Highest Waterfalls in India

There could be nothing surreal than watching a vast water body from close. India is home to many highest waterfalls, and most of them are in Karnataka. If you are anytime soon planning to see waterfalls, this is the right place for you. Here we have listed 15 best waterfalls of the country.

Let’s dive into the list of the highest waterfalls in India that one should explore atleast once in a lifetime.

Top 15 Highest Waterfalls in India:

1. Bhambavli Vajrai Falls- Satara

Bhambavli Vajrai Falls

Bhambavli Vajrai falls in Maharashtra is the highest waterfall in India. It is located on the banks of the Urmodi River. It is 27 kilometers away from Satara, Maharashtra. The place is generally less crowded, which makes it one of the best weekend destinations for all the age groups.

  Height of Vajrai Falls– 560 meters (1,840 ft.)

2. Kunchikal Falls- Karnataka

Kunchikal Falls

Kunchikal Falls is the second-highest waterfall in India and Asia. It is located near the Agumbe valley in Karnataka, which is also called the mini CheraPunji of South, because of the heavy rainfall. The waterfall is formed by the Varahi River on the Western Ghats. The Ghats are famous for their exclusive species of birds.

Height of Kunchikal Falls – 455m (1,493 ft)

3. Barehipani Falls- Odisha

Barehipani Falls

This mesmerizing waterfall is perched on the Simlipal National Park, Orissa. Barehipani Falls is enveloped with a lush green forest. It is a two-tiered waterfall that originates around the Bay of Bengal. Barehipani Falls is also one of the most famous site attractions of tribal-state Orissa.

Height of Barehipani Falls – 399 meters (1,309 ft.)

4. Nohkalikai Falls- Meghalaya

Nohkalikai Falls

Counted in the list of the tallest waterfalls in India, Nohkalikai Falls is situated in the Cherrapunji in the East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya. Owing to its depth and height, it is also one of the highest waterfalls in India. The falls are fed by the rainwater, which is collected on the Summit.

Height of Nohkalikai Falls – 315m (1,033 ft)

5. Nohsngithiang Falls – Meghalaya

Nohsngithiang Falls

Nohsngithiang Falls is the highest waterfall in India. It is the largest waterfall in the East Khasi Hills in Meghalaya. It is also known as the Seven Sisters waterfalls and Mawsmai Falls. This waterfall is seven segmented and is illuminated by the sun.

Height of Mawsmai Falls – 315m (1,033 ft.)

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6. Dudhsagar Falls – Goa –Karnataka

Dudhsagar Falls

Also known to be Sea of Milk, Dudhsagar Falls is a spectacular trajectory. It is the 6th highest waterfall in India. It is one of the popular site attractions. It attracts massive tourist during the Monsoon season. Dudhsagar falls also counted amongst the top 100 waterfalls of the world. The four-tiered waterfall is situated on the Mandovi River in Goa. The waterfall forms a border between Karnataka and Goa. The falls are fed by the rain and create a huge water body.

Height of Dudhsagar Falls – ‎320 meters (1017ft.)

7. Kynrem Falls- Meghalaya

Kynrem Falls

Next in the list of highest waterfalls in India is Kynrem Falls. It is located in a mesmerizing park called Thangkharang, which is another popular tourist attraction in Cherrapunjee in Meghalaya. It is the three-tiered waterfall that can be viewed by the tourist from the park. Because of its height, it is the seven highest waterfalls in the country.

Height of Kynrem Falls– 305m (1,001 ft.)

8. Meenmutty Falls- Kerala

Meenmutty Falls

Meenmutty waterfall is counted amongst the tallest waterfalls in Kerala. It is one of the mesmerizing waterfalls in India that falls from the height of 980ft. The waterfall is also a famous tourist attraction of South India. It is located at the distance of the 29kms from Kalpetta in Wayanad District.

Height of Kynrem Falls– 300m (984 feet)

9. Thalaiyar Falls- Tamil Nadu

Thalaiyar Falls

Located in Tamil Nadu, Thalaiyar Falls is famous throughout the country as Rat Tail. It is also listed as the biggest waterfall and tallest falls in Asia. The spot around the falls is not explored by the tourist much. In addition to this, Thalaiyar Falls ranks at the 267th number in the list of highest waterfalls in the world.

Height of Thalaiyar Falls– 297 m (975ft.)

10. Barkana Falls – Karnataka

Barkana Falls

Ranked at the 10 number in our list of the highest waterfalls in India that one should explore once in the lifetime, Barkana Falls is located in Agumbe, Karnataka. The falls are formed by Seetha River. However, the waterfall can be seen during the rainy season only.

Height – 259 meters (850ft.)

11. Jog Fall- Karnataka

Jog Fall

Karnataka is home to numerous waterfalls and next in the list Jog Falls. It is created by the Jog Fall in the Shimoga district in Karnataka. It is one of the breath-taking site attractions in the state. It is also counted amongst the highest waterfalls in India.

Height of Jog Fall – 253 meters (829 ft.)

12. Khandadhar Falls- Sundagarh

Khandadhar Falls

Situated at Nandapani in Odissa Khandadha is one of the highest waterfalls in India. The falls replicate a sword this is the reason why they are called Khandadhar.

Height of Khandadhar Falls – 244m (801 ft.)

13. Vantawng Falls – Odisha

Vantawng Falls

This is one of the most famous and largest waterfalls of Mizoram. It is surrounded by vast bamboo forests. It is situated near Thenzawl, and it got its name from Vantawnga, who is believed to be an excellent swimmer.

Height of Vantawng Falls – 230mt (750.8ft)

14. Kune Falls- Maharashtra

Kune Falls

Kune Fall is one of the most captivating and highest waterfalls in India. It is located in the heart of Lonavla-Khandala in Maharashtra. The waterfall is at the height of 656 ft. and makes a picturesque spot for tourists.

Height of Kune Falls – 200m (656 feet)

15. Athirappilly Falls- Kerala

Athirappilly Falls

Athirappilly Falls is the largest waterfall in the Kerela, and thus it is named as Niagra of India. It is enveloped by the forest of Athirappily Thaluk.

Height of Kune Falls – 25m (80 feet)


This was our list of 15 highest waterfalls in India that one should explore at least once in a lifetime. Do share your experience if you have visited any of the above-listed waterfalls.

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