accessories and the latest equipment. The coffee is grown in the Coorg and nearby areas. In order to try their all the variants, you can go for Taster’s 6-Pack.

4. The Indian Bean

Hill stations of Karnataka like Coorg and Kodaikanal are best known for coffee plantations. The Indian Bean handpicks fine beans of the coffee from the same place and customize them according to their needs. People who love to start their day with a filtered morning must try their Appa’s Coffee. And in order to calm your nerves after a long hectic day, Watapi variety from the Indian Bean is the best option. Moreover, you can also get Monkey Bitten Coffee that you can chew.

To get the company’s best and regular service, you can sign-up for three months subscription and relish your favorite coffee without any hassle.

5. Panduranga Coffee Works

You can find Panduranga Coffee Works on different social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and others. They are one of the best Indian coffee brands in South India. They have a huge range of coffees, amongst all; The Grand Aroma is most popular. The company is functional across Bangalore. They take a minimum order of 2 kilos.


Halli Berri is popular for its Arabica coffee, which is 100% pure. The brand promises to provide the purest forms of coffee. They have a variety of coffees that smells that are perfect to burst your stress. Also, their coffees are low on acidity. They have their outlet in Bangalore, and Halli Berri coffees are also available on online portals like Amazon.

You can also visit Halli Berri and explore picturesque vistas of nature and coffee plants.

7. Leo Coffee India

Leo Coffee India is an age old coffee brand in India which is located in Chennai. From filter coffees to grounded coffees, Leo Coffee India has a vast range of coffees. Some of its best-selling coffees are Special Peaberry, Madras Blend, and Caffé Blend. You can enjoy all types of coffees around the year. In addition to this, Leo Coffee India also has coffee equipment and machinery.

8. Ainmané Coffee

Ainmané is a wide producer of Civet Coffee, which is listed amongst the world’s most luxury coffees. Each bean is handpicked and processed finely to provide you the best of the taste that too at your convenience. The portal also has an extensive range of distinguished coffees that includes smokey-spicy, bittersweet Monsooned Malabar, the medium-roasted and fruity Cafe Blend, Green Coffee Powder many more to name. Besides this, Ainmané also has a collection of single-origin coffee.

9. Kcroasters By Koinonia

From single-origin coffees to coffee protein bars and fresh coffee grown in India to nicely brewed coffees, you name it, and the company has it. It has a café in Mumbai where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with your friends and family. Kcroasters by Koinonia has a variety of organic coffee with nuts and fruity flavors. Do not forget to try their Marvahulla coffee, which has exquisite ingredients like caramel, molasses, and chocolates.

10. Sleepy Owl Coffee

Last but not least, we have Sleepy Owl Coffee in our list of Indian coffee brands. While the above brands are primarily known for their hot brewed coffee, Sleepy Owl Coffee has made its name for the country’s best cold coffee makers. The company has also introduced hot coffees. The coffees are available in the glass jar. You can restore the coffees in the refrigerators for weeks. Sleepy Owl Coffee is known across the country.


Coorg is a famous destination of South India for coffee cultivation in the world. Most Indian coffee brands like Ainmané Coffee, HALLI BERRI, and many other handpick coffee beans from the same city. Though the beans are the same, however, every brand customizes it differently. From selling grounded coffee powder to brewed coffees, the brand does it all. Their wide range of coffees has made these brands popular across the country. 

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