Content marketing plays a massive role in any business. As they say ”Content is King”, the phrase definitely speaks volumes! In order to produce quality content and win the Google ranking race, content plays crucial role.

Have you ever given thought to the fact that why only few of your content piece or blog ranks? Well, there are many reasons for that, where in research plays a vital role. In order to increase the content value and audience engagement, people have also started taking the benefit of digital audios these days! One of the most trending and convenient way to stream digital audios is through Podcast.

Podcast is a new trend in digital marketing. Businesses can use podcasts to bring high-quality content without putting huge efforts that writing includes. Podcasts are inspirational and have more listeners that in the long run, would help your business to grow.

In order to get the benefit, you can include podcast in your digital marketing strategies. Here we have compiled a list of factors that throws light on the importance of podcast in digital media.

Reasons Why Podcasting Should be Part of Digital Marketing

1. Podcast Strikes a Chord with Listeners

Podcast is the leading online content platform that allows people to listen and learn actively. People can hear the audio (Podcast) at any time and from anywhere. It does not take much effort. All they have to do is visit the leading platform that air podcasts and choose the podcast that they wish to hear.

The podcast works like music. There are times when you do not feel like reading a book; however, music in the background is all you need to soothe your mind. In a similar way, you can play the podcast and hear your favorite podcaster.

Also, with podcasts, you do not have to stick your eyes in one place. You can simultaneously look after other chores. In this way, people will get the opportunity to learn new things without actually working hard for it.

This will help increase your brand value, and thus, podcast it should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategies.

2. People Hear Podcast for Longer Time

While your audience might not like to read a long blog, however, if any audio has caught their attention, they would love to hear it. Most podcasts are quite long, and once people connect with the particular podcast or the influencer, they would love to hear it irrespective of how long it is.

If you tend to compare blog posting with podcasts, podcasts will be a sure winner. Why? Because no one has that much time to read the particular blog (especially if it’s too long). However, one can play the podcast in the background and hear it while doing other tasks. And if they like a specific podcast, they will be hooked to it and love to listen it no matter how long it is.

Also, podcasting is one of the most engaging forms. Another fact that why podcast is the need of the hour for all the emerging companies is that it does not has jarring advertisements that would distract your audience/listeners or influence them to discontinue the podcast.

This means your message is conveyed to your audience in the most ideal way, which would later help you in the formation of brand value.

3. Podcasting has Bare Competition

While there would be hardly anything in the online world that is not part of the cut-throat competition, every possible content, be it blog post or article available on the internet is part of the competitions.

The creators are working hard to win the competition and bring their content on the first rank so that it is more visible. However, the same is not the case with podcast.

This could be because this is one of the emerging platforms. Currently, there are significantly less podcasts than blogs and YouTube channels, which means that you can pull a large number of the audience without much competition.

According to HubSpot’s research, there are 2000,000 active podcasts and 19 million active blogs. The data says it all.

Moreover, there has been a 75% of the increase in podcast listening since 2013. To add, 13% of people love to hear podcasts across the globe.

If you believe the statistics, then you can easily outdo your competitors without posting much. A single podcast will gain you a considerable viewership.

4. Podcast Increases Personal Connection with your Audience

You believe it or not, podcast creates a stronger relationship with your audience that too, at a faster rate. How? Let’s take an example from our personal life. When you are speaking something with your friend, your voice will directly go into his ears. Through the voice itself, they can pick up the emotion, and if the voice is appealing, they would like to hear you more.

While listening to the podcast, your listener will connect if the particular audio or podcast is relatable. This is the most intimate way to connect with your audience.

After hearing a podcast, your listeners will start believing in your brand, and in order to hear more Podcasts, they would frequently come back to your website, which will work in your favor in the long run.

5. Great Way to Connect with Influencers 

Besides connecting with your audience, podcast also allows you to connect with the influencer whom you look up to – They could be anyone, from leading social media personalities, entrepreneurs, or a budding star.

If you speak them personally, they might charge you a considerable amount, and some would say a no. But when you have a podcast, you can hear the podcast. They wouldn’t act pricey because they will get a stage and audience who is eager to listen to them. In this way, they would garner more fan base, so there would be likely very less chance that they would turn down your offer.

In this way, you will be building a rapport with the influencer as well. You will get to know them better and add value to their work. And as a revert, they would also add value to your brand.

6. Podcast gives a Scalable Stage

Podcast is one of the easiest ways that could be boon for your business if you include it in your digital marketing strategies.

For a Podcast, you do not have to host an event and call the influencer along with a set of audience to hear. Nor do you have to invest in any manner. Also, the influencer you have chosen does not have to fly in your city or have to make adjustments in their hectic schedules.

They would have to say whatever they feel like from their place. This cuts the cost of several things. You save on travel expenses and other expenses that might be of no use in the long run.

Whosoever would want to hear it will download the episode and hear the podcast. Also, it is one of the ideal ways to resolve your audience queries. With time the number of listeners will increase, and that would be great for your brand.

It will earn you a huge fan base, which would later turn into a community. What else do you need to grow your business.

7. Podcast have Success Stories

Another reason why podcasts can be a game changer for your brand is that most podcasts have testimonials- true stories through which people can immediately connect.

One such true story is recently covered by TruePush about a Cashback & Coupon website. It briefly introduces budding entrepreneurs about hardship and solutions in their upcoming journey!

A podcast does not mean you ought to have an influencer who has been successful in his niche. It could be a one who has not tasted the success. He would be the right person to educate your audience that what all mistakes he made and what all things not work for him.

Since the entire story or the podcast is based on the true stories, it will be inspirational for your listeners. It would provide huge value to your business.

You can also ask one of your audiences to be part of the podcast. In this way, you will make them realize how important they are.

Also, during the podcast, you do not have to promote your own brand, in some or the other way the person (podcaster) will do it for you. It would look more general.

 In terms of digital marketing, it would not look like stuffing; the content would look informational and generic.

8. Helps to Grow your Business

Certainly, if you include a podcast in your digital marketing, there would be an increase in your business. The primary way to earn through the podcast is advertisement. More number of people would be attracted to your business as they would like to hear more.

The advertisers would pay you for thousands of downloads. Another way to earn money through podcasts is affiliate marketing through which you can monetize the podcast.

If you have your products, you can recommend them through the podcast. Or else you can recommend the particular tools, apps, and services & strengthen your affiliate relationship with the organizations.

You can also earn a commission if your audience chooses to buy the particular service or products via your organization through the affiliate link.

Platforms that Host Podcast

  • BuzzSprout.
  • Transistor.
  • PodBean.
  • Simplecast.
  • Captivate.
  • Spreaker.
  • Castos.
  • Podcasts.
  • Truepush
  • Fusebox.
  • Podcast Websites.
  • Audioboom

Tips to Start a Successful Podcast

  • Brainstorm Podcast ideas.
  • Decide an enticing format and style of your podcast.
  • Competitive research is key.
  • Create your podcast identity
  • Plan your monetization strategies.
  • Choose an idea podcast host.
  • Your listeners should get a call of action.
  • Stay ahead of the marketing strategies.


Podcasting is one of the emerging platforms for content. They garner more audience that too in a short time without putting too much efforts. You can include podcasting in your digital marketing strategies in order to strike a chord with your audience.

Once your audience starts liking the podcast, your business would be benefited with the same. Through the same, you can either sell your products or gain profit by sharing an affiliate link.


1. Are podcasts considered media?

Yes, podcasts are new media. You can hear a podcast from anywhere and at any time.

2. Are podcasts beneficial?

Yes, podcasts are beneficial as they contain all the information that your target audience is looking for. They are engaging and useful medium for your business growth.

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