Best Out of Waste Ideas

In the higher consumer-based society, purchasing capacity and purchasing options are both increasing with the time. It is very easy to reject or throw away things when it is not in use. Teaching the kids about the value of things we need to inculcate best out of waste ideas in them.

There are two ways to do that; one is recycling and upcycling. Recycling means changing the product entirely into a new one, like turning old papers to a new paper. On the other hand upcycling is the way to upgrade the exciting product to change its usage or form. This encourages eco-friendly decoration at home and workplaces as well. In this blog, we have listed class wise 30 best out of waste ideas for kids.

Best Out of Waste Easy Ideas for Class 1-4

1. Popsicle Photo Frame Idea

Popsicle Photo Frame Idea

Popsicle or ice-cream stick is the primary raw material you will find in any craft store. You can take eight of these sticks and glue it to make a square. Place a photograph in the center of the frame that you made out of the popsicles. This is a great option to use sticks to make something very creative and usable.   

2. Pencil Shaving Art

One of the easy best out-of-waste ideas is pencil-shaving art. Pencil shaving is a common waste for any kids who write with a pencil. You can save these pencil shavings and use them in your art creatively. Draw the flower stem or flower vase or owl and make the use of these pencil wastes to fill the space.    

3. Craft Paperweight

The beautiful paperweight can also be made with waste things. Find a smooth stone or rock piece and wash it well. When the stone dries, ask the kids to paint the stones as they want. The painting part would be fun and exciting for kids and results would be amazing.

4. Sock Puppets Idea

Sock Puppets Idea

The stock of old socks generally gets thrown away when it gets a hole or overused. Instead of throwing it away, you can use upcycle methods to make cute puppets out of it. Ask the kids to stuff cotton in the socks and paste eyes, nose, and mouth to the sock’s end. To make it more beautiful, make its hair out of wool. The kids will enjoy making it and later playing with it.

5. Paper Garland

Paper Garland

Many paper cuttings get wasted when we do any art and craftwork. Collect the leftover paper and ask the kids to cut it in shape, be it round, triangle, or oval. Demonstrate them hoe to stick these papers on a rope. The kids will love the activity, and colorful papers will attract them too.

6. Cardboard Tube Coiled Snake

Cardboard Tube Coiled Snake

The waste cardboard is one of the easily useable waste products. You can cut long strips of the cardboard and give it to the kids to draw snake scales on it. When they are done coloring and drawing, let them paste eyes on one end. When it is done, take a rod, cardboard tube, or metal pipe and roll the cardboard on it. Hold it for a while. Then remove the rod, and you will get cute coiled cardboard snakes.  

7. Make a Snowman Out of a Sock.

If you are looking for best out of waste ideas for Christmas decoration, then socks snowman is the best project. Get the old socks and stuff it with cotton and tie a string to make head and body. This will make the structure of your snowman. Now add the details like eyes, hat, or nose to make it look complete. It is ready to place it near the Christmas tree or on the center table.

Creative Out of Waste Ideas for Class 6- 8

8. Glittery CD Fish Idea

Glittery CD Fish Idea

If you have old CDs and wish to discard it, wait and think about it again. CDs can be turned into decorative pieces easily. You can ask the kids to take a CD and stick glitters on it. Also, add the fins, eye and fish mouth to make it more like a fish. It is a great out of creative waste ideas.

9. Spoon Vase Idea

Spoon Vase Idea

This beautiful spoon vase idea is something that kids would love. Ask them to get colorful spoons and cut the spoon stock leaving the curve part. Now stick the spoon curves one by one and cover the plastic bottle or vase. It will make the vase look beautiful with flowers or indoor plants placed inside.  

10. Tin Can Chimes Idea

Tin Can Chimes Idea

Tins can make sooth sounding chimes. You just need to get tins of different sizes and materials for better results. Cut the tins in halves and make a hole in the bottom. Insert a string from the hole and ties it at the end. Do the same with other tins as well. Tie all of the tins at different height but close enough to hit each other.  Hang it at the house entrance to let the wind make it chime. Paint it to decorate it nicely. It is one of the best out of waste ideas.

11. Pen Stand Idea

Use the bottle to make its base of the pen stand. Cover the bottle with thick yellow paper and shape it as pineapple. Use green threads to make the diagonals for making it look more like a pineapple. Yes, don’t forget to make a crown of it. This can be detailed and beautified in many ways.

12. Bunker Bed

Make the small things need for detailing and preciseness. You can make bed bunk using a matchstick box. Then decorate it with fabric and furniture details. Make it more like a real bed bunk, and that needs more detail.

13. Milk Carton Bus

Milk Carton Bus

 The used milk carton can also be used to make creative things. Glue four caps at the bottom as wheels and make it stand as a bus. After that, make the windows and door and use the carton’s front side as the driver’s seat. This will look creative and beautiful when painted and decorated well.

14. Superhero Bookmark

Superhero Bookmark

Take popsicles or ice cream sticks and paint it well with a solid color. Then make a beautiful character on it and stick some decorative elements to it. This will act as a fancy bookmarker. Now gift it to your friends to use it yourself. You will be happy that you made it yourself. This is definitely one of the best out of waste ideas.  Use it as your birthday party return gift for your friends.

15. Shoebox Maze Idea

A show box is easily discarded when you get new shoes and it find the place in the shoe rack. Instead of throwing it away, make a maze out of it. You can turn it like a pinball game box. Stick popsicles as the obstacle or paste small elements for directing the path for the ball. When everything is stuck, then paint it entirely to make it look furnished.

16. Matchbox Suitcase for Dolls Idea

Another miniature art is the matchbox suitcase.  You can take a matchbox and cover it with brown paper. Add handle and other details to make it look real.

17. Bottle Money Bank Idea

The best way to use a plastic bottle is by using it to save money. Take an empty bottle and fix four corks at the belly of a flattened bottle. Make a slit on the top of the bottle for sliding coins through it. You can now decorate the bottle by pasting eyes and make it look like a cute piggy.

18. Paper Cup Wind Mill

Take a paper cup and keep it inverted. Stick two popsicles diagonally and paste it on the top of the cup. Paint the cup and the windmill wings. Place the cap on the box of sand to make it look more realistic.

Best Out of Waste Ideas for Class 8 to 10

19. Tin Can Lanterns Idea

Tin Can Lanterns Idea

Tins can be upcycled in many ways. One way to use tins for beautification is by making tin can lanterns. Make the holes in the container in a beautiful pattern and place light in the tin. You can use the Chinese light or candles inside and hang it on high to see its beauty.    

20. T-Shirt Bag Idea

T-Shirt Bag Idea

If you have an old tethered T-Shirt, what do you do with it? Instead of throwing it away, you can turn it into useful shopping bags. Take the t-shirt, cut the sleeves and make it in the handle shape of the bag. You can make these bags look even fancier by adding small elements and sparkles to it.    

21. Matchbox Robot

Take some empty matchboxes and cover it with a grey sheet. Add the robotic hands and eyes using popsicles or sketch pens. The square shape of the matchbox makes it look like a robot. It is an excellent way to transform the simple waste product into an attractive toy.

22. Paper Cup Lights

Like we did it with tins, we can do it with paper cups. Take a few paper cups and make a beautiful pattern by pricking holes in it. You can make a bigger hole at the base of the cup to insert small lights in it. Use the string to ties few cups with lights installed in it. Switch the lights on and see the beauty.

23. Recycled Paper Out of Waste Paper

When there is a heap of waste papers, then the best way to use it is recycling it. Soak the paper in water and let it get pulpy. Later set the paper pulp on a drainer, press the sheet as thin as possible and let it dry overnight. You will be amazed to see the recycled paper. This is a one of the best out of waste ideas.

24. Bottle Cap Peacock Fridge Magnet Idea

Whenever we open a glass bottle or beer bottle, the caps always goes in waste. There is a way where you can use the caps as well. Take a bottle cap, stick two buttons on the inside of the cap. On top of the button, stick a magnet.  Your bottle cap fridge magnet is ready, but if you wish to beautify it, you can add your art like peacock o top of it. Present this gift  to your favorite teacher Teacher’s day and they will surprised by your creativity.

Best Out of Waste Ideas for Competitions

25. Egg Carton Tulips

Egg Carton Tulips

If you buy eggs, you will get an egg tray cardboard that never gets used. Now you can turn this waste into a beautiful decorative piece. Simply cut individual egg holders and gather many such pieces. You can paint it in vibrant colors and make a hole at the base. Insert the tuning series bulbs in individual pieces. Attach a stick to it like a flower and put the light on. This beautiful decorative piece will make your sitting area look beautiful. Gift this to your mother on next Mother’s day to make her feel special.

26. Milk Carton Bird House

Milk Carton Bird House

A milk carton can be used in multiple ways; one can be used to make birdhouses. Cut the front of the carton to make a window for birds. Decorate the carton with fancy lights and painting. Hang these birdhouses in the garden and beautify your place.

27. The Beach in a Bottle Idea

It looks gorgeous when we see creative art inside the bottle. You can use an old glass bottle and put sand at the bottom of a flat glass bottle. Add little seashells and more oceanic elements to add details to it. Finally, close the bottle with the cork and fix it with a cork at the bottom.

28. Mason Jar Snow Globe Idea

Mason Jar Snow Globe Idea

Use a mason jar to make another decorative item. Stick a tree on the bottom of the cap and add the small cotton flakes and thermocol balls. Close the jar cap and keep it inverted. Your DIY snow globe is ready. You can also decorate it with fairy lights and more exciting elements in it.

29. Candles Out of Crayon

Candles Out of Crayon

It is interesting to make candles out of crayons. Take a few plain candles and melt it overheat. Add colorful crayons to it and set it in the glass jar. You can make beautiful candles playing with different colors and patterns. To make it more special, you can add essential oil when you melt. This will act as a room fragrance whenever you light a candle. This is unique gift to present to your loved ones.

30. Paper Bag Luminaries

Take paper bags of various colors and put the light in it to let it shine. That’s the main idea. There are many ways you can do it. Take a large dark brown paper bag and a smaller white paper bag. Place a light bulb at the center, cut the white bag’s top, and place it inverted to cover the light. Now cover the larger bag with a brown bag. To make it stable, add sand at the bottom and place it rows. You can also put these paper bags on height and let it beautify the room. You can use it for any party decoration.


In this age of multiple options and easy availability of products, we tend to throw away things very easily. Kids need to be involved in the out of waste ideas projects to inculcate sustainability and optimize use of products. Many schools have taken up this project and involve the kids in out of waste ideas competitions. This encourages the kids to be creative by making useful products. In this blog, we have listed 30 best out of waste ideas for school kids. The blog is segregated by different class-wise creative ideas. You will find it very interesting and worth trying ideas with your kids. So go ahead and read the blog and make beautiful things out of waste.


1. How can we make creative things from waste material at home?

You can do many exciting things from waste material. You can make beautiful paper lights using regular shopping paper bags or tulip lights with egg cardboard tray. Go through the blog and know more ideas to upcycle the waste products.

2. What is best out of waste Ideas with newspapers?

Newspapers can be used in many creative ways. You can create a pen stand with it or recycle it to make new handmade paper. You can follow the ideas given in the blog to know more ways to reuse newspapers.

3. How can we use waste material for home decorations?

Use paper cups, plastic spoon, or egg tray to make exciting home decoration products. There use these raw materials and convert them into hanging lights, illuminating flowers, or fancy flower vase. Read many such home decoration ideas mentioned in the blog.

4. What is best out of waste ideas for classes 4 & 5?

Glittery fish using old CD, tin can chime, and shoebox maze is some of the best out of waste ideas for class 5. Go through the class-wise waste reusing ideas in the blog.

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