A strong immune system is key to a healthy body. It lets your body parts function smoothly and helps you to stay away from common health infections. Here we have curated 15 Immunity Foods that one should in the diet to improve the immune system. Besides the immune system, these superfoods are loaded with multiple nutrients that promote a healthy body

List of Best Immunity Foods

1. Almonds


Dry fruits like almonds are one of the best immunity foods. Almonds have several health benefits that keep cold and cough at bay. It also has Vitamin E that supports a healthy immune system. Also, almonds are fat-soluble vitamins that have all the essential nutrients and healthy fats. For best results, soak 4-5 almonds in the freshwater, and the next day, remove the peel and have it. Almonds are suitable for the brain as well.

2. Turmeric


Turmeric is one of the kitchen staples in India. Owing to its health benefits, it is used in the curries and even consumed along with milk.  It has anti-inflammatory properties that treat arthritis and it is a wonderful immunity food. It also has a powerful component called curcumin, which color to the turmeric and reduces muscle damage that is caused due to excessive exercise.

3. Citrus Foods

Citrus Foods

To your surprise, citrus foods like lemon and lime are ideal remedies for fever and cough treatment. Citrus fruits are packed with Vitamin C that increases the production of white blood cells. It further helps to fight back with the infections and helps to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the citrus fruits that you should add to your diet grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes, Clementine’s. Like most of the nutrients, our body does not store or produce Vitamin C, so the only way to reap the benefits of the nutrient is to consume it regularly.

4. Red bell peppers

Red bell peppers

Red bell peppers are the best superfoods as they are loaded with most of the nutrients that help to boost the immune system.

They contain double Vitamin C as compared to the citrus fruits. In addition to this, Red bell papers are a good source of Beta Carotene. It also gives healthy skin. Besides the healthy skin and immune system, red bell papers are also good for the eyes as well

5. Broccoli


This green vegetable is high on all the essential nutrients that facilitate the smooth functioning of the body organs. It has nutrients like Vitamin A, C, and E, antioxidants, and fiber that help to strengthen the immune system.  This is the reason it is considered one of the healthiest vegetables and best immunity food. Make sure you add to your diet. In order to keep the nutrients intact, make sure you do not cook it much.

6. Garlic


Garlic is one of the best superfoods to improve the immune system. It adds a flavor of zing to the food and keeps a check on the health. Many people do not know, but garlic has several health benefits like anti-inflammatory and others that help to fight back with the infections and helps to lead a healthy lifestyle.

It has a prime component called allicin – the compound contains sulfuric acid that slows down the hardening of the arteries and lowers the high blood pressure. For best results, you can have two cloves of raw garlic with warm water first thing in the morning.

7. Ginger


This is another superfood that is regarded as the best antioxidant that improves the immune system.  It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help to treat inflammation and reduces common health problems like sore throat and inflammatory illness. It can also help to treat nausea. What makes ginger this effective is one compound called gingerol. The mixture also has cholesterol-lowering properties. For the best results, you can have ginger tea in the morning. Add a teaspoon of honey to it for more benefits.

8. Spinach


Spinach is counted amongst the most nutritious green leafy vegetable and best immunity foods. It has Vitamin C. It also has antioxidants, and beta carotene that strengthens the immune system to improves immunity level. Like Brocolli, make sure you cook it for longer. Spinach also contains Vitamin A that promotes health.  While cooking light, more nutrients will be released from oxalic acid.

9. Yogurt


Yes, yogurt is a top superfood that strengthens the immune system. However, Greek yogurt is more beneficial for health as it has bacteria that support a healthy immune system. It fights back with the disease. Make sure you opt for the plain yogurt as flavored yogurt contains sugar.  If you like sweetness, you can add fruits to the plain yogurt and relish the flavor. Yogurt is also an excellent source of Vitamin D that regulates the immune system and acts as a natural defense against diseases.

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10. Papaya


Papaya is also a good source of Vitamin C. It has 224 percent of the daily recommended amount of the nutrient in the single papaya. Also, this fruit backed by the digestive enzymes-papain that has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to this, papaya has the right amount of potassium and Vitamin B. Owing to its numerous health benefits, it is called one of the best superfoods to improve the immune system.

11. Kiwi


Next in our list of best superfoods to improve the immune system is kiwi. Like the above-listed fruits, kiwi also has most of the essential nutrients, and minerals like potassium, folate, Vitamin K, and Vitamin C. Vitamin boosts Vitamin C and prevent infection. On the other hand, other nutrients make sure that all the body parts function well

12. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Packed with all the essential nutrients like magnesium, phosphorous, and Vitamin B-, Sunflower seeds are one of the best superfoods to improve the immune system and thus it is one of the best immunity foods.  It is also a good source of Vitamin E and antioxidants. Vitamin E maintains and regulates the immune system functioning.

13. Poultry


While you will not believe it, but poultry foods also improve the immune system, especially chicken soup. It helps to treat the symptoms of the cold and flu. Poultry like turkey and chicken are a rich source of Vitamin B-6. It helps in the formation of healthy and new red blood cells. You can also use broth or stock to strengthen the immune system.

14. Shellfish


Shellfish is a good source of Zinc which our body needs to strengthen the immune system. Types of shellfish that you can include in your diet crab, clams, lobster, mussels. Adult men should have 11 milligrams (mg), and women should have 8 mg regularly.

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15. Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants called flavonoids. In addition to this, it has high levels of epigallocatechin gallate, which is a powerful antioxidant that enhances the immune system. Green tea is also an excellent source of amino acid L-theanine that may help in the production of germ-fighting compounds in the T-cells.


There are many superfoods that one can add to the diet to improve the immune system and stay away from infections.

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