Get Rid of Double Chin

Has your jawline turned plump with a prominent double chin? It is a matter of concern for several individuals out there. There are various causes of this issue, including weight gain, genetics, wrong posture, irregular routine, getting old, and weak neck muscles. Medically known as submental fat, a double chin not only affects our appearance but also brings down our confidence. You fail to get a good photo and frequently try different poses to hide that extra fat around the jaw. So now your ultimate goal is to get rid of a double chin.

If you’re wondering how to reduce double chin, read our in-detail guide to achieve that chiselled jawline. There is an array of methods to get back your dream jawline. Pick the one the most convenient for you.

Causes of Double Chin

Weight Gain

Weight gain or obesity is undoubtedly the most common cause of getting a double chin. The excess fat that you gain accumulates not just on the belly area but even under the chin. This weight gain on the face will further be more or less evident as per the body type.


With age, your skin starts losing its elasticity and muscular definition that makes the skin under your jawline saggy. As a result, it reflects as extra fat in that same space.

Face Structure

If you have a shorter jawline, get ready to see a double chin. Besides, a weak chin or jawline structure can give an impression of having a double chin too.


Genetics can also be a factor for getting a plump chin for some. If your family members tend to have excess fat under the chin, then there is a huge possibility for you also to get the double chain.


Lastly, poor posture can affect your face as well. Staying in a slouchy posture can impair the chin and neck muscles that result in saggy skin.

Effective Exercises To Get Rid of Double Chin

Sit back and relax on your sofa and shed off those extra calories accumulated around your neck. Facial exercises are one of the most preferred solutions to fix double chin naturally. Within a week, you will start noticing a reduction in chin fat.

Exercise for double chin strengthens your jaw, neck, and local connective tissues to help get back that beautiful jawline. Also, you have to invest merely a couple of minutes out of your busy day. This routine will define your face’s temporalis muscles, giving you a tight neck and jawline.

However, make sure you do the selected facial exercises daily to succeed in your mission. Let’s begin

Pucker Up Exercise

It’s a simple, quick, and most recommended face toning exercise that targets the neck, jaw, and cheeks muscle.

  • Tilt your head back and look above at your room’s ceiling.
  • Now pucker your lips. Well, that’s how this double chin exercise got its name! It will seem as if you are sending a kiss to the ceiling. This movement will stretch the section under your chin.
  • Hold it for the count of 10.
  • Stop puckering, bring back your head in a normal posture, and relax.
  • Repeat the same process two more times.

Chin Scoop

In this activity, you will perform the scooping action using your lower jaw. This double chin removal exercise is specifically made to help your jawline.

  • Open your mouth while moving your head down, and close your mouth when you lift your head.
  • Continuously do these movements up and down. It will seem like scooping out something from the air.
  • Do the activity for 15 seconds.
  • Repeat three times.

Squeeze a Ball

An easy breezy double chin exercise that focuses on our chin muscles to help reduce fat.

  • Take a 9- or 10-inch ball and put it underneath your chin.
  • Start pressing your chin against the ball.
  • Do this for a count of 25 times every day.

Loud X-O

This is other simple chin fat removal exercise that is fun to do. The rigorous movement you will make during this activity will help burn out that under chin fatness.

  • Say out X-O out loudly and repeatedly. You will feel your neck, jaws, and cheeks muscles will move vigorously while doing so.
  • Say X-O 12 times.
  • Relax for a moment and repeat it two more times.

Platysma Toning

Working on platysma tightens the cheek and chin muscles alike. It is even ideal for those who want a firm neckline as it inhibits the sagging neck skin.

  • Slightly open your mouth and push your lips downward tightly.
  • Now start moving your jaw up and down while keeping your lips in the same position. You will feel the strain on the neck’s tendons as your jaw muscles remain engaged throughout the exercise session.
  • Do this movement 20 times.
  • Relax for a moment and repeat the exercise once more.

All-over Face Tone

As the name suggests, this particular activity will work on your entire face to achieve a firm structure.

  • Make a flat fist and keep it under your chin. It will serve as a platform to create resistance.
  • Start clutching every muscle in your face, pucker lips, squint eyes, and place your chin on the chest.
  • Do this for a count of five.
  • Now you will begin then do the same exercise in reverse motion, i.e., through the contraction movement. Release your hands from under the chin, wide-open mouth, stretch eyebrows up, and lightly lift the chin.
  • Stay in this position for five counts.
  • Repeat both these activities three to five times as per your capacity.


If you’re a yoga enthusiast, you must be searching for how to reduce double chin by yoga. This one’s for you. Practice this simple yoga daily to get rid of double chin, sagging skin, and even fine lines. Notice a sharper jawline and firm neck soon.

  • Push your lower lip and lower jaw both over the upper ones. Make an effort to cover your upper lip as much as possible.
  • Hold the position for 10 seconds. You would feel pressure on your double chin area. Fret not! It means yoga is doing its job.
  • Relax and repeat thrice.

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How to Reduce Double Chin Fat without Exercise?

The market is flooding with the latest tools and conventional remedies to get rid of that stubborn chin fat. Go to your nearby or online store and grab the one.

Face Serum

You will see Instagram exploding with this new skincare tool. Apply the serum and massage using a full upward motion on your neck to get rid of a double chin. After a while, replace movements with patting movements, finishing with a slow and soft caressing.

The massage will tone your facial muscles as well as improves blood circulation. Do it regularly. You will notice your double chin isn’t budging anymore.

Gua Sha

Also called natural Botox, Gua sha is a type of massage adapted from ancient Chinese traditions. It is the right choice when your skin starts losing elasticity due to the age factor.

Using this skincare stone, apply a scraping technique around your jawline and neck that will help sculpt the contours naturally. Do not forget to put face serum or facial oil as a base before using the tool.

Facial Roller Stone

This is another version of Chinese facial massage tools made of different stones like amethyst and rose quartz. Facial roller stone is a new trend that you will find in almost every beauty blogger’s closet to remove fat from the chin area naturally.

There are two stones embedded in the roller. The bigger one helps to tone your jaw and neck skin. First, apply the serum, then roll the device upward and outward to get the best results.

Chewing Gum

Pop a sugar-free chewing gum in your mouth and chew. Mark the words sugar-free! It works like an exercise. Without much ado, you can tone down the fatty muscles around the twofold jaw.

Vitamin E Oil

The next thing you can consider to massage your neck is a Vitamin E supplement that protects the skin from drooping. Warm Vitamin E oil and rub around the neck and chin properly. Massage gently starting from the neck area and moving upward. You can do this massage before going to bed.

Home Remedies to Remove Double Chin

Home remedies can make your face look young and enhance facial contours. A pain-free and natural solution for double chin removal at home without any chemical-based injections, creams, or surgeries.

Green Tea

Catechins found in green tea aren’t just useful for weight loss but also for reducing chin fat at home. Remember to add honey instead of sugar when making tea. So, replace your regular cup of tea with green tea for weight loss today!

Egg Whites

Prepare a natural mask at home to get a tight neck. Whisk egg whites of two eggs with lemon juice, honey, milk, and a few peppermint oil drops. Apply all over your chin and neck area. Wash it off once it dries completely.


If ageing skin is the reason behind your double chin, it is an effective home remedy for you to remove fat around the neck naturally. Melon can help soothe your skin due to its 95% water composition. Besides, Vitamin A and anti-ageing properties prevent the skin from sagging and give you a younger look. Make sure to apply the melon mask twice a week to get rid of a double chin.


Milk never fails to impress when it comes to a skincare regimen. Rich in nutrients, milk aids in toning and getting rid of the double chin naturally. Also, its anti-ageing properties can preserve skin elasticity. Simply massage some raw milk on your neck and face and when dried, wash with lukewarm water.

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Wrapping up…

No more need to hide that sagging skin under the neck using scarves or turtle neck tops. If you think getting rid of that stubborn chin fat is a daunting task, ditch this idea. Now you have a plethora of options that will do wonders for you. You can successfully get rid of a double chin by following these lifestyle habits. Chin up! Not to pose but to walk out confidently with a toned-down jawline to envy.


1. How to get rid of double chin in 1 week?

Exercises are the best way to achieve your goal of reducing double chin in just a week. There are many easy to do exercises that you can add to your routine. It includes chin scoop, pucker up, tongue out, and all over face tone. You can also opt for yoga for double chin removal.

2. How to get rid of double chin without exercise?

Home remedies, weight control, proper eating habits, and correcting your posture is essential to reduce your double chin. You can also use facial massage and stones if exercise is not your choice.

3. How to get rid of double chin naturally?

Exercises, yoga asanas, and home remedies are the best methods for reducing double chin. It can be a slow process but worth it.

4. How to get rid of double chin with home remedies?

There are a lot of home remedies available to shed off that extra fat under your chin. You can apply a melon mask, egg mask or massage your neck with milk to get a chiseled jawline.

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