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What is CIF Number?

CIF stands for “Customer Information File”, it is a 9- 11 digit number that has the personal information of customers of any bank. Also, called Customer Identification Number, contains all the bank details of the identity proof, KYC and DMAT, trails of a one-time password, PAN details across all the accounts owned by the consumer with the bank. In case you have multiple accounts in the same bank, your CIF number would remain the same for all the accounts.

Every account holder has a unique CIF number that remains the same for every account that the user has in one bank. It allows banks to track the personal details of their customer. The Customer Identification Number is maintained with utmost secrecy and can be shared only with the bank, owner, and nominee. To be précised, it helps the bank retrieve the customer’s personal information while sanctioning a loan or for other activity. One can find the CIF Number on the passbook, chequebook, banks customer care, or you can connect with the bank manager.

How to find CIF Number in Central Bank of India, SBI, Indian Bank & Allahabad Bank?

Whether you have an account in the Central bank of India, SBI, Indian bank or any other bank, you can find your Customer Identification Number through online and offline modes.

Online Methods to Find CIF Number in SBI, CBI, Indian Bank & Allahabad Bank

1. Internet Banking

For this method that you should be well versed with Account log-in id and passwords. Follow these steps to get your Customer Identification Number via internet banking.

  • Visit the official website of your bank (SBI, CBI or Indian Bank) and enter your log-in id and password.
  • Click on My Accounts.
  • Tap on the Account Detail Section and click on the Summary.
  • On the right-hand side, you will find CIF.

2. Retrieve CIF Number through your Bank’s Mobile App

SBI, the Central bank of India, have a mobile application, which you can download from Google Play or App Store and find your Customer Identification Number without any hassle. If you are a first time user, make sure you register on the app.

Find CIF Number in SBI via the SBI Yono Lite App

  • Download the SBI Yono Lite app.
  • Logo-in with your account id and password.
  • Click on Online Nomination.
  • Tap on the Transaction Account
  • Select your Account Number and view your CIF no. on the same page.

Find CIF Number in Central Bank of India via Cent-mPassbook App

  • Download Cent-mPassbook app.
  • Log in with user ID and password.
  • Click on User Profile
  • Your CFI number would be visible on the same page.

Note:  Indian Bank and Allahabad Bank does not provide such facility.

Offline Methods to Find CIF Number in Indian Bank, SBI, CBI & Allahabad Bank

In case you do not wish to use online methods to find the Customer Identification Number of your bank, you can find it through offline modes:

1. Passbook –The first page of your Passbook has all your details, including your name, account number, address etc., and on the right side, you will find the Customer Identification Number.

2. Chequebook –The customers can find the Customer Identification Number of SBI and other banks on the chequebooks. It is usually printed on the first page.

3. Customer Care – If any of the methods do not help you to find your CIF number, you can directly call you to customer care number of your bank. On calling customer support, you would have to provide an executive couple of details such as account number, name, address, ID proof etc., to retrieve the Customer Identification Number.

  • SBI Customer Care Number- 800-11-2211 or 1800-425-3800 or 080-26599990
  • CBI Customer Care Number- 1800 222 368 (Toll Free) & 022-66387737, 66387743
  • Indian Bank- 1800 4250 0000 (Toll-Free Number)
  • Allahabad Bank – 18005722000(Toll-free number)

4. Visit your Bank- You can also visit the nearest branch of your bank and get an answer on How to find a CIF number.


Customer Information File or Customer Identification Number (CIF) contains all the personal details of the account holder. Whether you have a single account or multiple accounts in one bank, your CIF number would remain the same. How to find a Customer Identification Number is one of the most asked questions. In this blog, we have listed all the online and offline ways that would help you to retrieve your CIF number.


1. What is CIF number in bank?

CIF number is Customer Information File or Customer Identification Number. It has all the valuable information of the account holder of the bank.

2. How do I find my CIF number?

You can find the Customer Identification Number through your internet banking mobile app of your bank. Both passbook and chequebook also have Customer Identification Number printed in their first page. Alternatively, you can call or visit your bank.

3. How to check CIF number in SBI?

Retrieve your SBI Customer Identification Number through internet banking, SBI Yono Lite app, passbook, chequebook, or connect with the SBI customer care team.

4. When is a CIF number required?

Customer Identification Number is required during the internet bank registration, transfer of bank accounts from one to another branch. Your bank can also use it for internal use.

5. Can I get a CIF number via SMS?

In order to get a CIF number via CIF, send an SMS to your bank asking for an e-statement, which consists of the CIF number.

6. Where is CIF no in the passbook?

It is printed on the first page of your passbook that your bank must have allotted you with a chequebook and ATM card.

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