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HDFC credit card is one of the most preferred credit cards because of its exclusive services that include reward scheme, loan on credit card, EMI Option, and cashback facilities. People can easily apply for the HDFC credit card and effortlessly track the status of HDFC card application at the comfort of their home. Read more to know how you can track your HDFC credit card status quickly in 5 simple ways.

How to Apply for HDFC Credit Card

Applying for HDFC credit cards is easy. You can do that online as well as offline too. HDFC is one of the best options for credit cards. Once, you apply for HDFC credit card online, you will receive a confirmation SMS from the Bank about your application. This SMS would contain a reference number and an application number along with the Airway bill number of the card shipment. You can easily track your HDFC credit card status with the Airway bill number.

Let us now list down the ways by which you can track the HDFC Credit Card Status

5 Ways to Track HDFC Credit Card Status

  1. HDFC Credit Card Status can be checked by using the reference number & application form number.
  2. Status can also be checked using the mobile number.
  3. Track by using the Airway number, click on here and type your Airway number to know the status of your credit card.
  4. Check status by calling HDFC customer care number – 1800 266 4332.
  5. Can visit your nearest HDFC branch.

Important facts about HDFC Bank Credit Card Application Status

  • An application reference is a 16-digit number that is sent to you through SMS.
  • Do not forget to note the Application form number before submitting your application to the bank. You would need it for tracking the status of your application.
  • Your Date of birth & your mobile number (mentioned in the application) can also be used to track the status of your application.

You can track HDFC credit card application status both by online and offline methods.

Check HDFC Credit Card Status using Application Reference and Form Number

  • Visit –
  • Go to the credit cards tab under the products tab
  • Click on ‘Track your Credit card Application status’ link. It is available under ‘Important Links’
  • Enter your reference numbers or mobile number
  • Enter the other details and click on submit button

Track HDFC Credit Card status using the mobile number

You would get the status of your HDFC Credit Card.

Track your Credit Card with Airway Number

Click on the link – and enter your AirWay bill number and click on the submit. The status of your card will be displayed.

Call Customer Care to Track your Credit Card Application Status

For this, you would need to call the HDFC Customer Care department and give them the details that they ask you. Make sure you do not reveal any other details apart from your application number, reference number, mobile number and date of birth. Once they check the status of your application on the system, it would be communicated to you over the same call.

  • Call the HDFC toll free 24*7 customer service number: 1800 266 4332 [This is HDFC Credit Card Status Enquiry Number]
  • Make sure you keep your application number or application reference number handy before you call up the customer service department.

Visit HDFC Bank to Track Credit Card Status

You can also visit your nearest HDFC Bank branch and enquire about the status of your credit card application through a bank executive. For this also, you would need to provide the application number or application reference number to the bank executive.

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Let us take you through some of the benefits that credit cards offer us.

Benefits of HDFC Credit Cards

1) Safety: Credit cards are a safer option than carrying cash. These cards are use secure payment gateways like Visa, Mastercard to eliminate the chance of frauds and theft. Also, all the transactions are password protected.

2) Cash back: Use of credit cards for shopping, paying bills, purchasing grocery etc. can help you earn cashback. This amount gets credited to your bank account, helping you save on purchases you undertake.

3) Reward points: In addition to cashbacks, credit card companies also offer reward points for every purchase For instance, HDFC Bank offers a reward of 2-5 points for every Rs 150 spent using your card. These points can then be used to purchase any item that is available on the company’s rewards page.

4) Grace period: This is one of the biggest advantages of a credit card. If you fall short of cash, you can delay the payment till your bill your due. Generally, a maximum of 50 days is allowed as grace period by the banks.

Some FAQs about HDFC Credit Card

1. How long does it take to get HDFC credit card?

It takes 10 days to 21 days to get an HDFC credit card.

2. What is HDFC credit card status enquiry number?

You can call at 1800 266 4332 to resolve your queries related to the HDFC credit card.

3. HDFC credit card status showing in process, what does it mean?

The status in the process means that HDFC is working on your credit card application. If it shows the status of on hold, that means the bank would need more documents for verification.

4. What are the cautions to use HDFC credit card, as I’m new to use this?

Do not withdraw cash by using the HDFC credit card and make sure you make a complete payment every time. Moreover, do not consider the credit limit as free money, and you can change the HDFC credit card payment cycle for once only.

5. I recently got my HDFC credit card, how do I get a PIN for it?

You can generate your HDFC credit card PIN through ATM or net banking. To know more, read our blog.

6. How to activate HDFC credit card?

You can activate your HDFC credit card through ATM. First, contact PhoneBanking to receive the OTP on your registered mobile number. Insert your HDFC credit card at the HDFC ATM bank. Then select -Create new ATM PIN using OTP. Punch-in the OTP that you received on your mobile and enter the registered mobile number and enter your unique 4 digit password and click Submit option.

7. Why HDFC bank rejected my credit card application?

Your credit card application could be rejected because of your CIBIL score, no credit history, low income for the credit card you have applied, or you might have failed in the verification round.


    1. You can check/download your statement online or HDFC do send credit card monthly statements on mail too. Can check there.

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