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Cricket is not merely a game in India; rather it’s a passion that our nation follows! And if you are one of those who follow it intensely, the Dream11 fantasy game is designed for you. Playing it would require a lot of your cricket knowledge and understanding, and guess what! You can even earn real money while winning your Fantasy Game. All the Cricket Fans are crazy about this exciting game! If you also want to play Dream11 Fantasy League and are wondering how to play it, worry not! We have laid down all the needed information and guidelines for you below:

What is Dream11?

Dream 11 is a fantasy game platform for various games like Cricket, Football, and more. The users can create a virtual team of real players and analyze their performances to gain points with their game on the field. In other words, you get to create a virtual team with real-life players, choose captain and vice-captain. With their performances on the field, you gain points and compete with other teams. You can also watch IPL 2023 free live on your mobile and keep track of your team members.

Is Dream11 legal in India?

According to the Government and Supreme Court, all luck-based games are considered under the bracket of betting. However, for playing fantasy cricket, one requires cricket knowledge, practice, skill, in short, ‘gaming skills’, and on that condition, it is completely legal in India. However, some states do not allow playing the game, namely, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Sikkim, and Nagaland, as per the date of writing. If you are from these states and you happen to win the match, Dream 11 will deny processing the winning amount to you.

How to Play Dream11 Fantasy Games?

Fantasy Cricket is a new format of online gaming which is beyond betting.  Here we have explained the step by step method on how to play in Dream11 game. So follow along.

Step 1 – Download the App

You cannot download the app from the Play Store. Yes, you heard it right! Google play store does not have this app as it does not list any money-earning games or betting games. Therefore, Be Aware of fake apps in Play Store and go to the website to download the app. Here we have given the link of the app and a number you can call to request the link. 

App Link

Give a Missed Call– 1800-572-9878

Step 2 – Create Free Account

After you have downloaded the app, you require creating your free account. Open the app and follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Sign in using your Google or Facebook account.
  • Or enter your mobile number, email ID and create a password.
  • You will receive OTP on your mobile number.
  • After verification, you can reach the official page of Dream 11.

Step 3 – Select a Match

Once done with Signup at the homepage, you will see a list of matches going to be live soon. You can see team logos on both ends and the time duration in the middle that tells you when the match will start.

Select the match where you wish to participate. Thereafter, you can do your analysis about the pitch condition, game format, and player performances before selecting your team players.

Step 4 – Create Your Teams

Now you have to create your virtual team. You will see the list of all real players from both the teams playing in the match you selected. You can create a virtual team selecting the players irrespective of which team they play for. Each player comes with a credit amount. Remember that you need to build a team of 11 where you have a free hand to choose your favourite Batsmen, All Rounder, Bowler, and Wicket Keeper.

Note: You will get 100 credits for free when you begin a new match according to Dream11 rules. Use these credits wisely that you are able to create a team of 11. Keep a mix of high and low credit players.

Dream 11 Team Selection

There should be a team of 11 in your virtual team. After choosing, click on continue.

  • Wicket Keeper- Select 1 to 4 wicket keepers.
  • Batsmen- Select a minimum of 3 batsmen or a maximum of 6 batsmen.
  • All Rounder- Select minimum 1 or maximum 4 All Rounder
  • Bowler- Select between 3 to 6 bowlers for your team.

Choose the Captain and Vice-Captain Wisely

The next step is to choose the Captain and Vice-Captain of your Dream 11 Virtual team. It is one of the most important steps towards winning. Why? Because:

  • You get 2X of the points your captain has made.
  • You get 1.X of the points your Vice-Captain has made.

Then you can go ahead and save the team.

Know When and How You Can Edit Your Team

After creating your team, go to ‘My Team’ option. You will find the option of edit and you can unselect and select your team players multiple times before the match starts. 

After the toss of the match, you will know the players who are playing; if you have added a non-playing team member to your virtual team, then you can go and edit it; else, you will not get any point for it. 

When you open your players’ list, you can see green and red dots under the player name. The green dots are for the player playing the match, and the red dot is for the players not playing this match.

Once the match starts, the team is frozen as the final selection.

Step 5- Choosing a contest

For a match, there are lakhs of users pooling their participation tokens. You can choose between different contests and pool money, and play to win money.

Step 6- Follow the Live Match

After you have created your virtual cricket team, now is the time to cheer for your player and enjoy the match. Alongside you can chat with friends and challenge them for the contest.  You can follow the match in IPL 2022 Live Channels and check your points.

Step 7- Win Money and Check the Ranking

Post-match your score will be displayed but you also need to know the ranking, after all, it is the ranking that decides if you won any amount. Go to my matches and click on completed matches. Here you can see the leader board. You can see your rank, score, winning amount, and more details. You can also see the statistics and team created by the winners.

What are Credits or Earning Points in Dream11?

In online games involve real people and real money but it does not have a defined point system. There are many money earning games you can play, but Dream 11 is quite different. There are set points for every run, bowl, wicket, etc. For example, there will be +1 points for every run, and if the player hits the boundary, you will get additional +1 (4 points for runs and +1 for the boundary). Likewise, there will be +2 for a century, +8 for a half-century, and more. It can also incur -2 when your player is dismissed for a duck. Go through the fantasy points system to understand better.

Tips for How to play Dream 11 and earn money

  1. Before choosing a player in your team, research and know their present performance rate. Go to the list of player and click on their image to know their status.
  2. Create a team with a balanced number of batsmen, bowlers, wicket-keepers and all-rounders.
  3. When you see the high amount contest, it might be tempting, but don’t spend a lot in one match alone.
  4. Choosing the right Captain and Vice-Captain can be game-changer. So choose wisely.


Dream11 is a leading fantasy game platform in India, and we see it adding spice to passionate cricket fans. Here you can own your team and get points on the basis of the real performance of the players. It is a game skill and not just luck that makes you the winner. You have to participate in a contest with a nominal amount and have a chance to grab rank 1 to earn big money. As IPL is approaching, get ready to show your cricket skills and analysis. And now, as you know, how to play Dream11 cricket! Go ahead and be the winner. All the best! 

How to Play Dream11 Related FAQs:

1. How to play Dream11 if two teams created exactly the same team?

You can play it any other match, and both the teams will get the same points in the end. However, if this team gets Rank 1 (Prize Money 1 Cr) and the other team with the same players gets Rank 2 (Prize Money 10lakh). In this condition, the total prize money will be clubbed and divided between teams.

2. What happens when the match gets canceled?

If the match gets canceled and paid for the contest, Dream 11 will refund it without any deduction.

3. Can I edit my team after the match starts?

No, you cannot edit the team after the match starts. After the toss, you can make the final selection and wait for the match.

4. Can I edit my team after I create it?

Yes, you can go to ‘My Team’ and make the changes you want in your team.

5. What are Fantasy Points?

Every cricket action has a point, bowling, batting, fielding, and you need to learn how the points are accumulated. The sum of all the points makes you the winner, and it helps you attain a high rank.

6. Can I transfer the earned amount to my bank account?

When you earn ₹200 or above, you can transfer the amount to your bank account.

7. Is Dream 11 Safe to play?

Yes, Dream 11 Fantasy game app is 100% safe and if your payment is not successful, it will be sent back to your account. Even when the match is canceled, you will get a refund.

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