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Can I use your phone to make a call? Ohh! I think my phone does not have sufficient balance, can I borrow yours? Travelling with office colleagues or moving out with friends, make sure you do not land yourself in an embarrassing situation like this. So, before you step out, make sure to check the account balance in your phone. It is very simple. All you need to do is dial a number and your balance will be displayed on your mobile screen. For Idea prepaid users who want to know their balance, the Idea Balance Check number is *121#

*121# is known as the USSD code for checking the balance in your mobile. Similar to this, there are a series of USSD to help you check your data limits, SMS balance or assist you in activating or deactivating your service on your number.

What is USSD code?

USSD Code or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data Code, sometimes even called as ‘Quick Codes’ is specific number that starts with * (Star) and ends with # (hash). The USSD code is a platform that helps in sending and receiving messages from the mobile phone to the software of service provider company. In other words, it is a communications protocol that is used by GSM cellular telephone Companies to communicate with the computers of the network operator. USSD messages have a character length of 182 alphanumeric characters.

In this article, we have complied a list of USSD codes and SMS codes for Idea network. These codes would help you to check your balance, end or initiate services on your mobile and more.

USSD Codes for Idea

USSD codes Details
*121# Idea Balance Check Code
*130*Recharge code# Idea Recharge Code
*456# or *457# Idea Account balance
SMS 3GTV to 54777 Idea Live TV service
*125*5# Idea Net Balance Check Code
*369# Idea Local Minute Pack
*161*1# Idea SMS Balance
1909 DND Activation/Deactivation
*567* Idea Balance Transfer
*369# Idea Pack
*567# Idea Price
12345 Idea Customer Care Number
155223 VAS Deactivation
1925 Idea 4G Activation Code
ACT 3G to 12345 Idea 3g activation used code
*123# Idea Value Added Service
*456# Idea 30 Rs Pack
FRESH to 4666 Idea GPRS Activation
*129# Idea Dialer Tone
*333*5# Idea Missed Call Alert Activation
*1# Know Your own Idea number
*369# Idea night SMS and local packs
UNSUBONDCKT to 56456 Deactivate Idea Cricket Service
SET to 12345 or 54671 Idea GPRS Settings
*567*< Receiver No > Space <Amount># Idea Balance Transfer Code

Idea USSD Codes – Postpaid

Yes, there are USSD Codes for Postpaid users too. They no longer have to wait for their billing cycle to get to know what their billing amount is. They can go for Idea Booster Packs by dialling the following USSD Codes to check their billing amount, usage of data etc.

USSD Code Details
*121*999# Booster Pack + Fixed Validity Pack 100MB for 7 days
*121*999# Booster Pack + Fixed Validity Pack 200MB for 10 days
*121*999# Booster Pack + Fixed Validity Pack 300MB for 30 days
*121*999# Booster Pack + Fixed Validity Pack 500MB for 30 days

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Apart from the list that we have shared with you, we have also complied a set of questions and answers for you to know more about Idea USSD Codes.

How Can I check the balance on my mobile?

To check the balance on your mobile, you no longer need to dial the Customer Care Number and wait for the Call Centre Executive to assist you. Idea prepaid users can dial *121# (the USSD Code) and know the balance available in their account.

Is there a difference between Idea Balance Check Code & USSD Code?

Yes. Idea Balance Check number is just one USSD Code that specifically helps you to know the balance in your Idea account. However, USSD codes are a set of codes that help you to know details of services like data limit, services available, Idea offers that are available for Idea users. USSD code for each service is different. Users need to dial the specific code to know about a service.

Is it possible to Recharge my Idea number from the main balance?

To get more information about idea mobile recharge, we recommend you to call Idea Customer Care. The Customer Care Team would be able to tell you about the latest idea policies regarding this.

Mobile companies keep coming up with great offers for their users and thus it is advisable that you keep checking these offers. All you need to do is dial the USSD Codes for different offer & services and get the details on your mobile.

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