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In our everyday lives, we all see how humans treat animals, especially those who live in the human colonies. There is always news that tells how cruel humans have become, and I think stray dogs are the one who suffers the most in this. Many news articles are published, and all of that shows there are only very few people that genuinely care about such animals. I remember an incident in Hyderabad when some US national on a trip to India found Kittu, a two-year-old mother dog. She was lying unconsciously in the middle of the road in a terrible condition. Her leg was shattered because of the accident she had. Finally, the dog rescue was successful, and she was rescued and adopted by Ujwala Chintala.  

Several organizations work to help such animals. Various street dog NGOs are working for the betterment of such dogs’ lives. If you are also planning to get a new pet for your home, you should get them from an adoption center. Now you may be thinking that why we are saying that I have so many positive reasons for that.

Adoption Centers or Breeders: What to choose?

We all know dogs are the cutest and also dangerous animals for humans. It depends from person to person on what kind of dogs you like. Whatever you want, it’s totally up to you; the matter of confusion is from where you should go to get a dog, an adoption center, or breeder.

Adopting a dog from the shelter or an adoption center has its benefits and challenges.


  • You are saving two lives if you go for shelter, which means you saved the dog’s life and opened up space for another rescued dog.
  • They tend to have fewer health issues.
  • They will receive a significant amount of love and gratitude.
  • They cost very low than getting them from a breeder.


  • We never know how they will act in your home; it can be good or bad.
  • You do not know about the breed of the dog.

Similarly, you have benefits and challenges for the breeder as well. 


  • You about them how they raise and what they like or dislike.
  • They have gone through genetic health testing.
  • You can get any breed you want.


  • They require more care and attention.
  • Purebred dogs tend to have health problems.
  • Buying from a breeder can be very expensive.

Now it depends on you what to choose if you ask me I would go to the adoption option because it saves lives and it’s cheap. 

Also, the process of adopting a dog is simple. First, you need to decide the best dog breeds for a home in India. Search for the “street dog NGO near me” on your browser or just type dog shelter and your city name eg, a dog shelter in Gurgaon. 

Get in touch with the NGO and try to make a bond with the dog before taking him home. Also, ensure that the dog is properly vaccinated. After that, you can do the paperwork as per the NGOs’ requirement, and after completing it, you can take the puppy home. Also, you need to take complete care of your dog and know about the best dog food in India for better health & nutrition.

List of Dog Rescue Organization in India

1. Friendicoes, New Delhi

Friendicoes is a charitable organization that works for the rescue and health of animals. It has a simple aim of rehabilitating and giving better lives to the stray and abandoned animals. The organization was established in 1979 by some animal lovers. For over 30 years, they are saving the lives of animals and trying to rescue more and more animals. They have a dog shelter in Gurgaon where they keep all the rescued dogs and other animals. Friendicoes new Delhi is an organization that may also offer some kind of animal ngo jobs in Delhi.

2. Animal India Trust, New Delhi

This trust is also working in the capital and known as a non-profit organization. The organization is located in the Lajpat Nagar of New Delhi. It also runs a street dog ABC unit at Tughlaqabad Veterinary Hospital. It is primarily a street dog ABC unit with a clinic for immediate basic treatments. They rescue animals who are wounded, shattered, or suffering from diseases. They also take care of dogs that are abandoned or had an accident along the roadside.

3. Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre, New Delhi

This one is believed to be India’s oldest and New Delhi’s largest all-animal rescue center or shelter. The Sanjay Gandhi, Animal Care Centre, was founded in 1980, with over 3000 animals it happens to be Asia’s most substantial shelter home for animals. It is equipped with OPD clinics, modern dental care, operation theatres, and individual care units. The aim is to provide better health to the wounded, shattered, sick, and abandoned animals. They try to give proper food, safety, shelter, medication, and care to the animals. You can adopt animals from such shelter homes. It will help to save multiple lives. 

4. People For Animals, New Delhi

It is India’s largest dogs for adoption in India and also known as PFA. The organization has a humongous network of around 26 hospitals, 165 units, and 2.5 lakh members. The aim of this animal welfare society is also the same as above all. It tries to rescue and rehabilitate the needy animals. They have shelters, sterilization programs, treatment camps, ambulance services, etc. just for animals. One of the main things about this organization is that they patrol highways and other areas to ensure that no animal smuggling or slaughter is taking place. Another exciting thing is that they are the members of India’s censor board to check animal abuse in films.  

5. Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre, Bengaluru

They are commonly known as CARE, known for their care and love for abandoned animals. They work dedicatedly to offer shelter, rehabilitation, medical care, and love to animals. The trust is known for its inspirational story of saving the life of a three-legged ten-year-old dog. Charlie’s animal rescue center offers 4-hour veterinary care, ambulance services, and adoption of animals. They are also working to build their OPD, operation theatre, x-ray and scanning facilities, etc. This medical center provides most of the medical aid to the animals. 

6. BSPCA, Mumbai

It is a charitable organization that works for rescuing and trying to make a better environment for animals. You will be amazed to know that this charitable organization is almost 143 years old. One of the primary purposes of the organization is to prevent cruelty against animals. They try to offer all possible types of help and health to the animals in Mumbai. It is one of a kind organization, and it runs its hospital 24 hours and claims to cure around 10,000 animals in a year. This includes dogs, cats, cows, birds, and many other species of animals. They started their ICU, blood bank, animal birth control center, and shelter for ownerless animals.

7. Animal Aid Unlimited

It is also an animal rescue center, serving in the capital city of the country. Animal aid unlimited has rescued almost 65,000 animals to date. Now that’s seriously a significant number and required bog efforts. They rescue thousands of animals every year, which encourages the local people to help more street animals. AAU is one of the reputed organization working to prevent animal cruelty. They try to offer all the possible treatments to the needed animals, not only dog rescue. They are working for every animal who faces problems. 

8. Wildlife SOS India

This wildlife SOS India is also one of the oldest dog rescue organizations. It was established in 1995, and till now it is working passionately. The organization tries to protect animal slaughter and smuggling. They also work for rescuing and providing treatment to the needed animals. Primarily they work for the wildlife of India and protect their natural habitats. If you want some animal ngo jobs, then you can do an internship here. It would be around a minimum of five days; you just need to submit a form. If you are an animal lover, then try to explore this side of Indian wildlife.

9. Red Paws Rescue

You will be amazed to know that this rescue center was an initiative of a 17-year-old girl. They aim to offer ethical treatment to the animals, along with love and care. It helps abandoned animals and also does dog rescue. Red paws rescue is an NGO that tries to rehabilitate the needed animals. One of the main things is that they don’t have any shelter, although they have some affiliate ones. If you love their initiatives, you can also volunteer and spend some time with puppies and other animals.

10. Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals , Andhra Pradesh

VSPCA was established in 1996; since then, it has been working for the animals. They prevent animal trafficking and slaughters. Also, they work towards the illegal trade of various animals like sea-turtle and others. Other than this, they do dog rescue, rehabilitation,  proper medication, and permanent homes to abandoned ones. It is located in the Visakhapatnam city of Andhra Pradesh. If you like to work with them, you need to commit for at least one month. Usually, they require two types of volunteers: general volunteers and veterinary volunteers.

11. Stray Relief and Animal Welfare (STRAW) India

They work in a bit of a unique way than other organizations. The motto is ‘animal welfare through education.’ Now this means try to educate people about animals, and for that, they even have 6 programs. They also work along with educational boards like the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and state educational boards. It helps them to spread education, and they even use textbooks in classrooms across India. So they not only do dog rescue but also try to educate people through their unique ways. The organization is located in New Delhi, and you need to fill out a form from their website.

12. Help In Suffering

They are usually known as HIS, famous for its free medication and other services for animal health. The best part about them is they try to offer services to all types of animals abandoned, domestic, etc. To complete all this work smoothly, they take the help of five ambulances and two mobile clinical vehicles. Also, they follow the proper guidance of trained vets to do things correctly. It is located in the Jaipur city of Rajasthan. 

13. The Blue Cross of India

Not only dogs, but they also help every other animal species who have been abandoned, abused, or had accidents. From rescuing dogs to keep their health track until they get fit, they offer the best possible services to animals. It is open for all creatures; another thing is that it has been serving for a long time. The organization was established in 1964, and since then, it has saved the lives of numerous animals. It is located in Chennai, and you can volunteer by just filling a simple form, or if you can pay some amount, please donate.

14. Debasree Roy Foundation

This was opened by the brainchild of veteran actress Debasree Roy. The aim of the foundation is simple, and they want to provide a great home to the rescued animals. Another thing is that they are working to ensure proper vaccination for the needed animals. So that they can stay healthy and live a quiet and simple life. The initiative is very impressive; they do dog rescue and other social services for animals. It is located in the Kolkata city of West Bengal. You can also help them by donating or volunteering with a team.

15. Posh Foundation

They work on the motto of creating a new and suitable environment for humans and animals. If we simplify it more, it is like a neutral environment where humans, animals, and the environment coexist. It is located in one of the most amazing states of the country, Uttar Pradesh. You can also volunteer here, or if you like, then you can help them by donating some amount.


So, here is the list for 15 dog rescue centers in India, and I think now you know from where you should get a dog. Animals like dogs add a little joy and fun to your life. They are like best friends of yours; you can talk to them without facing judgments. And when this animal faces problems because of humans, it is one of the saddest parts of being human. If we can’t stop this entirely, at least we can try to improve on our ends. So tell us about your idea of getting a dog and comment down from where you are going to get them: Adoption Centers or Breeders.

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