Cat Eye Gemstone Price & Benefits

There are many types of precious stones that include Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Hessonite, Pearl, Red Coral, Ruby, White Sapphire, Cat Eye, and many others to name. Among all Cat Eye Gemstone is considered best for health and wealth. It has many benefits. The gemstone is also known as Lehsunia Stone, is available in different colors like gray-black, honey, and yellowish-green.

Though it is considered to be a semi-precious stone, however, it has many healing powers and the ability to improve the intellect and wisdom of the person. The name of the gemstone is inspired by the Cat’s eye. Since the stone looks like the real eyes of the Cat; thus, it is named as Cat Eye Gemstone. It has different appearances and metaphysical powers. Cat-eye Gemstone belongs to Planet Ketu and helps to remove the harmful effects of the Rahu and Ketu from the individual lives.

In different parts of the country, the Cat Eye Gemstone is known through various names that are Chrysoberyl and Vaiduria. The gemstone has intense planetary energies, and it gives positive results very fast. While the gemstone has many benefits, one should always consult an astrologer before wearing the gemstone.

Different Cat Eye Gemstone and their Prices:

Stone TypeCategoryPrice
Yellow-Green Chrysoberyl Cats Eye (Ceylonese) Super Luxury Rs. 80,000/ Carat
Yellow-Green Chrysoberyl Cats Eye (Ceylonese) Luxury Rs. 45,000/Carat
Yellow-Green Chrysoberyl Cats Eye (Ceylonese) Super Premium Rs. 15,000/Carat
Green Chrysoberyl Cats Eye (Ceylonese) Premium Plus Rs. 8,000/Carat
Chrysoberyl Cats Eye (Ceylonese) Premium Rs.4,000/Carat
Chrysoberyl Cats Eye (Ceylonese) Economy Rs. 2,000/Carat

How to Wear Cat Eye Lehsunia Stone?

Cat Eye Gemstone, also known as Lehsunia Stone, can be added to the pendant and ring with silver or in Panchdhatu. The weight of Cat-eye Gemstone should be 1-6 carats or more. Since the stone has its astrology benefits, thus, make sure you follow a set of rituals before wearing Cat Eye Stone.

  • You can wear a ring with Cat Eye Gemstone on the middle finger of the right hand.
  • It should be worn on Tuesday that too in the morning during Krishna Paksha and before the sunrise.
  • Before wearing the pendant or the ring, place it in the metal bowl.
  • In order to purify the stone and dispel all the negative energy, first add Ganga Jal, then Tulsi leaves and then raw milk of cow and at last add ghee to it.
  • While adding all the above-listed ingredients, one must recite mantra “Om Pram Preem Proom Sah Ketavay Namah” for 108 times. It will energize the ring.
  • The post above listed methods, take out the ring or pendant and clean it with the water and wear it.
  • Make sure you clean Cat Eye Gemstone regularly with the clean cloth and soapy water.

Benefits of Cat Eye Gemstone:

1. Helps in Spiritual Enlighten

Ketu is one of the mystical planets that often brings stress, misery, and pain. Cat-eye Gemstone can help with dealing with these problems and will aid peace and harmony in life. It also helps the person isolate him from all the worldly attachments and further helps him attain spiritual enlightenment. The energy of Ketu can also help in spiritual advancement.

2. It Brings Good Luck

Chrysoberyl, or Cat’s eye stone, brings good luck to the people who are involved in sharing trading, gambling, stock exchange market, horse racing business of speculation. This gemstone should be worn by all the individuals who like to take risks in life. It is believed to bring positivity and aid s financial related problems.

3. Cat Eye Gemstone is a Stress Buster

The mesmerizing gemstone can also help you to realize tension and stress. It provides relief from anxiety and depression. Moreover, gemstone aids in curing mental imbalances. After wearing a pendant or ring with Cat-Eye gemstone, one is able to ward off negativity and unhealthy desires, which are the leading causes of stress.

 4. Treats Physical Illness

The Cat eye gemstone in emerald helps to improve the wearer’s health and add wellbeing to life. In addition to this, the Lehsunia Stone also helps in improving the lifestyle. Though there is no medical surety, however, according to astrologers, the gemstone helps to fight back with the severe health problems like cancer. It can also help in treating other health problems like loss of appetite and anorexia.

 5. Brings wealth & Prosperity

The Lehsunia Stone is considered to bring prosperity and wealth in life. Moreover, it is beneficial for gaining lost wealth or to revive the business. Furthermore, it acts as a lucky charm and protects the wearer from all the evil effects. However, one should consult the astrologer before wearing it.

6. Improves Memory

People who have a lack of concentration and battling with memory-related problems are suggested to wear Cat. It enhances the vision of the wearer, improves memory, and helps to increase awareness. Also, it brings positivity to life and removes unknown fears and negativity that restricts growth.

7. Removes Ketu Dasha

As per the astrology, Ketu Dasha is amongst the longest-remaining and worst ill effects that last for a minimum of 18 years. However, after wearing this stone, all the adverse and evil effects re nullified. It also removes all evil thoughts and energy.

8. Gifts Creative Thinking

According to many astrologers, individuals wearing Cat Eye gemstone are witty, intelligent, and creative. It is believed that the stone enhances the learning abilities of the person. Chrysoberyls are also associated with self-control and discipline. They impart clear thinking and self-confidence.


Cat Eye Gemstone is one of the precious gemstones that have many benefits of wearing. This gemstone helps to lead a peaceful life from helping you release the stress to providing financial help. To add the benefits, one must wear it at the said time, too, after performing all the rituals. Do let us know what are your thought on Cat Eye Gemstone?


1. What are the benefits of Cat’s eye gemstone?

Cat’s eye gemstone helps to regain lost wealth. It also helps to improve memory and brings back good luck in life.

2. Is Cat’s Eye a real stone?

Yes, Cat’s eye gemstone is a real stone.

3. Is Cat’s Eye stone expensive?

The price of the Cat’s Eye stone starts from Rs. 15,00 per carat.

4. Who should wear Cat’s eye?

Individuals whose number according to the astrology matches with the Ketu i.e.7 or persons whose birthdays fall on the date like 7, 16, and 25 should wear Cat Eye Gemstone. Do consult your astrologer before wearing the gemstone.

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