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If you are browsing through the Disney+ Hotstar app or website, and a video content caught your attention, you go ahead with excitement and tap on it, Oh! You realized it demands a subscription of either VIP or Premium. Trust us! We can resonate with that feeling of disappointment. That’s why there are over 300 million paid subscribers to access a wide range of great movies, serials, sports and web series available on one of the best OTT platforms in India. The number of downloads and subscribers has also gone up after Hotstar rebranded as ‘Disney+ Hotstar’ in early 2020.

Why Go For Disney+ Hotstar Subscription?

The question is what one wants from a Subscription-based OTT platform? When we try to answer this question, we find reasons whether it is worthy of subscribing or not. If we talk about Disney+ Hotstar, digital audience get all the Star serials and IPL Cricket live streaming free on this live TV app. But while subscribing, Hotstar VIP vs Premium comes to play as a user will have to select between these two. Don’t worry we are going to talk about it later in this blog. Firstly, let’s attempt to understand its overall benefits.

Know Its Benefits

  • When you subscribe to Disney+ Hotstar, you can enjoy watching premium movies, the latest web series under Hotstar Specials, and more interesting content.
  • The paid subscription allows you to download videos that you can watch offline as well.
  • It offers two subscription plans to cater wide demography of the digital media audience in India. The difference between Premium and VIP is based on features and content streaming on the platform.
  • You can watch movies, live sports, and series on supported devices.
  • Also, if you are not satisfied with the content and services, it is easy to cancel the subscription without any charge.

Content Streaming and Feature Difference: Hotstar VIP vs Premium

Disney+ Hotstar has reserved great entertainment content for its valuable paid subscribers only. It has created two subscription plans to cater the diversity of Indian audiences, namely Disney + Hotstar VIP and Disney + Hotstar Premium.

You can also avail any of these two using Hotstar subscription offers and pay less to access more content. Here we have created a comparison guide for both these plans. It focuses on the different parameters based on content availability, benefits, and features. Visually you can distinguish these by label colors. Premium shows are labeled in turquoise blue, whereas VIP shows are displayed in golden. Let’s take a step ahead and go through the table to know the difference between these two plans.  

Content/ FeaturesDisney+ Hotstar VIPDisney+ Hotstar Premium
Hotstar SpecialsYesYes
Multiple MoviesYesYes
American ShowsNoYes
Hollywood MoviesNoYes
Kids Shows and MoviesHindi Dubbed OnlyHindi Dubbed and English
New Indian MoviesYesYes
Dubbed HollywoodYesYes
Unlimited Live SportsYesYes
Star Serials aired on TVBefore 6 amBefore 6 am
Video QualityHD 720pFHD 1080p
Same time Screen Limit1 Device2 Devices
Adfree EntertainmentNoYes

What is the Price Difference: Premium vs VIP

Since Walt Disney acquired Hotstar India, the number of subscribers and subscription prices has gone up drastically. Disney claims that, it has 30% of subscribers form India alone.  Let’s see the cost chart first:

Subscription PlansSubscription Cost
Annual Disney+ Hotstar VIP₹ 399
Monthly Disney+ Hotstar Premium₹299 X 12= ₹3588
Annual Disney+ Hotstar Premium₹1499

Here it is clearly visible that there is a huge price difference between Premium and VIP subscriptions. And if we see the features we get with it; somehow it makes sense. VIP plan is dedicated majorly to Hindi and regional language based audience, while Premium is for accessing both regional and foreign languages content.

Subscription PlansBreakdown Amount (per month)
Annual Disney+ Hotstar VIP₹33
Monthly Disney+ Hotstar Premium₹299
Annual Disney+ Hotstar Premium₹125
Hotstar Plans and Price Difference

What Hotstar VIP Subscribers Miss Out?

Users who subscribed VIP are restricted to certain features; and the latest web series like Criminal Justice, Aarya, Hostages is available for Premium subscribers only. And if you love to watch Game of Thrones, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, then VIP is going to be a sheer disappointment for you. Adding to it, following shows, movies, web series, and features are available exclusively for Premium subscribers, and VIP subscribers miss these out:

  • American Shows
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Kids Shows and Movies
  • Video Quality (FHP 1080p)
  • Same time screening limit to 2 devices
  • Adfree Entertainment
  • Indian and foreign languages content

How to Get Free Disney+ Hotstar Subscription?

Are you wondering how great it would be if these subscriptions come free! Here we have brought you reasons to smile. Following are some lesser-known ways through which you can get free Disney+ Hotstar subscription. These offers are majorly for getting VIP subscription.

  1. Jio users can select recharge plans and get a 1-year free Disney+ Hotstar subscription. Go through Jio net recharge plans to know more in detail.
  2. Likewise, recharging with Airtel can also help you get free subscription.
  3. Invite friends to download Hotstar, and you both can get 1 month free extension of their subscription either VIP or Premium.
  4. There is some content freely available on Hotstar, so you can try it out before getting the subscription. Following are freely available even if you are not a paid user.
    -Free News Channels
    -Free Sports and Cricket Live Streaming
    -Free movies
    -Star serials in all regional languages

Final Thoughts

So let’s attempt to settle Hotstar VIP vs Premium, which is better! Eventually, everything boils down to your personal preference. If you watch Hindi and regional language content only, then VIP is good for you. However, if you love to watch Hindi and Hollywood content in foreign languages, then Premium is the best for you. 

If you wish to get a Premium subscription, we would suggest you to get the monthly plan first and see how it works for you before taking any annual subscription. After a month, observe your entertainment pattern and then decide whether you want VIP or Premium. And, you know what to do next! We hope this blog helped you form a logical perception before deciding on what to pay for- Premium or VIP.


1. Can I switch plans between Hotstar VIP and Premium?

Yes, if you are an existing Hotstar VIP subscriber, you can easily switch your plan to Premium and vice versa. Generally, a VIP subscription is an annual plan, and Premium can be both monthly and annual plans. It is advisable to change the plan after the validity gets over.

2. Can I get Hotstar free trial?

Yes, Disney+ Hotstar gives one month free trial for its subscription plan; however, some content is available for free.

3. Is Hotstar VIP included in Hotstar premium?

Yes, if you get Disney Hotstar premium subscriptions, it covers all features of VIP too. Go through the blog above to know more about Hotstar features.

4. Is it worth buying a Hotstar VIP?

If you prefer to watch Hindi and regional language entertainment shows and videos, then Hotstar VIP is worth buying. Read the blog above to learn more about the features and available content type for VIP subscribers.

5. How many devices can use Hotstar VIP?

The Hotstar VIP subscribers can only use one device at one time for watching movies, sports, serials, web series, and other shows.

6. Disney+ Hotstar VIP vs Premium clashes, which is better for video quality?

Hotstar VIP and Premium differs in video quality. The VIP users get HD 720p whereas, Premium users can watch the video content in FHD 1080p.

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