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We all use curd in our food items, and know that it comes with a lot of nutrients that are necessary for our body. However, not many people know that it can benefit our hair, as well, in a significant manner. If you are looking to explore how curd can be beneficial, you have reached the right place. It is because today, in this article, we shall be discussing how to use curd for hair, what are some of its benefits, and more.

Curd is made from curdled milk, and is more acidic in nature, as compared to other milk products like yogurt. In terms of nutrition, it is a very good source of calcium, protein, vitamin A, magnesium, and potassium.

Especially in countries like India, it has been widely used to treat various scalp conditions, including dandruff, rough hair, etc. However, there is no concrete evidence that supports this claim theoretically. We also advise you to consult your dermatologist before applying curd on your scalp.

Here’s How Curd for Hair Can Benefit You!

In today’s modern world, we tend to expose our hair to heat, sun, pollutants, and harmful chemicals during the course of our day. Because of this reason, our hair loses its shine, moisture, and the scalp gets filled with dead skin, which further leads to dandruff.

The shampoos, serums, and conditioners that you use may address the symptoms of the issues mentioned above, but they do not really solve the cause of the problem. However, there are several benefits of curd for hair, as it comes packed with vitamin B5, calcium, proteins, and fatty acids. With this, it also solves the following problems related to hair:

1. Controls Dandruff on Your Scalp

When you let your hair be exposed to chemicals and pollution, the scalp usually gets filled with the dead skin cells. This leads to formation of dandruff on the scalp, which can affect the health of your hair. In most cases, dandruff is also one of the major reasons for hair fall.

However, curd is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it one of the best anti-dandruff products. The proteins and vitamin B5 help treat all your dandruff woes. Some claim that curd also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, that helps in treating several scalp infections, including itchiness and irritation on the scalp. You can also apply curd hair mask for dandruff, as it is known to be highly effective against it.

How To Use Curd To Remove Dandruff?

If you are facing dandruff related issues, Curd and lemon for hair can be highly beneficial. Just take 5 teaspoons full of fenugreek seed powder, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, and curd in a bowl. Mix it well, and apply the mask to your hair.

Next, leave it on your hair for around 40 minutes, and wash it off with herbal shampoo. When we talk of herbal products, a shampoo with multani mitti and curd for hair can be highly effective.

2. Reduces Hair Fall

An average person loses anywhere between 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. If you also lose hair in the same range, it is not a reason to worry. However, if you feel that your hair fall is beyond that, it is a sign of concern, and you must take action to prevent it. Fortunately, you can use curd for hair fall, as it is proven to be highly beneficial against it.

In order to prevent hair fall, it is very important to have a healthy scalp. In case your scalp is not healthy and is covered with dry skin, it tends to lose its capability to hold the hair, which results in hair fall. Thus, many people use curd to improve the scalp health.

Curd is rich in lactic acid, which helps you get rid of dead skin cells from the scalp. This in turn strengthens the hair follicles and prevents hair fall significantly.

3. Induces Hair Growth

If you do not already know, hair fall and hair growth are two different things. While curd is proven beneficial to stop hair fall, it is also known to promote the growth of new hair on your scalp. While controlling hair fall can help you avoid the risk of baldness, the growth of new hair improves the density of hair on your scalp. And to be able to do this, it is very important to have a healthy scalp.

Curd contains various nutrients that are necessary for having a healthy scalp. Those include Biotin (Vitamin B-7) and zinc, which is commonly found in most milk-products. Especially, Biotin is known to be highly effective to promote hair growth at a faster pace. So, if you want a healthy scalp and good hair growth, you must start applying curd for hair!

4. Adds Radiance to Hair

There is no arguing the fact that we all want shiny hair that we can flaunt in front of everyone. If you also want the same, you would be happy to note that applying curd on your hair can be effective. All you have to do is to add an egg into a cup of curd, and mix it thoroughly. Then, make a hair mask out of the mixture and apply it on your hair.

The mixture is more effective if you add a spoon full of henna powder into it. Doing so regularly for a couple of months can result in you having healthy, shiny, and radiant hair!

5. Prevents Itchy Scalp

Most of us are not immune to this problem, which is why we often find ourselves scratching our heads! If you can relate to this, you will be happy to know that there is an instant solution to this.

Just take a cup of curd, and mix it with plant acids such as a tablespoon full of apple cider vinegar, or juice of one lemon. Mix it well and apply on your scalp. This should help you get rid of this problem, and an itchy scalp could be a thing of the past! This is a simple home remedy that works for most, and could prove effective to you, as well. Try it out!

This Is How to Apply Curd for Hair

You can use curd for hair in multiple ways. You can either include it in your balanced diet, or apply directly on to your scalp.

Direct Application on Hair

Apart from including curd in your regular diet, there is one more way in which you can use it to have a greater hair and scalp hair. It is by creating a curd hair mask and applying directly onto your hair.

Naturally, you will need to mix curd with other ingredients like aloe vera, eggs, honey, etc., before applying on to your hair. It is because doing so will make it more effective. Many people even use curd for hair straightening. This can be achieved by applying a curd hair mask for around 30 to 40 minutes regularly for a few weeks.


Curd contains several nutrients that are needed for good hair and scalp health. It is rich in vitamin B5, calcium, protein, vitamin A, magnesium, and potassium. Thus, it can be used to treat several issues like dandruff, hair fall, dry scalp, rough hair, etc. It will strengthen your hair, and can significantly improve its health. You can use curd in two ways – either by including it in your diet, or applying it directly on to your hair by making a hair mask out of curd.

However, like all good things in this world, even curd has its own limitations and drawbacks. It leaves your hair greasy, and with an unpleasant smell that is hard to avoid. Thus, we suggest that it is better that you consult your dermatologist before you use curd for hair.


1. Is curd good for hair?

Yes, curd has several benefits for hair, as it helps you get rid of many problems, including dandruff issues, rough hair, and hair growth related issues. Apart from that, it also helps you add lustre and shine to your hair.

2. How to use curd for hair?

You can use curd for hair either by including it in your diet, or applying it directly on to your scalp by making a hair mask out of it. However, we suggest that a hair mask would be more effective.

3. How to apply curd on hair for dandruff?

Mix fenugreek seeds powder along with lemon and curd to make a hair mask out of it. Then, leave it for around 30 to 40 minutes before washing it away using herbal shampoo.

4. How to use curd for hair growth?

Just mix one egg, two tablespoon olive oil, three tablespoon aloe vera gel, and two tablespoon basil paste and apply on your hair regularly. You will notice visible hair growth in a few days.

5. Can we mix egg with curd for hair?

Yes, just like curd, even eggs contain nutrients that are needed to promote scalp health and hair growth. Thus, a combination of egg and curd for hair is certainly advisable.

6. Is eating curd good for hair?

Yes, you can include curd in your diet, and it will have an equally good impact on the health of your hair. It provides all the necessary nutrients to your scalp, and promotes hair growth.

7. How to apply curd on hair for conditioning?

You need one cup of curd along with two tea spoons of honey. Make a mixture of it and massage it directly onto your scalp. Then, leave it for around 20 minutes and wash off your hair using a good shampoo.

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