Indian Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics

One of the common dilemmas that people with diabetes face is what to eat and what not to eat. The types of food they eat will have a direct impact on their sugar level, so whatever they put in the mouth, it has to be healthy AND diabetic-friendly. Talking about breakfast, since it is the first meal of the day, it should have all the essential nutrients and low sugar. It will keep diabetics full for a longer period and control their blood sugar level as well.

An ideal diet for diabetics is one that has high fibre and low glycaemic index. Foods like whole-wheat, greens green vegetables, oats, pulses, and foods rich in fatty acids are a must for diabetics. To help you keep your sugar level in control that too without sacrificing on your taste, we have curated a few Indian breakfast India’s for diabetics.

Diabetic-Friendly Indian Breakfast Recipes:

1. Multigrain Idlis 

While traditional idlis that are made up of rice are scrumptious but aren’t healthy for diabetics as it can raise the sugar level. A healthy yet delicious alternative for the same is multigrain idlis. Mix different flours like jowar, buckwheat, oats, methi seeds, and add some freshly chopped green veggies to it. This is one of the best and easy to make diabetics breakfast recipes.

2. Sprouts

Sprouts are packed with protein and add essential nutrients to the body. Chopp some cucumber, onions, bell peppers, and add to the sprouts. To give it a tangy flavor, drizzle lemon juice along with the salt and pepper. Stir it, and here you go!

3. Hard-Boiled Eggs and Multi-Grain Bread

Hard-Boiled Eggs and Multi-Grain Bread is one of the healthy Indian breakfast ideas for diabetics. Hard-boiled eggs are excellent for diabetics as they are a rich source of protein and does not spike up the blood sugar level. Eggs slow down the glucose absorption in the body. You can have hard-boiled eggs with multigrain bread and fresh veggies.

4. Tomato Oats Omelette

Since eggs are beneficial for diabetics, diabetics can opt for an omelette as well. To add a punch of nutrients to it to your regular omelette, add some oats and chopped tomatoes to it. Oats are rich in fibre and will keep you full for the next few hours.

5. Broccoli Egg Bhurji

There would be hardly any egg lover who would not like to have egg bhurji. But this time give your egg bhurji a spin with a punch of broccoli and some other vegetables. Also, give a miss to your regular spices and instead add some cinnamon powder and black salt. This recipe is one of the ideal Indian breakfast ideas for diabetics, especially for people who crave for eggs in breakfast.

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6. Oats Methi Khakhra & Salsa

Next in our list of Indian breakfast ideas for diabetics is this healthy and tasty Oats Methi Khakra and Salsa. This is the perfect breakfast dish for the people who like to keep their breakfast light. All you would have to do is prepare Methi Khakra and enjoy it along with a Salsa salad.

7. Jowar and Vegetable Porridge

Jowar and vegetables are not only one of the diabetics-friendly Indian breakfasts but also an excellent substitute for eggs and omelettes. Jowar is packed with high-quality fibre which improves digestion and regulates blood sugar. It also keeps the blood pressure in control. From some crunch, add green freshly chopped veggies to it.

8. Buckwheat Corn Dhokla

Buckwheat corn dhokla is a healthy alternative to the traditional dhokla. It is easy to prepare and taste amazing. Buckwheat is a good source of fibre, and it is a natural, gluten-free whole grain. It also provides protein to the body. You can eat it along with dhania and pudina ki chutney.

9. Ragi Masala Roti

Ragi masala roti is one of the best Indian breakfast ideas for diabetics, especially for the people who prefer rotis/chappati in the breakfast. Ragi helps in maintaining the blood sugar level. Moreover, it has dietary fibre that keeps hunger pangs at bay and supports the digestive pace. Ragi masala roti is made with ragi flour, grated onions, carrot and coriander leaves. Serve it with chutney or and unsweetened tea/coffee.

10. Carrot Methi Jowar Thepla

Carrot methi jowar thepla is an excellent substitute for chapattis and paranthas. Also, it is healthy and one of the perfect Indian breakfasts for people with diabetes. Methi and carrots help in regulating the blood sugar level. Mix these two ingredients with wheat and jowar flour and roll it to thepla. These are soft and tasty at the same time.

11. Nutty Berry Smoothie

Berries like blueberry, strawberries, and others are a great source of fibre and an ideal breakfast drink for diabetics who prefer to have their meal on the go. To add some fibre to your diet, you can mix flax seeds to the smoothie. Go for almond milk as it will not raise the blood sugar; instead helps it to control.

12. Instant Whole Wheat Flour Dosa

Whole wheat flour is an ideal whole grain that is a must in every diabetic’s diet, and this is the reason why instant whole wheat flour dosas are one of the perfect Indian breakfast ideas for diabetics. Switch to wheat flour and ditch rice and suji for this recipe and prepare a crisp dosa for yourself.

13. High Protein Moong Dal Cheela

Moong daal has high levels of folate and protein, which makes it suitable for diabetics. Grind the dal and add some water to it. Mix it well until you get a smooth consistency. Add some chopped green vegetables to it. Stir it well and make your homemade moong daal cheela in a jiffy.

14. Bajra Uttapam

Bajra has a high content of fibre along with slowly digestible starch, which takes longer to convert into glucose. This helps in managing diabetes, and thus, it is amongst the Healthy Indian breakfast ideas for breakfast. All you would have to do is, use Bajra along with semolina to prepare Uttapam. Uttapam is a South Indian dish that is loved by many. Bajra would be a healthy addition for you.

15. Dudhi Thepla

Also, called lauki thepla, dhudhi thepla is one of the best indian breakfast ideas for diabetes. For dudhi thepla, you would require wheat flour, spice powder, water, and bottle gourd. Mix them and roll the thepla. Thepla taste yummy with coffee and tea. Make sure you ditch sugar in your coffee or tea.


Diabetes has become one of the common health problems. It needs special attention in terms of diet, exercise, and medicines. Being one of the essential meals of the day, it is essential to consume breakfast, preferably a healthy breakfast. In this blog, we have listed 15 Indian breakfast ideas for diabetics. Do try them, and let’s know which is your favorite.

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