how to remove feviquick from hand

Do you know what to do if Feviquick falls on fingers? Or, how to remove Feviquick from hand at home? Well, we often use Feviquick or super glue to stick a broken material and often end up getting the stains on our hands or surfaces like metal, glass, or any other surface. Most of us work hard to peel off the glue from the hand or material, but it could be a daunting process. Instead of peeling rigorously, you can try acetone/salt/ oil or pumice stone to remove Feviquick from your hand or surface. Scroll down to learn how to take off feviquick and use these ingredients in detail.

Ways to Remove Feviquick from Hand & Skin Naturally

Removing super glue from hands or any part of the skin is one of the tedious tasks. However, if you do it correctly, it will not take much of your time. Below are some of the easy steps to take off Feviquick from hands.

1. Wash Your Hands

Ever thought about what to do when feviquick gets into hands? Well, this might sound to you the basic way. Indeed it is a basic yet effective way! Start with washing your hands with warm water and a soapy solution. Once the glue is soft, try to peel it off e as much as possible. Repeat it until the stains of glue are removed completely. While trying to remove Feviquick from hand or skin, don’t be too harsh; otherwise, you will end up hurting yourself.

2. Use Acetone or Nail Paint Remover

If you cannot remove the Feviquick through the first method, you can make use of nail paint remover, also called acetone. Pour nail polish remover into the bowl and soak your skin in the solution. If you aren’t able to soak the skin, dab the solution with the help of the cotton ball on the skin of the hand. Leave it until the bond dissolves completely.

Since acetone is toxic, it may dry your hands, so make sure your hands properly follow it with a gentle moisturizer after removing the glue.

Note- Do not use acetone on the broken skin as it may burn your skin.

3. Rub it with Pumice Stone

You may use a pumice stone as well! It helps to remove dead skin and calluses from hands. Also, it will remove the traces of glue. Be gentle while using the pumice stone; otherwise, you might end up hurting your skin. Before using the pumice stone, soak your hand or part of the skin in the warm and soapy solution. It will make your skin soft, and then you can use Pumice stone in a circular motion until the glue comes off.

4. Butter and Oils

If the glue is stuck on your fingers, you may use oils such as coconut oil, olive oil or avocado oil to remove feviquick from fingers. You can also use this oil on your palms or arms if the glue is stuck. To remove Feviquick from your hand, soak your hand in warm water. Dab the oil onto super glue and rub it gently. It would dissolve the bond and help you to get rid of the leftover super glue. Apply more oil and gently massage to get feviquick off your fingers.

5. Lemon juice

Another ingredient that would help you to remove Feviquick from your hands and skin is lemon juice. It has acid that would allow you to take off the glue without any problem. . Pour some lemon juice into a bowl and then soak your hand or skin in the solution for 5-10 minutes. Then with the help of a cotton swab or a soft toothbrush, rub the solution onto the affected skin. Subsequently, rub the area with a dry washcloth, wash your hands and moisturize them thoroughly to prevent dryness.

6. Table Salt

Table salt also works amazing when removing superglue from the hands or skin. You can take any salt-it shouldn’t be harsh and coarse. A regular table salt/ sea salt or Kosher salt would be ideal.

Take some salt, rub it on your hands, and gradually add water. Rub it gently to remove the effect of feviquick.

7. Glue Removers

You can also resort to glue removers. You will find it at craft and hobby stores. It would remove the glue instantly without damaging the skin. Also, it is an ideal solution to separate plastic glued on hands. Gently rub it over your skin, and once all the traces of Feviquick are gone, you can wash your hands in the lukewarm water.

Steps to Remove Feviquick from Metal, Glass and Phone Screen

While using MobiKwik, it might fall on the metal, glass, or phone screen. If not removed quickly, it might damage the screen, especially the phone and laptop screen. So as soon as the super glue falls on the surface, you should try to remove it. Below, we have listed some methods that would help you to know how to remove feviquick from metal.


Acetone has to be our first product that one can use to remove Fevikwik stain from any type of surface.  Dab some acetone on a washcloth that wipes off the glued surface. Wipe it until the glue comes off, and then you can remove its remnants through a scrubber or a sharp object.


You can make use of alcohol or hand sanitizer. Use it similarly to you would use acetone to remove Feviquick stain. Be gentle while using any remedies; otherwise, it might break off the surface. Once you have used acetone/hand sanitizer or alcohol, wipe off the surface with a clean washcloth so that it gets its shine back.


Above, we have shared a couple of remedies that you can use to remove Feviquick from your hand, skin, phone screen, and other surfaces. While working with any products, make sure patience is the key! You would have to give some time to acetone, lemon juice/salt, or any other product to show its results. But, we assure you the above solutions would help you instantly if feviquick stuck to hand.


1. How remove Feviquick instantly from hands?

Wash your hands with warm water, and then use nail paint remover or acetone to get rid of feviquick from hand.

2. How to remove Feviquick from hands without nail polish remover/acetone?

You can substitute acetone with salt, butter/oils, or lemon juice to clean Feviquick.

3. How does salt remove Feviquick from the skin?

Wash your hands with warm water and then rub salt over them; add water if needed. Massage it and gently remove the stain with the sharp object.

4. How to remove dried feviquick from fingers?

To remove dry feviquick from skin or fingers, follow the above methods described in the blog.

5. How to remove feviquick from nails?

Acetone is the best way to unstick feviquick from nails.

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