best face creams for dry skin

Dry skin type needs special attention, especially in winters, as the season can take a toll on the skin type and make it even worse. The skin on the face is the most exposed, which is why it is most affected during the winters.

With the onset of the cold season, the skin starts flacking and gets painfully tight. Thus, it needs a moisturizer or creams for dry skin that is specially formulated for the winter season.

In winters, people generally resort to oily creams thinking it would provide an extra dose of hydration to their skin and make it soft, but on the contrary, it could lead to skin breakouts. It is essential to consider your skin type and the ingredients present in the moisturizer.

10 Ideal Face Creams for Dry Skin that are worth in Winter

Cream for Dry Skin

Lotus Herbals NUTRANITE Skin Renewal Nutritive Night Creams

Lotus has a vast range of moisturizers for dry skin. However, The Lotus Herbals NUTRANITE Skin Renewal Nutritive Night Cream is one of the best and trusted moisturizing creams.  The moisturizer is packed with natural oxidants that add antiseptic and astringent properties. It repairs the skin cells and removes all the dirt and impurities present in the skin. It further aids in strengthening the natural defense system of the skin and restores skin’s resiliency and firmness.

This night cream is ideal for all skin types’, especially for dry skin. Apply the cream on the clean face before hitting the sack. Gently pat it on your face so that it gets absorbed.

Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer SPF 24 PA++

If you are looking for a lightweight moisturizer or cream that can cover your entire body, including the face, Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer SPF 24 PA++ is the best option for you. One of the best things about this lotion is SPF, which helps to protect the skin from UV rays.

The moisturizer has a unique formulation of peaches and milk, which is a bonus for people with dry skin. In addition to this, it has a rich formula, which makes it one of the must-have creams for dry skin in winters. Apply this lotion on your entire body as soon as you come out of your shower in the morning. For extra hydration, you can also apply it before going to sleep.

Olay Total Effects 7 In One Anti-Ageing Day Cream Normal SPF 15

Olay is one of the most preferred skincare brands in India. The brand has a vast range of face creams and serums for different skin concerns. Amongst all, Olay Total Effects 7 In One Anti-Ageing Day Cream Normal SPF 15 is best of dry skin type.

The daily face moisturizer has SPF 15 to protect the skin from sun exposure. The moisturizer is exclusively formulated to fight back with seven significant signs of aging. On regular usage, it helps to reduce wrinkles, age spots, uneven texture, dullness, reduces the size of pores, and, most importantly, it hydrates the skin. It offers a breadth of benefits, which makes your skin look younger and healthy.

Himalaya Herbals Intensive Face Moisturizing Lotion

Himalaya Herbals Intensive Face Moisturizing Lotion is one of the best winter creams for the face. It is an ideal moisturizer for dry and dehydrated skin type as it is infused with the goodness of natural ingredients like Aloe-Vera, Country Mallow, and Indian Madder that nourishes the skin from within. It is light formulation; thus, it does not leave greasiness on the skin. It seamlessly blends with the skin without leaving a white cast on your face.

On regular application, your skin will become hydrated, plumped, and radiant. For best results, you can apply it in the day and night as well

Biotique Bio Wheat Germ Youthful Nourishing Night Cream

The brand Biotique needs no introduction. Biotique Bio Wheat Germ Youthful Nourishing Night Cream is suitable for people with dry skin as it has wheat germ which is an excellent source of Vitamin E. The moisturizer also has almond oil, and extracts of carrot and sunflower which adds to its benefits. It seamlessly moisturizes and strengthens the skin while giving it a younger appearance.

The ingredients present in the face cream also protect the skin from environmental stress. Apply it over the clean face and leave it for the entire night.

Nivea Soft Light Moisturiser

Nivea Soft Light Moisturiser is one of the best face creams for dry skin. The all-rounder moisturizer is prepared with a light formulation that does not grease your skin and provides its optimum hydration. It has a quick-absorbing formula, which makes the skin soft and refreshed. Currently, it is available in a multitude of variants, such as Beery Blossom and Aloe Vera.

Gently rub it daily on a clean face for soft and radiant skin. Though it is best for daily use, however, you can also apply it on your entire body and face in night for extra protection.

VLCC Honey Moisturiser

VLCC Honey Moisturiser consists of honey extracts and some essential oils such as Olive, almond, and jojoba that work wonders on dry skin. The moisturizer nourishes, hydrate, and replenish the skin cells making your skin look firm and younger especially during winter. It keeps the face fresh and supple all day long. In addition to this, the face cream is lightweight and non-greasy.

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Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

Cetaphil moisturizer has non-comedogenic properties that prevent clogged pores. This moisturizer offers intense hydration and nourishes dry skin from within. It has a unique formula that keeps the skin moisturized for long hours. This face cream is ideal for people with significant skin dryness as it has long-lasting relief properties. It blends easily and makes the skin smooth.

Plum Hello Aloe Caring Day Moisturizer

The mild day cream is uniquely designed for dry and sensitive skin types. It consists of natural aloe juice and Vitamin E. The unique formulation offers intense hydration to the skin. The face cream does not contain chemicals and pure Vegan.

Night Treatment Cream Sandalwood and Saffron by Forest Essentials

Curated from the best of the natural ingredients such as Kokum butter, saffron, and sandalwood, this moisturizer is a boon for dry skin type. It perfectly blends with the skin and provides proper nourishment. It further improves the elasticity of the skin and brings back the lost natural glow of the skin. It also reverses the signs of aging


Dry skin type requires extra care and nourishment during winters. Below we have listed ten face creams that are ideal for dry skin in winters.

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