Amazon India taking Next Big Step with Online Grocery Services

We all have bought Groceries online at least once for now. Undoubtedly the majority of us have liked it even more than visiting the Supermarket or Bazaar. As carrying heavy bags every weekend is no one’s idea of fun. Recently even Amazon reached one level up in the competition of being the best Online Grocery shopping platform. For this, about 1,20,000 cubic feet has been set up in the prime metropolitan cities in India by Amazon including New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. With 15 more Fulfillment Centers around the country, they are now serving in about 27 cities in India. To shop Grocery from Amazon Pantry, TalkCharge is providing you with even more reasons in the form of Amazon Coupons and Deals.

Amazon Pantry in India is selling a variety of food items at a much lower price than your nearby supermarket. For us, weekly grocery shopping is no less than a headache and bargaining there with numerous vendors is even more tiring. In this mess, when a company like Amazon comes out with a one-stop solution, providing you with all the daily essentials and groceries at discounted rates, along with free deliveries, people can merely resist!

Benefits of using Amazon Pantry:

  1. At Amazon Pantry, you can find almost everything that you can or can’t buy at a Supermarket. There are toiletries, cereals, pulses, rice, organic food, dog food, baby food, snacks, beverages, personal care and much more. Usually, all of these products aren’t available at a single shop and we have to visit various different stores, but with Amazon Pantry, you can get all in one place.
  2. After you’d start buying from Pantry, you’ll know how much money you can save on online grocery shopping. Also, the exclusive deals are also an excuse to go online for buying groceries.
  3. It is definitely a good idea to use Amazon Pantry to get all the bulky items delivered at your doorstep. You don’t even have to worry about lugging the heavy bags from the market.
  4. For Fruits and Vegetables, you don’t have to waste any time picking up each and every piece just to ensure that it’s fresh and nutritious, as at Amazon high quality is already assured. Thus, you’ll only get fresh stock which will definitely help you in maintaining your good health.
  5. The delivery charge for Prime users is Rs. 30 and for non-prime users is Rs. 59, but with the order of Rs 599 and above delivery is absolutely free.
  6. A guaranteed next day delivery feature is also there, so if you’d order today it will reach you by the end of the next day. It’s not too much waiting, right?

What makes Amazon Grocery Best?

People waited long for the arrival of the grocery section at Amazon, and now when it’s here, you can’t get over with it. There are three things that make shopping groceries at Amazon a favorable option and that are ultra-competitive prices, convenience, and highly satisfactory customer service.

If the above-mentioned reasons aren’t enough to switch to online grocery shopping at Amazon, then think about the huge discounts that TalkCharge will provide you in the form of Amazon promo codes. There are Deals like Super Value Days which will offer you great savings with extra cashback on groceries and fill your Basket that will provide you more than 10% OFF on groceries; so you should never miss the opportunity to save BIG.

To know more about the current Amazon offers, you can visit TalkCharge website or call us right away. We’ll resolve all your related queries instantly.

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