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All the mothers out there know what an incredible and magical experience it is to be carrying another life in you. Pregnancy has its own share of happiness and mood swings. But, is it really important to wear loose and out of fashion clothes. Come on ladies! its 2020 so try to be a good example so that when its hard to handle the style quotient, you are already a level up. We would love to see the incredible fashionista in you. Will those clothes fit? Am I going to look good? Or the most conventional ‘Nazar lag jayegi’? Stop making excuses and wear insta-worthy clothes to rock the maternity wardrobe.

The Struggle to Buy Maternity Clothes:

To dress up effortlessly and find clothes that fit and are flattering is a challenging task. Also, it is hard to know for first-timers to understand precisely when they need to go shopping. We have tried to curate everything for you so that those trimesters can bring out the best in you. Consider this a handbook to know everything before you step out for the maternity shopping. It will be all fun and pampering, a much-needed excursion you require to soothe out your mood- swings. In India, almost 60% of women feel that they should not get dressed up. However, A larger section also believes that their clothes can affect their moods too.

When to Buy Maternity Clothes?

Every woman goes through a different experience when they are pregnant. Their needs regarding their bodies are different. So, there is no generalization on the fact of the right time to buy maternity clothes. It depends on your personal needs and experience. Some might feel like stitching their own or using the old ones from their parents top seek their blessings. However, here are some clues which will help you understand if you need to buy them now!

  1. Spandex has become your favorite material in clothes due to the comfort fit it provides along with the versatility it has in fitting to every size.
  2. You have probably stopped buttoning down shirts from the ends to let your tummy breathe.
  3. Unbuttoning the top button of your jeans is no longer a solution after a meal as your baby-bump makes it difficult to button it.
  4. Your bump has started to peek out from your shirt.
  5. You experience bloating all day, all the time, every day!
  6. After around 15 to 20 weeks of the pregnancy most probably when your second trimester starts.

A Guide to Buy Maternity Clothes?

There are a lot of factors that count when you decide on how to buy maternity clothes. Missing out even one can end up into a pile of unwanted clothes. Before going on the shopping spree note down these necessary points.

1. What Size of Maternity Clothes to Buy?

If this is the first time you are expecting, you might probably be unaware of how your body is going to change and what size will be a good fit for you. It becomes quite tricky when you have got to keep comfort on one end, but you don’t want to look a mess as well, especially if you are at work.

You can start from a size 6 maternity wear in the beginning when your bump starts to show. Eventually, you might need to up your size to 8. Also, make sure that free size or one size is your new friend.

2. What to Look for in Maternity Clothes?

  • Go for Stretchable Clothing:

This is a very important factor when you are buying maternity clothes. It is crucial that you purchase stretchable garments that will make you feel comfortable each day alongside your bump growing. With the change in your diet and routine, your weight may go up and down, and if your clothes are stretchy enough, they will probably fit your body. Stretchable material will always give you a room for breathing and cling to your body without hampering your fashionable side.

  • Avoid Sheer Clothes:

Sometimes you might need to bend down, do exercise, or pick up things, and all this may require you to stretch the fabric you are wearing. If you have garments that go sheer when stretched, then you must look out for them when you are shopping for maternity clothes. It is very important to avoid any kind of Oops moment so sheers are a big No!

  • Ruching Fabrics Should Make It To Top:

If your clothes have ruching, then they will stretch and flex according to the growth of your body. The best part is that they work with everybody type and adjust accordingly. A ruching fabric flexes with your shape.

There are various stores that provide amazing maternity clothes. However, if you are not comfortable spending without testing then try shopping in the first week of trimesters, also avoid going out in the last trimester as it is very crucial to keep your health before fashion. There are many trustable websites like Zivame, FirstCry, and even Myntra that offers an array of maternity clothing to choose from.

An Easy Guide to Fashion Choices to Make in 2020 :

  • T-shirts are the coolest trend:

A few starchy t-shirts in black, grey, or white will go a long way. You can wear them right from the beginning to the last day of your pregnancy. They are quite basic and look amazingly well even. Try selecting Boyfriend T-shirts as they are loose and comfy. Comfortable is fashion. One can take a cue from Bollywood celebs too.

  • Maxi will always be an easy escape

A less frumpy and a silhouette dress as such as a maxi will put you back to your comfort zone still. You can wear a lovely maxi dress to work and also at home in all the cute colors you adore. It all depends on the design or pattern, make sure you don’t end up buying dresses that will leave you looking like a clown.

  • Leggings always look nice

Your wardrobe always needs to have a few pairs of leggings. They are hands down the most comfortable option as they will mold according to the needs of your body. They are very comfortable and a safe fashion choice for any expecting mother.

  • Supportive bras

Not just your belly, but your breast size may also change during the time of your pregnancy. You may need to switch to supportive bras and up your cup size as well. There are maternity bras available that you might want to go for. Who said pregnancy means compromising on style?

  • Maternity Jeans to the rescue

Throw on a pair or two of maternity jeans for times when you are out. They are very comfortable and are a perfect match for your t-shirts.

Tips to make your bump look stylish this winter

Who said maternity clothes have to be boring and dull? Well, here are some fantastic ideas to dress up your bump just the right way this fall:

  • Open blazers look stunning

Pair your basic denim and t-shirt with an open blazer in any solid color and look your best. Let your baby bump show itself off and alongside make you look beautiful and stylish.

  • Buttoned up long coat with a maxi dress

Dress up in a basic maxi dress and layer it with a long coat, which is one size more than what you might wear and look adorable.

  • Turtleneck with a jacket

A turtle neck sweater will be very comfortable for you and save you from the chilly breeze out there. You can then layer it with a nice leather or denim jacket along with your maternity jeans.

Bonus Tips

  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes
  • Keep yourself warm during the winter. So, layer up well as you may easily catch a cold.
  • Wear sports shoes or flats only. Avoid heels or wedges.

These are some great ideas if you are looking to style your bump and look stunning with all the pregnancy glow.

Instead of running here and there, try surfing online. 2020 is all about online shopping. But, before indulging into any purchase read out the terms and conditions along with a return and refund policy. Ladies, you are carrying something really precious and it is your time to feel whatever you want to. Don’t let society run your choices. There are many rules and omens that society made up for being safe and secured. Everyone wants to look their best so that they don’t end up looking furious or homeless in the pictures taken during this time. These 9 months are your so go ahead and take that leap. Stop over-thinking can start swiping to a new wardrobe. Why be boring when you can be fashionable and comfortable together. Go, Mommies! enjoy this exclusive time that might be your last or maybe first. Make sure it is memorable and fashionable.

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