3 Patti Rules

Teen Patti is a three-card game, massively popular in India. It is a simplified Indian version of poker. This card game can be played in a casino or online with three to six people. It is an exciting game that has fascinated the players. If you are new to the game, we have come up with detailed information about how to play 3 Patti with its hand rankings and 3 Patti rules. So stick with us till the end of the blog to know all you need.

If you ask me how to ace this game, I would answer that it’s a physiological game and a lifetime is less to master this game. Therefore, it is important to learn all the teen patti rules of this Indian gambling card game. So let’s know more about this game.

How to Play Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a variation of poker games played by a minimum of three players and a maximum of 6 players. The game is played with 52 cards, excluding the joker. So as in any other poker game, the players have to put a certain Ante or minimum amount to the game in the pot. Then the dealer gives out three cards to each player. The ultimate way to win the game is to hold cards that have high ranking than others. Let’s go ahead and read about the 3 Patti rules in detail.

3 Patti Rules You Must Know

If you are a beginner or an intermediate player, then you should make sure that you have no doubt about the teen patti card game rules as it is said that one who rules the games is well versed with the rules of the game. So let’s start to understand the rules of the Teen Patti game and other details.

Teen Patti Hands Rankings

Every player gets three cards in hand, and the combination of these cards is all that makes to win or lose the game. Every combination has a ranking. By convention, Teen Patti game rules have categorized the probability of the cards. Here we have listed Highest to lowest Teen Patti hands ranking of the cards.

3 Patti Hand Ranking Chart

S. No.Hand RankingDescription
1Trio or Trail (Three of a kind) When all the three cards are of the same number and rank, it is called trio cards. If the card you are holding is three Aces of the diamond, it is the most powerful card. And the lowest rank in this set is three cards or ‘two.’  
2Pure Sequence (Straight Flush)  All three cards are in series with the same color then it is called a pure sequence. If you get Ace, King, and Queen in a series, you have made pure sequence.   
3Sequence or Straight  Here, the three cards are the continuous 3 Patti sequence in numbers but with different colors. For instance, you can get King, Queen, and Jack in different colors.  
4Color or Flush  Any three unrelated numbers with the same color would be color ranked. The number should not be in sequence. For instance, you have got three diamonds, a heart or spade with the same color and different numbers.  
5Pair or Double  Among the three cards, you have two cards of the same number. You can get hand pairs like Ace-Ace-King. But Ace has to be of the same rank and same value.  
6Only High Card or No Pair  If you don’t have the set of cards with the above-mentioned combination, you can play by the only high card you have.
3 Patti Hand Ranking Chart

Teen Patti Rules of Betting Process

Do you know what are the Teen Patti rules for betting? Well, when the dealer has dealt with the cards and each player has three cards, a player can either see the card, and we would call them ‘Seen Player’. And the player who chooses to go by luck keeps the cards unseen, and we call them ‘Blind Player.’

This choice affects the betting of each player as well. The players who have seen the cards have to bet double what the blind player is betting on. The blind player can pick and see the card anytime and become seen player.

Round 1: The ante or chaal is the minimum amount that was bet to start the game. It becomes the current stake for the first round in 3 Patti.

Round 2: Next round of betting will depend on Blind and Seen players.

  • The blind player can bet on the current stake and not more than twice that. However, they can become seen players anytime.
  • The seen player can bet on the current stake and not more than four times that.
  • All players have the choice of folding and packing between the game. It will incur them to sacrifice the value they put in the pot.

Likewise, the round goes on, and finally, the person with the highest hand ranking wins the game and earns the chips in the pot. If you play similar money earning game, you can also win real money through betting and winning.

What is Sideshow in Teen Patti?

Sideshow is a compromise Teen Patti rule. If you wish to compare your card in the middle of the game, you can do it with another player. You have to raise a request for it. The one with lower hand ranking will have to pack or fold the cards, and the game would continue. But sideshow requires the agreement of both candidates.

Who Wins TeenPatti Game?

The teen Patti winners are undoubtedly by chance, but the 3 Patti rules can be used to make all the difference. So let’s learn how a player is declared the winner in the game:

1. The player with a higher card ranking wins the game eventually.

2. If a person keeps the card open and other players fold or pack the game, he is declared the winner.

3. If all players pack or fold the cards except two players then they keep on betting. If one person raises the request for the sideshow and the other accepts it, then the one with the higher-ranking card will win the game.

What is the difference between Poker and 3 Patti?

The major difference between the formats of these two card games is the number of cards involved. In poker, the players use the combination of the five best cards out of seven cards. Whereas, Teen Patti is a 3 card game that runs on the concept of probability. You can also say that teen Patti is the game of chance, while poker requires skill, strategy, and probability. Both these formats are available as Free online games where you can enjoy the thrill of the game in your comfort.

Teen Patti Tricks and Tips

The 3 Patti rules might seem a little difficult, but keeping some handy tips in mind can help you play like a professional. You can find pro players in Adda52 and other poker websites for a fun-filled gaming experience. Above we have listed all Teen Patti riles and here are some common tips and tricks for playing 3 Patti:

  • Always agree upon the current stakes you want to play.
  • Study opponents and their playing pattern
  • Use the slideshow option when you are not sure.
  • When you are in doubt, you can decide to pack your cards.
  • Play buff with weak cards; confuse others to the extent that they fold.


The game of Teen Patti is not only about winning the game and the pot money, but it also has to do with you analyzing other players’ psychology. You need to be decisive about the amount you want to pot. Also, you have to be aware of the players who might be playing buff. So this exciting game is delightful to play. Here we have given the 3 Patti rules that would be helpful for beginners and for anyone who wants to improve their game.

Teen Patti FAQs

1. What is a high card in 3 Patti?

The highest Teen Patti hands ranking of 3 Patti is a trio with the same number and rank.

2. Which card color is the highest?

According to alphabets, the highest color code can be considered spades, followed by hearts, diamonds, and clubs.

3. What is the rule of teen Patti?

The rules of teen Patti rules can be complicated, but we have simplified them for you in this blog.

4. How can I bet on Teen Patti?

You have to start with a minimum bet when the dealer is dealt with the card. Later as the round proceeds, you can bet twice or four times the current stake on the table.

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