Both our hands do look alike, but they are actually different in many senses, like weight, thickness, the way we use them and many other factors. It’s just that one is used more than the other because we are habitual of using a particular one. In the same manner, Infibeam and Flipkart are like two hands of the Indian e-commerce market, which are similar and distinctive altogether. Choosing the best of them isn’t an easy task, as some customers are more comfortable with Flipkart and others prefer to choose Infibeam. There’s no doubt that being the two most popular online stores in India, both of them have gained equal popularity, but here are a few factors which make them different from each other.

Infibeam Is Different From Flipkart

Which one communicates better with customers?

Although, with Flipkart offers and Infibeam coupons both the stores are trying their best to get all the attention of the customers, they are communicating with them in other ways too. They send promotional emails to the regular customers and also ensure a good business conversation with them. If we talk about Flipkart, then their mails lack ingenuity, but Infibeam sends emails that are capable of making the customers smile.

In terms of service:

Here, we are going to talk about packaging. The packets provided by Flipkart are very neatly packed, while Infibeam doesn’t offer that much secure packaging for smaller packets. Flipkart use bubble wraps the for the items and then packs them in a strong cardboard box. But, there’s one thing that gets additional points to Infibeam, which is no complaints till now from any of the customers. But, there have been various cases, where the customers have complained about the unsatisfactory packaging of their orders from Flipkart.

Who has the right looks?

The layout of both the online stores is good and you can easily find the products you need depending on your personal choices. There are filters that you can apply to shortlist your items and narrow your search. Different categories are there which include fashion, gadgets, home entertainment, and much more. The wide range and diversity which these online stores offer is simply unmatchable and allow you to exactly find what you want.

Which lets you save more?

Although, at platforms like TalkCharge, you can find Flipkart offers and Infibeam coupons that can help you save more at both the stores, Infibeam wins in the price race. At Infibeam, you can actually see how much you are saving. Also, the look of offers and coupons are attractive and capable of impressing the customers instantly.

Which one is powerful enough to offer a satisfactory experience?

The satisfaction depends on the customer too, but the number of satisfied customers served by both the stores is almost similar. You can say that the services provided by Infibeam and Flipkart are alike in a various manner, but they still have a different type of customers which completely rely on their products.

After discussing all the essential points, we can say that it’s not easy to determine who the winner is. As it all depends on our preferences and choices that make us choose the one amongst them.

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