Recently, Flipkart introduced a new customer-loyalty program; it is somewhat similar to the benefits Amazon offers with its Prime subscription. The key idea is to offer a wide range of services to the Flipkart customers, such as early access to big sales events, free and fast delivery, better customer experience and even many more Flipkart exclusive deals. A few years back in 2015, Flipkart launched a similar program named Flipkart First at the subscription cost of Rs. 500/year, but it proved to be unsuccessful. But, this time Flipkart has done good homework and all set to level up to all the competing e-commerce sites. This time, there won’t be an annual subscription fee; isn’t it amazing?


How to avail the benefits of Flipkart Plus?

Although there isn’t any subscription fee, there is a coin-based system that would be used to allow Flipkart Plus membership to the customers. You would require at least 50 coins to become a Flipkart Plus Member. You can earn these coins based on every purchase; for every Rs. 250 you’d spend, you’ll get 1 coin. On one transaction, you can only gain up to 10 coins. So, in total, you have to spend Rs. 12,500 to get 50 coins and become an annual member.

In case you are a regular customer, then you can get some free coins from the company itself. You can check out the number of coins you have in your account and to join you can click on the Join for Free Button. Once you are a Flipkart Plus Member, you can relish Flipkart offers on its partners’ products like there’ll be BookMyShow Offers, MakeMyTrip offers, Café Coffee Day deals, Ixigo offers and even Zomato offers.

Advantages of Flipkart Plus –

You can avail your 50 coins to get:

1. An Rs. 1,200 BookMyShow coupon.
2. An Rs. 1,000 Flipkart coupon.
3. Annual Subscription of Zomato Gold.
4. Annual Subscription of Hotstar Premium.
5. An Rs. 1,100 MakeMyTrip Gift Card.

Let’s suppose if you are booking a movie online at BookMyShow, then being a Flipkart Plus Member, you can enjoy Rs. 100 OFF with BookMyShow offers via Flipkart. Also, there’ll be various Ixigo exclusive deals and you can get Rs. 550 off on flight bookings and even a free drink at ChaiPoint and CCD. To know more about Flipkart Exclusive deals for Plus Members, you can log in into your account.

Is Flipkart Plus better than Amazon Prime?

In case of a subscription fee, Flipkart wins, as its subscription is free, but Amazon Prime charges Rs. 129/month or Rs. 999/year. Other benefits vary for both Flipkart and Amazon like you can enjoy Hotstar with Plus Membership, but Amazon offers Prime Music & Video for Prime Members.

In conclusion, we can say that Flipkart has entered the race of customer-loyalty programs with other competitors. Hope, this new scheme pays off well to this fast-growing e-commerce portal of India.

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