In case you are looking for the grocery hack to make your groceries last longer, you are at the right place. Here we have curated some amazingly beneficial tips that will help you to keep your groceries remain fresh for longer. The below-listed tips are practical and easy to follow.

12 Grocery Hacks to Make Last Longer

1. Freeze your Bread

One of the wise ways to make your slices of bread last long is to freeze them. Yes, you read that right. While most of us do not stock bread in the freezer and instead prefer to store it in the dry place, which could spoil it, especially in this humid climate. You can seal the bread and stock it in the freezer.

2. Throw Away Rotten Fruits

Watch out your fruits –whether it is apple, berries, or any other fruit. If you find any of the fruit in bad condition, throw it away. If you do not remove the rotten fruit from the bunch, it will turn the rest of the fruits in bad condition.

3. Change the Water of your Cheese

If you want to make your cheese last longer, then make sure you change the water regularly. In most Indian households, people prefer to store cheese in a bowl of water, which keeps it soft. However, if you will not change the water, it will turn into a bad condition. Also, make sure that you do not touch cheese with your hands.

4. Store Fruits in Freeze

Most of the people stock their fruits in the fridge only. However, there are certain fruits like a banana that people tend to preserve in the dry area only. On the contrary, if you freeze bananas, they will last longer. Though their peel will turn into black color, the fruit will stay in excellent condition for a longer time. You can do the same for oranges and apples as well.

5. Store Lettuce with Paper Towel

Here is another grocery hack that will prove wonders for you. All you have to do is wash off the lettuce and store them in the paper towel. This will extend the shelf life of the green vegetable, and also its nutrients will be intact. However, you would have to change the paper towel regularly

6. Do Not Stock Potatoes Under the Sun

While most of us prefer to keep vegetables, either in the refrigerator or at the dry place, but the same should not be repeated with potatoes. You must store your potatoes in the dark areas. It will keep the freshness intact, and also it will not turn black from the inside. Also, make sure that you do not store the peeled potatoes as it turns black immediately. Use it as soon as you chop them.

7. Wrap your Meat

The next tip in our list grocery hacks to make your groceries last longer is wrapped your meat. Most of the meat consumers stock the meat in the freezer without nicely wrapping it, which is the reason why it gets spoiled even in the low temperature. So next time, do not forget to wrap your meat in the plastic box and then freeze it. This will also prevent your fridge from stinking.

8. Store Onions in Pantyhose

This tip may surprise you, but this trick will definitely work, especially in times when you want to make your groceries last long. All you would have to do is store a bunch of onions. By doing so, onions will stay fresh for more than six months. Ensure you tie the knot tightly.

9. Place your Tomatoes Upside Down

This is another hack to make your groceries last longer. Keep Tomatoes upside down; it will prevent the entry of the air through the stems. Also, do not store tomatoes in the freezer. You can stock them in the dry area.

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10. Keep Cucumbers at Room Temperature

Yes, you read that, right! One should not keep cucumbers in the freezer because cucumber contains the highest amount of the water, and when it is kept in the fridge, the water is soaked, and the cucumber will get dry and yellow.

11. Resort to Glass Containers

It is one of the proven facts that glass containers are much better than steel containers or other containers. However, make sure the glass container you are using is airtight. Store your food in the glass storage. Alternatively, you can use plastic containers to stock your go-to medals.

12. Cut Half an Inch off the Bottom of Asparagus

Asparagus is one of the most nutritious veggies that one should include in the diet. However, if you do not stock it in the right manner, it might get rotten in a few days only.  Cut the half an inch of the vegetable and then place it in the container with water and store it in the refrigerator. In this way, asparagus will remain fresh for more than one week.


You never know the one you could get into a serious circumstance where you could not order groceries for a more extended period. It would be better to stock your groceries in a way that they last longer.

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