Technology these days serves all our needs and allows us to enjoy extra comfort and ease. We want our jobs to be done instantly and with less effort. This thing has now become true due to the availability of smartphones and other gadgets. These devices accompanied by digital utility apps let us do many tasks like online recharges, bill payments, online shopping and many more. In this blog, we are going to dig deeper into Online Bill Payments. So Let’s start!


For us Paying bills to mean a lot of things like we pay for utilities such as Electricity, Landline, Gas or Mobile Bills. Bill Payments is a very necessary thing to order to relish the facilities of modernization. Now we have an ultimate solution in the form of online bill payments. As over the past few years, the world of payments has evolved so much and being able to pay online is one of the perks of the advancement. We used to pay bills in person before the establishments of the platforms like TalkCharge. We had to visit the crowded bill offices and wait for hours in the long queues until the procedure is done. But, now as our addiction to ‘mobile functionality’ and ‘on demand’ grows, we are more inclined towards the innovative ways of paying our bills.

As per the recent studies, about 71% of the bills are paid electronically and this is the reason why the hassle has been reduced. Thus, even the elderly could avoid the stress of Bill Payments and pay them while being at home. Here are a few things that you must keep in your mind while paying bills online.

Do’s For Online Bill Payment

  1. High-Quality User Interface: You must pick the Online Bill Payment platform that can provide you amazing user experience and let you be at ease while using the app or site. When an application can make the customer happy just by its look, it means that the provider has paid good attention to the interfaces. Thus, even the tiniest thing must lead to satisfactory experiences while using the platform.
  2. Good Customer Service: A provider who maintains a good relationship with customers is a good idea, so do pay attention to the reviews and find the best one for you.
  3. Check for Discounts: Pick a platform that allows you to enjoy some discounts or cashbacks. At TalkCharge, you get the facility to avail cashbacks on your recharges and bill payments so this could be the perfect place for your Online Mobile Recharge and Bill Payments.
  4. Pay Attention While Registering: Now, when you have decided which platform to use, the next thing is to set up your account. While registering, do make sure that you are using a strong password and add multiple characters in it. But, yes you have to keep a password that you can remember easily.
  5. Take Care of the Password: Your work is not done once you have set the password; you should change it regularly so that you can keep your account and money safe.
  6. Be Sure: After filling in the amount for the bill, check it again just to be sure.
  7. Don’t Forget to Verify: After paying the bill, do confirm that it is paid and the payment is not stuck in between.

Don’ts For Online Bill Payment

  1. Never Sacrifice Service for Price: If you trust the provider and their customer supports helps you with all your troubles, then you should hold on to them. You would never want your money to be utilized at a place where you have no guarantee that the payment will be done on time or if your payment gets stuck, then the issue will be resolved as early as possible. So, no matter if someone is giving you discounts more than you can imagine, never opt for that provider unless you are sure about the security of your money.
  2. Don’t go Public for Bills: Avoid using public computers for the bill payments because you can’t be sure if the devices are secure there. Instead of a public access Wi-Fi go for a secured internet connection, which is very safe to use.
  3. Look for Encryption: If your provider doesn’t provide you encryption for your payment, you should not use its service for paying the bills. You need to make sure that your payments are safe and encrypted.

These are just a few points that you can consider while using online sites for online mobile recharge or online bill payment. Always remember that there is a proven correlation between the deeper customer relationships and bill pay use, so it’s up to you how effectively you can choose the right platform for bill payment.

With us you are always secured, so you need not worry about Bill Payments anymore.

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