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Vodafone presently provides service to 325 million users in India, and if you are one of them, this blog is for you. In case you have recently bought a new Vodafone mobile number, then it is difficult to remember the number instantly. Moreover, if someone asks for your new number, you are not sure what to answer. Therefore, we have covered step-by-step methods for the Vodafone number check. Using these methods, you can know your mobile number, internet data, main balance, etc. Therefore, go ahead and read the blog for more information.

How to Check My Vodafone Mobile Number?

There are many ways to know your mobile number if you do not remember it. Here we have listed three methods to help you.

Method 1: Vodafone Number Check using USSD Code

Checking Vodafone number can be done easily by using USSD Codes. These are shortcodes that can be dialed from your mobile number, and you get a flash message in return. You can go through the list of Vodafone USSD codes to know the shortcodes for getting important mobile information. Here we will focus on Vodafone mobile number check code only.

Follow these Steps:

  • Open your phone dialler.
  • Dial Vodafone Check Code *111*2#.
  • Press the calling button.
  • Wait for the flash message to pop up.
  • The message will contain your number.
  • Save the number for further use.

Method 2: Vodafone Number Check via App

Once you have downloaded the Vodafone App, this is the easiest method to check your Vodafone number details. We are assuming you are a new Vodafone number, so follow the steps to know your number using this method. However, you need to be connected with the internet to use this. You can also go through Vodafone Net Packages for better internet connectivity.

Follow these Steps:

  • Download My Vodafone App from the play store or Apple store.
  • Open the app and register as a new user.
  • The app will read your number and send the OTP.
  • Follow the registration process and reach the homepage.
  • The homepage will contain your mobile number, data balance, active plans, and main balance.
  • Make a note of your number for further use.

Method 3: Check Mobile Number in Vodafone via Customer Care

One of the easiest methods to know your Vodafone number is by calling customer care. When you dial the customer care number, IVR Bot will respond with the details you need. You can also know the list of Vodafone Customer Care numbers.  

Follow these Steps:

  • Open the dialler.
  • Dial 199, which is a chargeable number.
  • Dial 198 as a toll-free number.
  • Press the calling button.
  • The call will connect you to customer care support.
  • You will get IVR with your mobile number, main balance, and active plans.
  • Note down the number to save it.


Vodafone telecom networks are one of the leading mobile networks in India. There is a significant addition to the number of users every month. If you have recently bought a Vodafone number and you do not remember the number, do not worry; we are here to help. In this blog, we have covered three methods to help you check the Vodafone mobile number. We hope this blog was helpful to you.


1. How can I check the number on Vodafone?

You can check your Vodafone number by using USSD Code, My Vodafone App, and customer care. Go through the blog to know all these methods in detail.

2. A smart method to check your Vodafone Number?

You can simply call another number and note the number flashing on the other mobile.

3. How can I know if my Vodafone number is active?

These days when you buy a new Vodafone SIM card, the card is already active. Insert the SIM in your phone and if the signal is visible on the top of your phone display, it is an active SIM card.

4. What is Vodafone Number Check code 2020?

Dial the Vodafone check code *111*2# to know your number. Go through the blog to know more about the shortcodes.

5. How do I find my Vodafone SIM card phone number?

You can check your Vodafone SIM card number by dialing 1112#, 199, or 198. You can use the Vodafone app to know your number.

6. How can I check the balance in Vodafone?

Simply enter *111# and press the dial button. A flash message will pop up on your screen, informing your mobile number.

7. How can I know my current Vodafone plan?

Dial *111# from your Vodafone number. The flash message will be displayed with the list of options. You can choose the option to know your active Vodafone plan.

8. How to use My Vodafone App?

Download My Vodafone App and register your number with it. You will get all the information regarding your main balance, mobile number, data usage, main balance, and many more on the homepage.

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