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Whether you are a fashion freak and loves to explore several fashion and beauty tips, or you are a newbie to the fashion and beauty sector, anyway, you would think about getting your hair coloured. Well, applying the hair colour sounds pretty exciting, fun and stylish; however, picking the right style and hair colouris not as easy as it sounds. Most of us keep dreaming about one particular shade of hair colour for women, and not finding that exact match can be genuinely annoying and nastiest. If you are also catching yourself dreaming of stumbling on specific shades on your hair, then this guide is tailored for you! 

Fret not, to aid you out in that confusing fashion and styling state; we got you a brief guide explaining the types of trending shades & hair colour. The bonus point with this blog is that it will not leave you in a dilemma about the perfect hair colour and shade that match your hair type and facial structure. 

Latest Hair Colour for Women

When it comes to transforming your look, superlative ways lead with ready-to-implement hair colour style for women. Whether you prefer a subtle and sober appearance or you would love to find yourself in a funky hair makeover, these trending hair colour are the perfect muse to flaunt your fantastic look. From caramel balayage to bold copper hair dye for women, find the shade that makes your expectations and dream appearance well. Although this colours usually appear different on face structure and face type, we’ve rounded-up various trending hair colour for women to choose from. 

1. Sombre 


Sombre, also known as Fluid Hair Paint, is the best hair colour for women today; it is basically about adding colour contrast edged by roots and ends of the layers of hair with various blushes. While on the other hand, fluid hair paint is about painting and covering a particular hair surface. One can pick out the shades as they wish while applying liquid hair dye. The reason for being Fluid hair dye one of the preferable hair colours is, it gives a natural look with the fashionable trend, if applied correctly and with the help of a professional stylist. 

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2. Permanent and Temporary hair colour

permanent and temporary hair colour

Permanent hair shades are specially designed for someone looking for hair shades that fade away quite gradually. Here, permanent does not mean something perpetual or endless. No! Even permanent hair shades fall off, but it stays for quite a long time compared to temporary hair colour shades. You can switch to ombre hair colour for women, with the essence of Permanent colour type, which is basically about blending two colours where it tends to look darker at the root and lighter shade at the upper layers of locks. While on the other hand, when it comes to temporary hair colour paints, it is pretty similar to permanent colour only; it is just that these shades fade away a bit faster.

3. Chocolate and Caramel Balayage

chocolate and caramel balayage

Well, a perfect example stirred by your favourite desserts, this chocolate shade is something that will make it hard for you to take your eyes off your transformed hair shade. Warm up your hair by going for reddish-brown highlights. You can choose the strength of the colour from dark to light– depending on your preference. This is one of the preferable colours for women who are College-goers and young professionals.

4. High-lightening of the hair 

high lightening of the hair

This is genuinely a high-trending hair template. Highlights help you get multidimensional hair with several lightning paints. It lightens up the strands of the hair. Although on the other hand, one can also switch to low-lighting shades of colour on tresses. It can be an option to add depth and a couple of dimensions in a combination of any other two colours. 

In the column, there is another option accessible of applying spashlights on the bangs. However, this kind of hair colour for women best suits short length hair; however, one can seek this shade with longer tresses, depending on the face structure. It is about using bleach colour to dye some of the particular sections of the hairstreak with tints comparable to the natural hair colour. 

5. Copper coloured

copper coloured

We can’t forget copper-coloured hair when it comes to fashion and hair colouring. This is a type of hair styling that suits best to every kind of face. You would never want to compromise with your classic reddish-brown supercool hair shade; this warm and rich shade is something that will make you stand out of the crowd and will give you options to flaunt your fashion and style this season. Copper hair colour for women usually sorts a various range of hair tints. Well, now is the time to flaunt your look from dark red to exciting brown shades of this hair colour to pop on all hair types and textures.

6. Blonde


Finally, the faultless blonde colour is there. This warm, blonde tone is seamless for anyone. Whether you are planning to attend a wedding or just looking stunning at a party or even, you want to transform your dull look into something stylish. This colour and hair shade can meet all your expectations. The golden blonde shades are obtained by a combination of warm-hued highlights with chocolate rinses making it ideal for all hair types and making this shade appear multidimensional. L’Oréal is one of the best hair color for ladies out there.

7. Coffee Shade

coffee shade

Well, time to go for chocolate, even with hair colour. Why not? That’s your favourite! Go gloomier this season with a dramatic dark coffee shade of hair colour for women. This bottomless brown variety adds complexity to natural brunette hair. Whether you would like to pick an elusive coffee dark solid shade or a perfect hefty dark colour, these new shades of chocolate and coffee are perfect for anyone anyway, anytime. This dark hair shade will make you will be glossier than ever. It will enhance your entire appearance. 

Other than that, you can also opt for highlighting your curls with various colours to add elegance to the appearance and make you appear seamless all day long. 


Today, with the advancement in the beauty and fashion world, we have various shades of hair colour for ladies and highlighting categories. So, don’t wait to transform the colour and appearance of your hair by opting for hair colouring on your bangs and flaunt your style with confidence.

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