Citralka Syrup usage & dosage

Citralka helps in the treatment or neutralization of the excessive amount of acid which is formed in urine or blood. This liquid’s major ingredients help cure the infection in your urinary tract. However, a few possible side effects and precautions are indulged with this.

Learn more about how Citralka works, its usage, composition, and more.

Citralka Syrup Uses

Citralka helps treat or prevent the following conditions in your body:

  • UTI stands for Urinary Tract Infection. As mentioned above, Citralka helps in getting rid of the burning micturition, which is experienced during urination if you have UTI.
  • Renal Calculi is a situation of kidney stones. Citralka is also advised to be taken if a person has stone or stones in his/ her kidney.
  • Citralka can be used to treat the condition of Gout as it helps decrease the amount of uric acid stones during uricosuric therapy in a nascent stage.
  • Citralka helps in decreasing the excess of acid from your blood and urine and, thus, helps in controlling the condition of acidosis.

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Citralka Syrup Dosage

The dosage of this syrup depends on how much you weigh, your age, height, and other physical attributes. However, the severity and the condition in which the person is with the disease also affect the dosage. So, it is probably better if you can get a prescription done from a doctor or a professional so that you can get well sooner.

A standard dosage for the syrup is usually 2 tablespoons which can be taken not more than 3 times in a day. It may vary from person to person.

Precautions while taking Citralka Syrup

  • If you are consuming Citralka syrup then you must make sure to take the following reactions to avoid any kind of side effects during the course:
  • Citralka must be consumed only after you have had a proper meal or food. It must not be consumed on an empty stomach whatsoever. This helps in better absorption of the syrup and makes sure that it does not feel oppressive or hurtful on your stomach.
  • If you feel or encounter any allergic reaction after or during consuming Citralka, you must seek help immediately. 
  • Make sure you do not alter the medicine dosage on your own will. You must consume the prescribed dosage only at the same hours as asked, and the schedule of consumption must not be changed daily upon will.

Side effects of consuming Citralka Syrup

Being a medicine, it’s a possibility that it may also have a few side effects. Now, these side effects may not be experienced by everyone. However, they have been observed in a few cases. If you come across any of the side effects, then you must consult your doctor immediately.

  1. Pain in stomach
  2. Feeling of anxiety
  3. Feeling tired or experiencing fatigue
  4. A sense of nauseous
  5. Vomiting
  6. Experiencing gas in the stomach more than usual
  7. Causing of ulcers in the stomach
  8. Excessive urine production
  9. Pain in body or headache

Citralka Syrup Price

Citralka Syrup comes in the packaging of a 100 ml bottle. It is priced at Rs. 65.14/- only, which is quite affordable.

You can even buy it online and get upto 25% discounts using Netmeds coupons.

Manufacturer of Citralka

Pfizer Pharmaceutical India Pvt Ltd manufactures Citralka syrup.

Availability of Citralka

Citralka is available at both online and offline platforms. You can easily purchase it from retail pharmacies. You do not need a prescription to buy this syrup, and it is readily available OTC i.e., Over the Counter. 

Citralka Alternatives

If, in any case, Citralka does not suit you or causes any kind of side effects, then you can use these alternatives as they will probably have the same impact as well.

1. Alkakem Syrup

  • Manufactured by – Alkem Laboratories Ltd.
  • Price – Rs. 62

2. Onestone Syrup:

  • Manufactured by – Ontex Healthcare
  • Price – Rs. 50

3. Alkacip Syrup:

  • Manufactured by – Cipla
  • Price – Rs.63.8

4. Adialka Syrup:

  • Manufactured by – Cian Healthcare
  • Price – Rs. 43

Warnings while consuming Citralka

  1. It is crucial that you always consume the food before taking this syrup and do not take t on an empty stomach
  2. Shake well before taking the Citralka syrup, as it helps you to procure drug content.
  3. Do not overdose the product on your own. Take a doctor’s word or read the instructions at the back of the bottle
  4. Do not consume the syrup if any of the ingredients of the syrup causes an allergic reaction to you.
  5. Go through the leaflet that comes with the bottle before you consume the syrup just to be sure.

Frequently Asked Questions about Citralka

1. How long does it take the syrup to show effect?

It may take some time ranging from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on your condition.

2. Does the syrup make you feel drowsy or sleepy?

It may cause a little bit of drowsiness. However, this is not the case for everyone.

3. Is it ok to give this syrup to a child?

It is advisable that before giving this medicine to your child, you must check with his/ her pediatrician.

4. Can the Citralka syrup affect my menstrual cycle?

No, it will not hamper your menstrual cycle whatsoever. However, if you have a condition regarding your menstruation or you are on any drug regarding the same, then you must check with your doctor as sometimes the interaction between two medications can cause a problem.

5. How and where to store Citralka?

You must store it in a cool and dry place with a temperature which below 25 degree Celsius. Make sure it is not in the reach of a child and do not freeze it as well.

We hope this article was of help to you, and some of your doubts might have been solved. However, in the case of medicines, it is always better if you have a word with your doctor first.

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