Best Hair Straighteners in India

Want to get your tresses smooth in no time? Get an ideal hair straightener for yourself. In India, many brands offer best hair straighteners – Phillips, Syska, Havells, and BaByliss are amongst them.

Every girl is not blessed with straight hair, and thus, a straightener comes handy. The tool is easy to use and has impressive features that will maintain the quality of your tresses and will not damage them.

List of Best Hair Straighteners in India:

1. Vega Adore Flat Hair Straightener

Vega Adore Flat Hair Straightener

Now you can get sleek and smooth hair in a jiffy with Vega Adore Flat Iron Straightener. It gives a glossy sheen to the tresses. This straightener comes with ceramic coating, which evenly distributes the heat and protects the hair from damage. With its easy lock system, you do not have to wait for long to let the plates cool down. Also, it has a 360° swivel cord rotates, which prevents tangles.

Salient Features:

  • It comes with a cord that measures 1.8 m.
  • It has ceramic coated plates.
  • This straighter gets heated in 60 seconds.
  • The size of its plates are 23mm x 85mm
  • It has an LED Indicator.
  • The user gets a 2-year warranty.

Price – Rs. 999

2. Philips Selfie Straightener (HP8302/00)

Philips Selfie Straightener HP8302

Phillips is one of the known brands for home appliances. This straightener is one of the best hair straighteners in India. It is designed with the silk pro-technology, and the plates are made up of advanced keratin ceramic that does not damage the hair. It gives you smooth and silk tresses in no time.

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Salient Features:

  • It is designed with Philips SilkPro Care technology.
  • The straightener has Ceramic plates that give smooth hair.
  • It provides 210 degrees Celsius professional temperature for salon-like results.
  • Its swivel cord rotates and prevents tangling of wires.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.

Price – Rs. 1295

3. Philips BHS386/00 KeraShine Straightener With Silkpro Care Technology

Philips BHS386 KeraShine Straightener

Next in the list of best hair straighteners in India is this KeraShine straightener for Phillips. Infused with ionic care and keratin ceramic coating. The plates of the straightener let your hair glide well and turn them into a smoothy and silky tresses. Equipped with two temperature settings, it allows you to set the temperature according to your preference.

Salient Features:

  • It is equipped with the SilkPro feature.
  • The straightener has Keratin-Infused Ceramic Plates.
  • It offers variable temperature control.
  • This straightener gets heated in 60 seconds.
  • It comes with a 1.6 long cord that allows you to style your hair with ease.

Price – Rs. 2395

4. Havells Ceramic Coated Hair Straightener HS4101

Havells Ceramic Coated Hair Straightener HS4101

Undoubtedly, Havells is one of the best brands in India. It has a wide range of styling tools that includes hair straighteners and curling tongs. This model comes in vibrant color and is perfect for all the girls who do not have much time to style their hair. The ceramic plates of this straightener glide well, giving you smooth and straight hair in no time. In addition to this, it comes with a convenient lock system that makes it safe for storage and traveling.

Salient Features:

  • The highest temperature that one can set is 210 degrees Celsius.
  • It features an advanced PTC heating element.
  • This straightener comes with instant heat technology.
  • It has a 1.8 m long cord that offers maximum convenience and flexibility.
  • The ceramic plates are 25 x 120 mm long that provides a better grip to the user.
  • The hair straightener comes with a 2-year warranty.

Price – Rs. 1101

5. Remington S1005 Ceramic Straight Hair Straightener 230

Remington S1005 Ceramic Straight Hair Straightener 230

With ceramic and Teflon coating, this hair straightener provides smooth hair that, too, with effortless stroke. It glides well on the hair and does not overheat the tresses that prevent hair damage. The ceramic straight 230 works fast and give salon-like results in less time.

Salient Features:

  • It comes with Teflon and Ceramic coating that glides on the hair well.
  • This hair straightener has an LED indicator display.
  • It is ready to use in 30 seconds.
  • The plates have a longer length of 110 mm for convenient styling.

Price – Rs. 3795

6. Nova NHS 860 Temperature Control Professional Hair Straightener

Nova NHS 860 Temperature Control Professional Hair Straightener

Nova is amongst the leading companies in India that have an array of best straighteners. The best thing about this straightener is that it lets you straighten your hair without any hassle and gives a natural finish. Also, you can use it on the wet to dry and frizzy hair.

Salient Features:

  • It comes with ceramic coating.
  • This straightener has a digital control.
  • It comes with a long swivel cord.
  • It has an adjustable temperature setting that ranges from 160 degrees C to 220 degrees C.
  • The heating time is 30 seconds.
  • Nova hair straightener comes with 12 months warranty.

Price – Rs. 749

7. Syska HS2026 Hair Straightener

Syska HS2026 Hair Straightener

Create different hairstyles each day with this Syska HS2026 Hair Straightener. It is one of the best hair straighteners in India. It heats up in just 30 seconds and gives you shiny and lustrous hair instantly. Whether you are going for the party or office, this hair straightener is all you need to get the desired hairstyle. It comes with an array of temperature options to choose.

Salient Features:

  • This hair straightener heats the hair evenly without causing damage.
  • It features a clear LED temperature indicator.
  • It has varied temperature settings between 120 degrees to 220 degrees.
  • This hair straightener has a lockable handle and a long cord-perfect for styling.

Price – Rs. 2399

8. Panasonic Compact 2 in 1 Multi-Styling Straightener

Panasonic Compact 2 in 1 Multi-Styling Straightener

If you are looking for a single hair styling tool that gives you curls and straight hair, this is the one-hair straightener you should buy. It heats up in 60 seconds and is suitable for chemical treated hair as well. It has a durable Ceramic coated plate.

Salient Features:

  • It comes with a long cord for easy movement while styling the tresses.
  • Suitable for chemical treated hair.
  • 1-hour automatic shut off.
  • It comes with a safety cap.

Price – Rs. 1795

9. BaByliss Straightener (ST330E)

BaByliss Straightener (ST330E)

This hair straightener is ideal for short and medium hair length. It effectively smoothens out the tresses. It is equipped with long straightening plates that are sealed with Diamond ceramic coating. It distributes the heat evenly on the hair. Moreover, it is easy to use

Salient Features:

  • It comes with professional diamond ceramic coating.
  • It heats up instantly and evenly distributes the heat.
  • This hair straightener comes with six temperature levels.
  • The maximum temperature for straitening is 235 degrees celsius.
  • It has an LED display and a transport lock.

Price – Rs. 4499

10. Braun Satin Hair 7 ST750 ES3 Hair Straightener

Braun Satin Hair 7 ST750 ES3 Hair Straightener

This hair straightener is a bit expensive, but the tool is worth purchasing. It is amongst best hair straighteners in India for colored hair. This hair straightener from Braun maintains the color of the hair and does not let your hair dry. On top of it, the straightener provides Superionic performance. It tames your hair and removes all the frizz. In addition to this, its Active ions restore the moisture balance of the hair.

Price – Rs. 4560

Features that you Should Consider While Buying Hair Straightener:

1. The material of the plates – Look for the ceramic plates as they glide on the hair and do not hair damage. It also removes frizz and adds shine to the hair if you like to use the hair straightener at a high temperature than Titanium plates are ideal.

2. Temperature – It is always wise to opt for a hair straightener that has various temperature setting options so that you can set the ideal temperature. However, if you have coarse hair, than straighteners with only high temperatures will also do for you.

3. Size – The size of the straightener depends on your usage and the length of the hair. If you are buying a straightener for traveling, then you can buy a small hair straightener. However, buying for regular use than medium and large will be ideal for you. Moreover, it should be lightweight.

4. Automatic shut off Feature – This feature will automatically turn the straightener off once it provides the optimum heat to your hair.

5. Swivel Cord – 360-degree swivel cord allows you to move and prevents tangling.

6. Price and Brand – Make sure you buy a hair straightener at the best price from an authentic brand.


A hair straightener is a wonderful styling tool. It smoothens out your tresses in no time, making them shiny and manageable. In this blog, we have curated ten best hair straighteners from reputed brands that you can try. Do let us know which is your favorite hair straightener, and why?

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