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Booking a movie ticket has become simpler with BookMyShow that provides hassle-free services to its users. Besides this, it comes up with exciting BookMyShow coupons, deals, offers, cashbacks and gift cards – all to entice the movie-goers to bring them to the cinema. While all this seems exciting and you may have planned a perfect movie outing with your gang, but what if some urgent work kicks in at the very last moment and you are ought to cancel your movie tickets. In these times you would cringe about losing your money or not getting the refund. You don’t need to fret as BookMyshow tickets cancellation process is easy enough to let you keep your worries aside and focus on the urgencies.

BookMyShow caters to movie ticket cancellation requests of the users as and when required based on the show timings basis. Every website has a different cancellation policy; therefore, it helps the users cancel the tickets on the terms and conditions basis. BookMyShow is one of the largest players in the market dealing in the movie ticket business; thus it caters to the wider audience base. The policy of the website says the following about the movie tickets in connection to being cancelled, exchanged or refunded.

How to cancel PVR Cinemas Movie Tickets at BookMyShow?

If you get stuck up with something and need to cancel your movie ticket booked for the PVR Cinemas, don’t you worry; BookMyShow tickets cancellation policy is their to your rescue. You can cancel your movie tickets either up to 2 hours or between 20 minutes to 2 hours. In the former case, you will have 25% of the amount deducted of the base ticket price whereas if you somehow cancel between the latter one, 50% of the base ticket price will be deducted during the cancellation process. There’s another catch in this mode of cancellation; you can cancel the movie tickets for a selected few branches only. The few listed where you can’t cancel the tickets are PVR Selectcity, PVR ICON: Infiniti Andheri (W) (Gold), PVR Ambience Gurgaon, PVR Icon Versova Mumbai, PVR Director’s Cut, PVR ICON: Infiniti Andheri (W), PVR Bareilly, PVR Jammu and PVR Opulent.

How Superstar Customers can cancel BookMyShow Movie Tickets?

Superstar Customers are those who book the movie tickets frequently through BookMyShow, this is a benefits program aimed to reward customers for their consistency with BookMyShow. Currently this is an invite only feature and selected customers across India have been chosen to be a part of this program.

The Superstar Customers can cancel their movie tickets 20 minutes prior to the show time; however, they are only allowed one cancellation transaction in 6 months. The payment initiated is refunded to the source of payment mode in 7-10 days excluding the internet handling, paybacks, loyalty points and applied offers charges( if any). The BookMyshow tickets cancellation is not applicable on premieres and special screening, however.

Steps to Cancel BookMyShow Tickets:

  1. Login to the BookmyShow website or application through your registered email address.
  2. Once you log in, select the Hamburger option then click on Superstar option.
  3. Tap on Cancellation.

How to Cancel BookMyShow Tickets for Other Cinemas?

There are many cinemas who have tied up with BookMyShow and customers can book or cancel their movie tickets through the website. However, there are only selected cinemas that are listed. If you wish to cancel your movie ticket, the BookMyshow tickets cancellation process is quite easy and convenient.

You can cancel the tickets 4 hours prior to the show time and only 3 cancellation transactions are allowed in 30 days. And if you’ve applied for loyalty points, offer codes or paybacks, then you cannot cancel the tickets. Also, the internet handling charges, payment gateway charges and BookASmile won’t be refunded as well. 30% of the base price of the ticket will be deducted while the remaining amount will be credited to your account in 7 to 10 days. You’re in for a treat here as the food and beverages purchase amount will be refunded in full amount.

  1. Log in to the website or app and click on the Hamburger option.
  2. Once you click there, now select the Purchase History or Booking History from Applications, then select your booking and scroll down for the cancellation option.
  3. Once you’re done, you can tap on the Confirm option.
  4. If you opt for refund on any other payment source – Credit card/Debit card or Net banking, the amount will take upto 7-10 days to get credited into your account.

Whenever you are stuck in the process, the customer support team is there to help you out. You can always raise your concern but make sure that you have your questions ready as sometimes you might have the last minute ticket cancellations and you would always like to get a refund over extra levied charges.

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