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In the modern age, malls are located all over the world. There are a few top-notch malls in the world that are worth visiting to experience the absolutely amazing ambience. Do you know which are the biggest malls in Asia? If not, then keep reading this article.

We have selected the top 10 biggest malls in Asia which are among the best malls in the entire world also. The malls have a range of shopping outlets, spas, gaming arcades, ice skating ranks, swimming pools, theatres, and whatnot. Isn’t it interesting? Go ahead and know more about these fantastic human-made masterpieces. 

Top 10 Asia Biggest Malls You Can Know for Shopping & Entertainment

1. The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall

The label of the largest Mall in Asia is The Dubai Mall, in UAE. It has a huge entertainment area that includes more than 1200 retailer stores and more than 200 food outlets. It is a fantastic place to go for shoppers and entertainment lovers. If you that zoo in a mall is not possible, your thought is going to change.

This Asia largest mall has all that is not ideally found in any mall. It will astonish you with a unique colossal exhibit, aquarium, and underwater zoo. Isn’t it amazing to visit a place like this, in which a world in itself is standing next to the famous Burj Khalifa? So when are you planning to visit Asia’s largest mall?

Location: Financial Center Street, United Arab Emirates

Area: 12,000,000 square feet

Year of Opening: 2008


  • The astonishing Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
  • A large Ice Rink
  • The colossal exhibit of Dino
  • The amazing Dubai Opera

2. New South China Mall

New South China Mall

According to the area available for the lease, New South China Mall is one of the names in the list of top 10 biggest malls in Asia. It is spread over 7 million square feet, and that is a huge area for shopping. However, it does not see many footfalls on a daily basis. The reason why it is not very famous is because of its hard-to-reach location.

 It remains empty even today, and people call it ‘Ghost mall’ or ‘Dead mall.’ Yet we cannot undermine the fact that it is one of the largest malls in Asia. It was opened in 2005 and designed in seven zones with more than 100 shops and 360 dining outlets.

Location: Dongguan, China

Year of Opening: 2005

Area: 7,100,000 square feet


  • It has the biggest ice skating rank in South Asia
  • It has an open-air music hall that can be enjoyed by visitors.
  • Music concerts facing the sea.
  • It has seven zones of the shopping area
  • You will find a 25-meter replica of the Arc de Triomphe.

3. Golden Resources Mall

Golden Resources Mall

Another name on Asia’s biggest mall list is the Golden Resources Mall. The beautiful high-rising Mall of China has to be the Golden resources mall also called the ‘The Great Mall of China’. There are 1000 stores, including the famous brands of Handbags for women, shoes, jewellery, and many more.

This majestic mall has a high-class spa and games section, Clubs, and an ice-skating rink. So you can imagine how entertaining this place could be. This is undoubtedly one of the best on the list of the biggest malls in Asia.

Location: Beijing, China

Area: 6,000,010 square feet

Year of Opening:


  • Entertaining Tongda Tiandi – A Kid’s Fiesta
  • Famous Na Yun Yi Mei Zhi Spa
  • Sporting Championship Ice Rink
  • Redsports Club



The aesthetically appealing beautiful and biggest mall in Asia has to include ICONSIAM. It was opened in 2018 to give a high-end luxury and casual experience to visitors. The mall has more than just a place to shop, but you can enjoy the ambience and take part in amazing activities.

It is located in the heart of the country, Thailand. You will enjoy high-rise infrastructure along with multinational cuisines and an exceptional ambience to enjoy with your loved ones.

Location: Khlong San, Bangkok, Thailand

Area: 5,650,000 square feet

Year of opening: 2018


  • Siam Sook floating market on the ground floor
  • Majestic Thai pavilions
  • Traditional Thai shops for handicrafts
  • Outlets of Luxury brands

5. SM Megamall

SM Megamall

The next name in list of biggest mall of Asia is SM Megamall of the Philippines. It is a huge and attractive place to visit for shopping and entertainment. It is an understatement if we call it merely a shopping mall; Mall has more to it than any other mall and complex. The mall has two buildings, and the Mega Atrium bridges these two.

There are hundreds of stores for high-end brands for shoes, handbags, perfumes, and many other products. This is an amazing place to visit and admire the infrastructure. So plan to visit this large mall in the Philippines to shop from the hypermarket and enjoy movies at IMAX or enjoy playing in the gaming section. Undoubtedly, it comes in one of the biggest malls in Asia.

Location: Manila, Philippines

Year of Opening: 1991

Area: 5,451,220 square feet


  • There is an IMAX 12-screen theatre.
  • Enjoy gaming arcade
  • It has an Olympic-sized ice skating rink
  • There is Roman Catholic Chapel
  • There is also a medical clinic

6. SM City North EDSA

SM City North EDSA

Adding to the list of Asia’s largest shopping malls, SM City North EDSA captures the next place. It is a huge shopping mall with amazing entertainment zones with a capacity of 6.6 million people. You will be amazed by the infrastructure and facilities of this mall.

You can consider this largest mall in Asia as a recreational center as well. We say this as visitors enjoy the view of an artificial waterfall with an astonishing skylight. All of these add to the aesthetics of the mall. 

Location: Quezon City, Philippines

Year of Opening: 1985

Area: 5,360,000 square feet


  • There is an artificial waterfall
  • Attractive spherical skylights
  • The solar power plant which generates electricity for the mall
  • Hi-Tech gaming area

7. Central World

Central World

Central World is undoubtedly among the biggest malls in Asia. This beautiful mall was initially called World Trade Center, and in 2002 Central group acquired it for redesign and renovation. It eventually opened up in 2006 to exhibit its grandeur and beauty.

This hosts more than 5000 stores and outlets for high-end and local Thai brands. There is a huge area in front of the mall where people gather to count down for the New Year. There is a grand hotel in the mall where you can stay and enjoy the food luxuriously. Along with that, you will also find two Hindu shrines located in the mall. All of these make it one of Asia’s biggest Malls that is a place of attraction for millions. 

Location: Thailand, Bangkok

Area: 2,013,000 square feet

Year of Opening: 2006


  • There are various zones of the shopping mall
  • It has 5-star hotels inside the mall
  • It has a convention center

8. 1 Utama Shopping Center

1 Utama Shopping Center

With the tagline “It’s all in one,” 1 Utama is one of Asia’s biggest Malls 2023 you find in world. The most attractive feature is the Rainforest, which is a unique area of the mall surrounded by cafes and restaurants. Here visitors can enjoy the beauty of the location along with sipping their favorite brew. 

It also has a gaming section like the multisport section. It also has a surfing pool, which is hard to imagine in any usual shopping mall. So you can imagine how amazing it would be to visit the place.

Location: Damansara, Malaysia

Area: 4,900,000 square feet

Year of opening: 1995


  • The mall has a surfing pool
  • Enjoy skydiving wind tunnel
  • There is a multisport section
  • There are entertainment venues alongside shopping

9. Persian Gulf Complex

Persian Gulf Complex

Persian Gulf Complex is counted at the top of the largest shopping mall in Asia. It is counted among Asia’s largest malls because of its size and grandeur. It houses more than 2500 shops and services that make it a hypermarket. Visiting this complex, you will experience Persian royalty. You will find everything under one complex, whatever you ever needed to make your day.

Achaemenid architectural captures the visitor’s attention. The tall pillar and the beautiful fountains in the front will surely transport you to a land of imagination. There are many stores with high-end and casual products. If you are interested in the best Luxury Perfumes, you will find them here.

Location: Shiraz, Iran

Area: 4,800,000 square feet

Year of Opening:  2011


  • It has an indoor amusement park
  • There is a tennis court
  • There is a helipad
  • It has a three-story billiards hall
  • There is the largest Husseiniya in Iran
  • You will find Six cinema halls
  • It has an outdoor amusement park
  • Amazing gaming center
  • There are bowling lounges and alleys

10. Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon Mall of Bangkok is counted among the most luxurious and biggest malls in Asia. This super gorgeous mall is located in Bangkok and stands next to the Central world. It houses various well-known brand outlets.

You can thoroughly enjoy the services and eateries available at the premises along with the astonishing surrounding. The crystal lighting and fountain alley are some perfect picture locations.

Location: Thailand, Bangkok

Area: 4,300,000 square feet

Year of Opening: 2005


  • There is a 15-screen multiplex
  • It has an Opera concert hall
  • There is a bowling alley
  • There is a Thai Art Gallery
  • It has a Karaoke Center
  • You will find the Royal Paragon Hall


Shopping malls are no more limited to only shopping for goods, but it has become one-stop for all recreational activities and services. You can visit a mall to enjoy fine dining, high-end shopping, gaming, and many more things. The bigger the mall, the larger the options for you in all areas.

Here we have listed the biggest malls in Asia that have shifted the attention of western countries. These are sorted according to the area of malls and the features it offers. We hope this list inspired you to visit these astonishing and biggest shopping mall in Asia.

Biggest Malls in Asia FAQs

1. How many of the top 10 biggest shopping malls are found in Asia?

Asia is the home of 8 of the 10 biggest shopping malls in the world.

2. Which is the largest Mall in India?

LuLu International Shopping Mall, located in Kochi, is the largest Mall in India.

3. Is the New South China Mall functional?

Yes, the New South China Mall is functional, yet the average footfall is low. Only 10% of the mall is given out in the lease, and the rest is vacant.

4. What are the top 10 biggest malls in the world?

The Dubai Mall is one of the biggest malls in the world. In this blog, we have listed the top 10 biggest malls in Asia, which are worth visiting. So go through the list mentioned above to know more.

5. What is the smallest mall in the world?

Danbury Fair Mall is the smallest mall in the world in England.

6. What is the second-largest mall in the world?

Golden Resources Mall is the second-largest mall in the world, and you will find more about it in the blog above.

7. Who owns the Dubai Mall?

The largest Dubai Mall is owned by Emaar Properties.

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